Recordings made Tuesday, March 30, 1937

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorBAVE-9353810-in.between 3/5/1937 and 3/30/1937Cadetes de San MartínHans Diernhammer Orquesta ; Pedra Abrain LacroixInstrumental ensemble, with female vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-9353910-in.between 3/5/1937 and 3/30/1937El kaluyo (Cacharpayita)Acosta-Villafañe ("Dúo Calchaqui")Male vocal duet, with guitars 
VictorBAVE-9354410-in.3/30/1937Ay! Maricruz!Orquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble, with female vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-9354510-in.3/30/1937Tu diagnósticoOrquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble 
VictorCS-0647612-in.3/30/1937Ton Venizelo chasame (Τον Βενιζελο χασαμε)Marika Papagika (Μαρικα Παπαγκικα)Female vocal solo 
VictorCS-0647712-in.3/30/1937Ē Souliōtisses—O choros tou Zalongou (Η Σουλιωτισσες—Ο χορος του Ζαλογγου)Marika Papagika (Μαρικα Παπαγκικα)Female vocal solo 
VictorBS-0647810-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB143]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0647910-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from [Gra face 140-688]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648010-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from [Gra face 140-689]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648110-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB274]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648210-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB126]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648310-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from [Gra face 140-691]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648410-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from [Gra face 140-690]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648510-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB544]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648610-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB543]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648710-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB446]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648810-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB481]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0648910-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB479]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0649010-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB450]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0649110-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB449]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0649210-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB554]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0649310-in.3/30/1937[Re-recording from 0TB552]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-0649710-in.3/30/1937Beet-top and his friendsDwight FiskeMonologue, with piano 
VictorBS-0649810-in.3/30/1937Beet-top and his friendsDwight FiskeMonologue, with piano 
VictorBS-0680010-in.3/30/1937Beet-top and his friendsDwight FiskeMonologue, with piano 
VictorBS-0680110-in.3/30/1937Beet-top and his friendsDwight FiskeMonologue, with piano 
Decca6208210-in.3/30/1937There's a lull in my lifeGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca6208310-in.3/30/1937Would you like to build a dream?Glen Gray Orchestra  
Decca6208410-in.3/30/1937Never in a million yearsGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca6208510-in.3/30/1937I rememberGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca9116110-in.3/30/1937Mean old twisterKokomo Arnold  
Decca9116210-in.3/30/1937Red beans and riceKokomo Arnold  
Decca9116310-in.3/30/1937Give me black or brownPeetie Wheatstraw  
Decca9116410-in.3/30/1937Working on the projectPeetie Wheatstraw  
Decca9116510-in.3/30/1937Ten pound hammerMose Andrews  
Decca9116610-in.3/30/1937Set down galKokomo Arnold  
Decca9116710-in.3/30/1937Big ship bluesKokomo Arnold  


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