Recordings made Tuesday, September 5, 1939

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorBS-04195710-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-99]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04195810-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-100]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04195910-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-101]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04196110-in.before 9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-35]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04196210-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-102]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04196410-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-104]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04196510-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-105]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04196710-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-107]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04196810-in.9/5/1939[Re-recording from CU-108]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04263810-in.9/5/1939(Everybody's happy for) MyrtleSmoothiesMixed vocal trio, with jazz/dance band 
VictorBS-04263910-in.9/5/1939It's funny to everyone but meSmoothiesMixed vocal trio, with jazz/dance band 
VictorBS-04264010-in.9/5/1939The beautiful buxom barmaidSmoothiesMixed vocal trio, with jazz/dance band 
VictorBS-04264110-in.9/5/1939The starlit hourSmoothiesMixed vocal trio, with jazz/dance band 
VictorCU-9910-in.before 9/5/1939Dicen que siAlfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" ; René Cabel ; Rafael HernándezJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCU-10010-in.before 9/5/1939TartamudaAlfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" ; María Ciérvide ; Rafael HernándezJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCU-10110-in.before 9/5/1939Te quiero muchoAlfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" ; María CiérvideJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCU-10210-in.before 9/5/1939Linda nenaRafael Hernández ; Orquesta Riverside ; Guillermo PortabalesJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCU-10410-in.before 9/5/1939Negro gangáRafael Hernández ; Margarita Lecuona ; Orquesta RiversideJazz/dance band, with female vocal solo 
VictorCU-10510-in.before 9/5/1939Quiero olvidarteAlfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" ; René Cabel ; Rafael HernándezJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCU-10710-in.before 9/5/1939CaminaAlfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" ; Miguel García ; Rafael HernándezJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCU-10810-in.before 9/5/1939BuyangaAlfredo Brito Orquesta "Siboney" ; Miguel García ; Rafael HernándezJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
Decca6625710-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.1 in G minorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6625810-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.5 in F sharp minorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6625910-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.6 in D flat majorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6626010-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.4 in F minorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6626110-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.17 in F sharp minorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6626210-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.2 in D minorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6626310-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.3 in F majorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6626410-in.9/5/1939Hungarian dance No.7 in A majorDecca Concert Orchestra  
Decca6626510-in.9/5/1939Let's make memories tonightJimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca6626610-in.9/5/1939Are you havin' any fun?Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca6626710-in.9/5/1939If I had youJimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca6626810-in.9/5/1939Melancholy lullabyJimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca6626910-in.9/5/1939Comes loveJimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca6627010-in.9/5/1939Vol vistu gaily starMerry Macs  
Decca6627110-in.9/5/1939Clap yo' handsMerry Macs  
Decca6627210-in.9/5/1939I got rhythmMerry Macs  
Decca6627310-in.9/5/1939My cat fell in the wellMerry Macs  
Decca6639510-in.9/5/1939To tell the truthDickie McBride  
Decca6639610-in.9/5/1939I'm dreaming tonight of the old folksDickie McBride  
Decca6639710-in.9/5/1939You'll be sorry bye and byeDickie McBride  
Decca6639810-in.9/5/1939I've nothing to live for nowDickie McBride  
Decca6639910-in.9/5/1939If you caredDickie McBride  
Decca6640010-in.9/5/1939I'm countin' on the mountain moonDickie McBride  
Decca6640110-in.9/5/1939I'm grievin' for believin' in a lieDickie McBride  
Decca6640210-in.9/5/1939This night is mineDickie McBride  
Decca6640310-in.9/5/1939Aux balle chez te MauriceSons of the Acadians  
Decca6640410-in.9/5/1939Ca fait pas difference asteur (It makes no difference now)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6640510-in.9/5/1939Tu peux pas mettre ce macaque sur mon doudou (You can't put that monkey on my back)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6640610-in.9/5/1939Onze livres de ciel (Eleven pounds of heaven)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6640710-in.9/5/1939RosettaSons of the Acadians  
Decca6640810-in.9/5/1939Je me demande situ te sens comme moi (I wonder if you feel the way I do)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6640910-in.9/5/1939Un jour à venir (I'll get mine bye and bye)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6641010-in.9/5/1939La dernière lettre (The last letter)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6641110-in.9/5/1939Te peu pas l'omnait avec toi (you cannot take it with you)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6641210-in.9/5/1939L'allée d'amour (Lover's lane)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6641310-in.9/5/1939A legire ma pauvre Idie (Ease my worried mind)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6641410-in.9/5/1939Je vas continuer à t'aimer (I'll keep on loving you)Sons of the Acadians  
Decca6641510-in.9/5/1939Basin Street bluesBob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca6641610-in.9/5/1939was that all I meant to youBob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca6641710-in.9/5/1939You're my darlingLeon Selph's Blue Ridge Playboys  
Decca6641810-in.9/5/1939My precious baby girlLeon Selph's Blue Ridge Playboys  
Decca6641910-in.9/5/1939Meet me tonight in dreamsBob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca6642010-in.9/5/1939Stompin' at the honky tonkBob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca6642110-in.9/5/1939Wednesday rag (Instrumental)Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca6642210-in.9/5/1939I'll tell the worldBob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca6642310-in.9/5/1939Sweet bunch of daisiesBob Dunn's Vagabonds  


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