Recordings made Sunday, January 31, 1932

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Victor[Vi 37160-A]10-in.1932SollozosManuel AcostaMale vocal solo, with guitars 
Victor[Vi 37160-B]10-in.1932La lorohuaseñaAcosta-Villafañe (Dúo Calchaqui)Male vocal duet, with guitars 
ColumbiaW15208810-in.Jan. 1932The rosaryDresden EnsembleInstrumental and/or vocal ensemble 
ColumbiaW15208910-in.Jan. 1932Oh that we two were mayingDresden EnsembleInstrumental and/or vocal ensemble 
ColumbiaW11333610-in.January 1932Tu sola!Alberto PomelioMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
ColumbiaW11334710-in.January 1932Flor de amorJohnny Perry's Instrumental TrioInstrumental trio 
ColumbiaW11334810-in.January 1932Horas perdidasJohnny Perry's Instrumental TrioInstrumental trio 
ColumbiaW13070210-in.January 1932Eleven more months and ten more daysBilly Cotton and his BandJazz/dance band, with vocal 
ColumbiaW13070310-in.January 1932Eleven more months and ten more daysBilly Cotton and his BandJazz/dance band, with vocal 
OKehW40505210-in.approximately Oct. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351113]Artists vary  
OKehW40505310-in.approximately Oct. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351115]Artists vary  
OKehW40505410-in.approximately Oct. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351114]Artists vary  
OKehW40505510-in.approximately Oct. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351118]Artists vary  
OKehW40505610-in.approximately Oct. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351110]Artists vary  
OKehW40505710-in.approximately Oct. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351116]Artists vary  
OKehW40506610-in.approximately Nov. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351132]Artists vary  
OKehW40506710-in.approximately Nov. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351135]Artists vary  
OKehW40506810-in.approximately Nov. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351133]Artists vary  
OKehW40506910-in.1/31/1932[Re-recording from 351128]Artists vary  
OKehW405096approximately Nov. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351134]Artists vary  
OKehW405097approximately Nov. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351131]Artists vary  
OKehW405100approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351120]Artists vary  
OKehW405101approximately dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351122]Artists vary  
OKehW40510210-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351121]Artists vary  
OKehW40510310-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351126]Artists vary  
OKehW40510410-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351124]Artists vary  
OKehW40510510-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351123]Artists vary  
OKehW40510610-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 149057]Artists vary  
OKehW40510810-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351140]Artists vary  
OKehW40510910-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351142]Artists vary  
OKehW405110approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351137]Artists vary  
OKehW405111approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351136]Artists vary  
OKehW405112approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351143]Artists vary  
OKehW405113approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351144]Artists vary  
OKehW405114approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351141]Artists vary  
OKehW405115approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351138]Artists vary  
OKehW40511610-in.approximately Dec. 1932[Re-recording from 351150]Artists vary  
OKehW40511710-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351153]Artists vary  
OKehW40511810-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351145]Artists vary  
OKehW40511910-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351149]Artists vary  
OKehW40512010-in.approximately Dec. 1931-Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351147]Artists vary  
OKehW40512110-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351154]Artists vary  
OKehW40512610-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351151]Artists vary  
OKehW40512710-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351152]Artists vary  
OKehW40512810-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351146]Artists vary  
OKehW40512910-in.approximately Jan. 1932[Re-recording from 351139]Artists vary  
Gramophone0J23610-in.before February 1932Dale de betúnOrquesta Demon's JazzJazz/dance band 
DeccaL 123110-in.January 1932I'm leaning on the LordFamous Blue Jay Singers  
DeccaL 123410-in.January 1932The new dirty dozenBen Curry  
DeccaL 124410-in.January 1932Standing by the bedside of a neighborFamous Blue Jay Singers  
DeccaL 124510-in.January 1932I declare my mother ought to live rightFamous Blue Jay Singers  
DeccaL 124610-in.January 1932Children wade in the waterFamous Blue Jay Singers  
DeccaL 125410-in.January 1932The gone dead trainKing Solomon Hill [Joe Holmes]  
DeccaL 125710-in.January 1932You rascal youBen Curry  
DeccaL 125810-in.January 1932Tell me babyKing Solomon Hill [Joe Holmes]  
DeccaL 126510-in.January 1932Brother JonahFamous Blue Jay Singers  
DeccaL 126610-in.January 1932Sleep, baby, sleepFamous Blue Jay Singers  


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