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Label Name and NumberFormat/Issue SeriesIssue DateTitle/Artist
Apex (Canada) 439110-in. Two little wooden shoes / Markel's Orchestra - Birdie / Glantz and his Orchestra 
Marconi 018210-in. December and May / Albert Campbell 
Victor 2748Black label (popular) 10-in. single-faced Souvenir of Naples / Walter B. Rogers 
Gramophone B-36310-in. The girl I left behind me / Cecilian Quartet 
Diamond A69510-in. Farewell, my own / Mixed vocal chorus (unidentified; Columbia Records) - Larboard watch / Henry Burr ; Frank C. Stanley 
Columbia 23010-in. single-faced Hello, Central! Give me heaven / Artists vary 
Columbia 27014-F10-in. double-faced Ukrainsʹki potpuri (Украінські потпурі) / Columbia Ukrainian Orchestra - Ukrainsʹki potpuri (Украінські потпурі) / Columbia Ukrainian Orchestra 
Electradisk El-250110-in. Whistle and blow your cares away / Graham Prince Palais D'Or Orchestra - Great big bunch of you / Phil Dooley and his Orchestra 
RCA Victor LPT-6703LP Benny Goodman : The golden age of swing 
Electradisk El-18028-in. Is I in love? I is / Rex Blaine and his Orchestra - I got the potatoes, I got the tomatoes, but someone else has got my gal / Rex Blaine and his Orchestra 
Electradisk 250710-in. You've got me in the palm of your hand / Graham Prince Palais D'Or Orchestra - Hello gorgeous / Phil Dooley ; Graham Prince Palais D'Or Orchestra 
Oxford 11597-in. Das Heidenröslein / Emil Muench 
Columbia 11581000-1999 10-in. Strike out McCracken / Collins and Harlan 
Columbia 11587-in. single-faced Strike out McCracken / Collins and Harlan 
Columbia 11561000-1999 10-in. Trouble / Collins and Harlan 
Electradisk El-250510-in. Lawd you made the night too long / Graham Prince Palais D'Or Orchestra - Clouds will soon roll by / Graham Prince Palais D'Or Orchestra 
Oxford 115510-in. Hiawatha / Columbia Orchestra 
Harmony A64810-in. To the end of the world with you / Henry Burr 
Zonophone 50949-in. single-faced, etched label Symphia waltzes / Victor Herbert's Band 
Columbia 115510-in. single-faced Hiawatha / Columbia Orchestra 
Star 210310-in. Hiawatha / Columbia Orchestra 
Zonophone C 54669-in. single-faced, etched label Steamboat medley / American Comedy Four 
Victor 1051-DBlack label (popular) 10-in. single-faced Lancers / Metropolitan Orchestra 
Victor 3730210-in. double-faced Latin America Tesoro mio / Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli - La guiñada / Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli 
Harmony A69810-in. Golden arrow / Henry Burr ; Frank C. Stanley - The day of the game / Columbia Quartette 
Columbia 14731000-1999 10-in. Sei gepriesen du lauschige Nacht / Sigmund Kunstadt 
Silvertone 115510-in. Hiawatha / Columbia Orchestra 
Gramophone B-1047210-in. Fats Waller stomp / Morris' Hot Babies ; Fats Waller - Red hot Dan / Thomas Morris ; Morris' Hot Babies ; Fats Waller 
Twin (India) FT-179410-in. Bad reputation / Reece Fleming ; Respers Townsend 
Victor 23692Black label (popular) 10-in. double-faced Cross-firing blues / Allen Brothers - Window shade blues / Allen Brothers 
Victor 24036Black label (popular) 10-in. double-faced Is I in love? I is / Cliff Nazarro ; Roane's Pennsylvanians ; Snowball - Good-bye blues / Roane's Pennsylvanians 
Victor 3713910-in. double-faced Latin America Ave María / Cleto Minochio ; Nico ; Orquesta Típica Victor - Tierrita / Agustín Bardi ; Orquesta Típica Victor 
Victor 23652Black label (popular) 10-in. double-faced When the oriole sings again / Bill Elliott ; Bob Mitchell - Pals of the little red school / Bill Elliott ; Bob Mitchell 
Victor 22925Black label (popular) 10-in. double-faced The wooden soldier and the china doll / Burt Lorin ; Victor Orchestra - Rain on the roof / Burt Lorin ; Victor Orchestra 
Parlophone (U.K.) E 506210-in. Whippin' the keys / Sam Goold - The cat's pajamas / Harry Jentes 
OKeh 489110-in. double-faced Pale moon / Lewis James - My gal Sal / Gerald Griffin 
Regal (U.K.) G609810-in. Lonesome land / Ada Jones - Games of childhood days / Ada Jones 
Gramophone 8-623 (Not issued)10-in. Forget-me-not / Paul Whiteman Orchestra 
Gramophone (Australia) EA-323510-in. From Monday on / Paul Whiteman Orchestra 
Climax 23010-in. single-faced Hello, Central! Give me heaven / Artists vary 
Harmony A12310-in. Decoration Day / Prince's Orchestra - Medley of Vesta Victoria's songs / Prince's Orchestra 
Victor 3084710-in. double-faced for export to Latin America Muñequita / Cuarteto Machín - Cuartito sagrado / Cuarteto Machín 
OKeh 461110-in. double-faced On the Alamo / Rega Dance Orchestra - You won't be sorry / Rega Dance Orchestra 
Clarion 362510-in. Decoration Day / Prince's Orchestra 
Victor 63113Black label (ethnic) 10-in. double-faced Ronchon et Gourdiflot / Paul Lack ; M. Vallez 
Manhattan 362510-in. Decoration Day / Prince's Orchestra 
Gramophone B-807510-in. Riding down from Bangor / Frank Crumit - The king of Zulu / Frank Crumit 
Victor 22866Black label (popular) 10-in. double-faced I got what it takes (But it breaks my heart to give it away) / Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys - Growling Dan / Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys 
OKeh 700712-in. double-faced Old time Southern revival / Jenkins Family - Georgia camp meeting / Jenkins Family 
Victor LT-1633-1/3 rpm 10-in. ("For theatre use") La rapsodia rumba caliente / Alfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" 

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