Recordings made Friday, April 30, 1937

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorMBS-9092810-in.before 5/27/1937MorochaLos ChinacosMale vocal ensemble 
VictorMBS-9092910-in.before 5/27/1937CampianaLos ChinacosMale vocal ensemble 
VictorMBS-9093010-in.before 5/27/1937ZacamanduLos ChinacosMale vocal ensemble 
VictorMBS-9093110-in.before 5/27/1937El llorarLos ChinacosMale vocal ensemble 
VictorMBS-9093810-in.before 5/27/1937Noche de rondaOrquesta Enrique BryónInstrumental ensemble 
VictorMBS-9093910-in.before 5/27/1937Ya encontré la melodíaOrquesta Enrique BryónInstrumental ensemble 
VictorMBS-9094210-in.before 4/28/1939El tecoloteHermanas Díaz ; Orquesta Rafael de PazFemale vocal group, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorMBS-9094310-in.Before 3/31/1938AtotonilcoHermanas Díaz ; Orquesta Rafael de PazFemale vocal group, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorMBS-9094410-in.before 3/16/1938La pretenciosaLos HidalguensesMale vocal ensemble, with violins and guitars 
VictorBAVE-9358910-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Por eso la amoConjunto MatamorosMale vocal trio, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9359010-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937La mujer con votoConjunto MatamorosVocal and instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9359110-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937La mujer de encargoConjunto MatamorosMale vocal trio, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9359210-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Alegre congaConjunto MatamorosMale vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9359410-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Ya no alumbra tu estrellaConjunto MatamorosMale vocal trio, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9359510-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Canto a la sombraConjunto MatamorosMale vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9359610-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Pesadilla Trío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9359710-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Yo fui el primeroTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9359810-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Así es mi amorTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9359910-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Ojos malvadosTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9364710-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Más pura que la nieveLas PampitasVocal ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9364810-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Mi china se fuéAlicia VeraFemale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-9368610-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Una promesaTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9368810-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Porque tus ojosTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9368910-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Ay que me mueroTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369010-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937QuirimbambaTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369110-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Marquesita que vagasTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369210-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937TraiciónTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369310-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Otra vez tu traiciónTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369410-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Baila y no vomas bolaTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369510-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937No lo niegoTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369610-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Dulce serenidadTrío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369710-in.between 4/27/1937 and 4/30/1937Por qué me engañas?Trío MatamorosVocal and instrumental trio 
VictorBAVE-9369810-in.4/30/1937Noches de inviernoOrquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble, with female vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-9369910-in.4/30/1937España esta de dueloOrquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble 
Victor8038610-in.4/30/1937O samba começouIrmãs PagãsFemale vocal duet 
Victor8038710-in.4/30/1937TristezaIrmãs PagãsFemale vocal duet, with jazz/dance ensemble 
Victor8038810-in.4/30/1937Aliança partidaBohemios da Cidade ; Orlando SilvaInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
Victor8038910-in.4/30/1937Amigo lealBohemios da Cidade ; Orlando SilvaInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
Victor8039010-in.4/30/1937Carnaval que passouCarmen BarbosaFemale vocal solo 
Victor8039110-in.4/30/1937Sucursal do céuCarmen BarbosaFemale vocal solo 
Victor[Vi cat 38125-B]10-in.before May 1937Mi porteñitaConjunto Correntino Valenzuela-Guardia ; Hermanas LezcauoFemale vocal group and instrumental ensemble 
Victor[Vi cat 38125-A]10-in.before May 1937Rumor de selvaConjunto Correntino Valenzuela-GuardiaInstrumental ensemble 
VictorMS-0788416-in. (33-1/3 rpm)approximately late Apr. 1937Born to swingArtie Shaw OrchestraJazz/dance band 
VictorMS-0788516-in. (33-1/3 rpm)approximately late Apr. 1937Twilight in TurkeyArtie Shaw Orchestra ; Tony PastorJazz/dance band 
VictorMS-0788616-in. (33-1/3 rpm)approximately late Apr. 1937I'll never tell anyone I love youArtie Shaw Orchestra ; Dorothy Howe ; Tony PastorJazz/dance band, with vocal soloists 
VictorMS-0788716-in. (33-1/3 rpm)approximately late Apr. 1937Johnny One NoteArtie Shaw Orchestra ; Dorothy HoweJazz/dance band and female vocal soloist 
VictorMS-0788816-in. (33-1/3 rpm)approximately late Apr. 1937Someday sweetheartArtie Shaw OrchestraJazz/dance band 
VictorMS-0788916-in. (33-1/3 rpm)approximately late Apr. 1937Bus bluesArtie Shaw OrchestraJazz/dance band 
VictorCS-0789212-in.4/30/1937Russian folk-songs from the District of PechoryAlfred J. SwanRe-recording : Vocal music 
VictorCS-0789312-in.4/30/1937Russian folk-songs from the District of PechoryAlfred J. SwanRe-recording : Vocal music 
VictorCS-0789412-in.4/30/1937Russian folk-songs from the District of PechoryAlfred J. SwanRe-recording : Vocal music 
VictorCS-0789512-in.4/30/1937Russian folk-songs from the District of PechoryAlfred J. SwanRe-recording : Vocal music 
Gramophone0EA463810-in.Before 5/19/1937Harbor lightsBarry Gray ; Roy Fox OrchestraJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
Decca6216810-in.4/30/1937You'll never go to heavenDick Robertson  
Decca6216910-in.4/30/1937Toodle-ooDick Robertson  
Decca6217010-in.4/30/1937It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom LaneDick Robertson  
Decca6217110-in.4/30/1937On a little dream ranchDick Robertson  
Decca9120810-in.4/30/1937Groceries on my shelfCharlie McFadden  
Decca9120910-in.4/30/1937People peopleCharlie McFadden  
Decca9121010-in.4/30/1937Spike driverTeddy Darby  
Decca9121110-in.4/30/1937The girl I left behindTeddy Darby  
Decca9121210-in.4/30/1937Heart trouble bluesTeddy Darby  
Decca9121310-in.4/30/1937Bootleggin' ain't good no moreTeddy Darby  
Decca9121410-in.4/30/1937Come easy, go easyCharlie McFadden  
Decca9121510-in.4/30/1937My best days are goneCharlie McFadden  
Decca9121610-in.4/30/1937She squeezed my lemonArthur McKay  
Decca9121710-in.4/30/1937Somebody's been ridin' my black galArthur McKay  
Decca9121810-in.4/30/1937Some sweet dayJimmy "Old Man" Oden  
Decca9121910-in.4/30/1937Silk worm bluesJimmy "Old Man" Oden  
Decca9122010-in.4/30/1937Bread pan (Just my size)Roosevelt Sykes  
Decca9122110-in.4/30/1937Ice cream freezerRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9122210-in.4/30/1937Drunken gamblerRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9122310-in.4/30/1937Hospital, heaven or hellRoosevelt Sykes  


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