Recordings made Wednesday, October 4, 1939

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorBAVE-01296310-in.between 9/27/1939 and 10/4/1939EnamoradoJuan ArvizuMale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01296410-in.between 9/27/1939 and 10/4/1939Salud, dinero y amorJuan ArvizuMale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01296510-in.10/4/1939Noche de estrellasOrquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01296610-in.10/4/1939Suspiros de EspañaOrquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-01296710-in.10/4/1939Los granaderos de San MartinFernando Díaz ; Jorge Omar ; Orquesta Típica Francisco J. LomutoMale vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-01296810-in.10/4/1939Te quiero Morena LindaFernando Díaz ; Orquesta Típica Francisco J. LomutoInstrumental ensemble , with male vocal solo 
Victor03320010-in.10/4/1939Ilusão que morreArnaldo Meirelles ; Mariano da SilvaMale vocal solo, with accordion 
Victor03320110-in.10/4/1939DejaniraArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320210-in.10/4/1939Saudades de SorocabaArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320310-in.10/4/1939Arrasta o pé, compadreArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320410-in.10/4/1939Serenata às estrelas (Valsa)Arnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320510-in.10/4/1939Caminho da roça (Polca)Arnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320610-in.10/4/1939Não posso esquecerArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320710-in.10/4/1939ToniquinhoArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320810-in.10/4/1939Soluços de virgemArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03320910-in.10/4/1939Limpa bancoArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03321010-in.10/4/1939AbandonadoArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo, with instrumental ensemble and vocals 
Victor03321110-in.10/4/1939Meu bem querê (Mazurca)Arnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03321410-in.10/4/1939Supremo adeusArnaldo Meirelles ; Mariano da SilvaMale vocal solo, with accordion solo 
Victor03321510-in.10/4/1939Faz que vai, mas não vai (Polce)Arnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03321610-in.10/4/1939A fuga das andorinhasArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03321710-in.10/4/1939Levanta póArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03321810-in.10/4/1939Rapaziada de rio PretoArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03321910-in.10/4/1939Bamo carpi caféArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03322010-in.10/4/1939Enfim, encontrei o amor que queriaArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
Victor03322110-in.10/4/1939Porque te quero tantoArnaldo MeirellesAccordion solo 
VictorBS-04134410-in.9/27/1939[Re-recording from 0GA774]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04170510-in.10/4/1939Bride of the wavesFrank E. Banta ; LEONARD B. SMITHCornet and piano duet 
VictorBS-04170610-in.10/4/1939Spanish capriceFrank E. Banta ; LEONARD B. SMITHCornet and piano duet 
VictorBS-04170710-in.10/4/1939My heaven of loveFrank E. Banta ; LEONARD B. SMITHCornet and piano duet 
VictorBS-04170810-in.10/4/1939A kiss in the darkFrank E. Banta ; Leonard B. SmithTrumpet and piano duet 
VictorBS-04170910-in.10/4/1939At least you could say helloOzzie Nelson OrchestraJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorBS-04171010-in.10/4/1939Who told you I caredHarriet Hilliard ; Ozzie Nelson OrchestraJazz/dance band, with female vocal solo 
VictorBS-04171110-in.10/4/1939How long has this been going on?Ozzie Nelson OrchestraJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorBS-04171210-in.10/4/1939Smarty pantsOzzie Nelson OrchestraJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorBS-04278510-in.10/4/1939Bird songs at eventideMargaret SpeaksFemale vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-04278610-in.10/4/1939A house love made for you and meMargaret SpeaksFemale vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-04278710-in.10/4/1939A spirit flowerMargaret SpeaksFemale vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-04278810-in.10/4/1939The prayer perfectMargaret SpeaksFemale vocal solo, with piano 
Decca6670710-in.10/4/1939If what you say is trueJan Savitt Orchestra  
Decca6670810-in.10/4/1939Indian SummerJan Savitt Orchestra  
Decca6670910-in.10/4/1939Sweet dreams, sweetheartJan Savitt Orchestra  
Decca6671010-in.10/4/1939Good morningJan Savitt Orchestra  
Decca6671110-in.10/4/1939Stranger things have happenedJan Savitt Orchestra  
Decca6671210-in.10/4/1939Many dreams agoJan Savitt Orchestra  
Decca6671310-in.10/4/1939Christmas in songs: Part 7Century Quartet ; Zora Layman ; Frank Luther  
Decca6671410-in.10/4/1939Christmas in songs: Part 8Century Quartet ; Zora Layman ; Frank Luther  
Decca6671510-in.10/4/1939Christmas in songs: Part 9Century Quartet ; Zora Layman ; Frank Luther  
Decca6671610-in.10/4/1939Christmas in songs: Part 10Century Quartet ; Zora Layman ; Frank Luther  
Decca6671710-in.10/4/1939Goody goodbyeTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6671810-in.10/4/1939Two blind lovesTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6671910-in.10/4/1939Jiminy cricketTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6672010-in.10/4/1939Monstro the whaleTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6672110-in.10/4/1939Runnin' wildTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6672210-in.10/4/1939That old gang of mineTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6672310-in.10/4/1939There'll be some changesTed Weems Orchestra  
Decca6672410-in.10/4/1939The merry-go-roundupTed Weems Orchestra  


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