Recordings made Tuesday, December 31, 1946

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Gramophone0BA590210-in.1946Bianca casettaNilo OssaniMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone0BA607810-in.approximately 1946La cicognaOrchestra CasadeiInstrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0BA608010-in.1946MarleneOrchestra CasadeiInstrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0BA608610-in.1946FortunatoMario PasqualilloMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone0BA609510-in.1946Forza maestroMario PasqualilloMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
DeccaSRC 20310-in.1946IdyllHazel Scott  
DeccaSRC 20410-in.1946Cynthia's in loveBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 20510-in.1946They say it's wonderfulBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 20610-in.1946Smoke gets in your eyesRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 20710-in.1946People will say we're in loveRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 20810-in.1946All the things you areRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 20910-in.1946A pretty girl is like a melodyRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 21010-in.1946The very thought of youRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 21110-in.1946The way you look tonightRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 21210-in.1946Should I tell you I love youMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 21310-in.1946Blue and melancholy moodMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 21410-in.1946I got lost in his armsMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 21510-in.1946It's a woman's prerogativeMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 21610-in.1946I got the sun in the mornin'Monica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 21710-in.1946Put the blame on MameMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 21810-in.1946BewitchedMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 21910-in.1946September songMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 22010-in.1946Who told you that lieHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 22110-in.1946[Unknown title(s)]Harry Cool  
DeccaSRC 22210-in.1946Just the other dayHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 22310-in.1946Derry, derry, dumHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 22710-in.1946Sierra serenadeCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 22810-in.1946Silver stars, purple sageCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 22910-in.1946Deep delta bluesCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 23010-in.1946I left my heart in MississippiCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 23110-in.1946Shh! The old man's sleepingJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 23910-in.1946And then it's heavenBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 24010-in.1946AdventureBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 24110-in.1946Twilight songBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 24210-in.1946You keep coming back like a songBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 24310-in.1946Do, do, doMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 24410-in.1946That little dream got nowhereMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 24510-in.1946Ole buttermilk skyMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 24610-in.1946Come rain or come shineMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 24710-in.1946Yank's two day tootYank Lawson Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 24810-in.1946Washboard bluesYank Lawson Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 24910-in.1946Sugar foot stompYank Lawson Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 25010-in.1946Why do I love youMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 25110-in.1946The cat and the canaryMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 25210-in.1946Walkin' with my shadowMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 25310-in.1946Why does it get so late so earlyMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 25410-in.1946Two sleepy peopleMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 25510-in.1946Espana Harlem (That's where I shine)Ray Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 25610-in.1946JealousyRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 25710-in.1946The whole world is singing my songHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 25810-in.1946Hold me, hold me, hold meHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 25910-in.1946Rumors are flyingHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 26010-in.1946This is alwaysHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 26110-in.1946Come Josephine in the flying machineJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 26210-in.1946To a wild roseJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 26310-in.1946Somewhere in the nightJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 26410-in.1946Chiquita bananaJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 26510-in.1946Don't blame meJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 26610-in.1946Amado mioTheodora  
DeccaSRC 26710-in.1946Walter Winchell rhumbaTheodora  
DeccaSRC 27210-in.1946To each his ownMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 27310-in.1946Doin' what comes naturallyMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 27410-in.1946My BillMarie Green  
DeccaSRC 27510-in.1946Cradle songMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 27610-in.1946Sweet and lowMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 27710-in.1946HumoresqueRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 27810-in.1946Begin the beguineRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 27910-in.1946Adeste fidelesRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28010-in.1946Cantique de Noel (O Holy night)Ray Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28110-in.1946Etude BrutusWill Bradley Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28210-in.1946Christmas carol, part 1: Here we come a carolling ; God rest ye merry, gentlemen ; The first NOHRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28310-in.1946Christmas carol, part 2: Joy to the world ; Good King Wenceslas ; Angels we have heard on highRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28410-in.1946Christmas carol, part 3: ; Away in a manger ; Deck the halls ; Hark! The herald angels singRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28510-in.1946For you, for me, forever moreMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 28610-in.1946Au revoirMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 28710-in.approximately 1946White ChristmasBobby Doyle ; Ray Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28810-in.1946Silent nightRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 28910-in.1946If I'm luckyWill Bradley Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 29010-in.1946Sooner or laterWill Bradley Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 29110-in.1946Turn the knob on the left to the rightWill Bradley Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 29210-in.1946Without youMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 29310-in.1946Makin' whoopeeMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 29410-in.1946A serenade to any old fashioned girlBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 29510-in.1946Don't bring your blues to meCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 29610-in.1946Ding dong polkaCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 29710-in.1946After you did what you doneCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 29810-in.1946Heartbreak trailCurly Gribbs  
DeccaSRC 29910-in.1946The story of Celeste, part 1Victor Jory  
DeccaSRC 30010-in.1946The story of Celeste, part 2Victor Jory  
DeccaSRC 30110-in.1946The story of Celeste, part 3Victor Jory  
DeccaSRC 30210-in.1946The story of Celeste, part 4Victor Jory  
DeccaSRC 30310-in.1946South America take it awayMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 30410-in.1946Uncle Remus saidMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 30510-in.1946A rainy night in RioMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 30610-in.1946My sugar is so refinedMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 30710-in.1946I wonder who's kissing her nowBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 30810-in.1946I'm in the mood for loveMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 30910-in.1946Why do I love youMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 31010-in.1946Oh but I doSkinnay Ennis Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 31110-in.1946So would ISkinnay Ennis Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 31210-in.1946LamplightSkinnay Ennis Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 31310-in.1946Hearts of stoneSkinnay Ennis Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 31410-in.1946Bless youHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 31510-in.1946Either it's love or it isn'tHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 31610-in.1946It's a good dayHarry Cool  
DeccaSRC 31710-in.approximately 1946[Unknown title(s)]Monica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 31810-in.approximately 1946By the light of the silv'ry moonMonica Lewis  
DeccaSRC 31910-in.1946[Unknown title(s)]Johnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32010-in.1946Ain't nowhere-1Johnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32110-in.1946I'll close my eyesJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32210-in.1946I won't promiseJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32310-in.approximately 1946Love is a random thingBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 32410-in.approximately 1946That's the beginninry of the endBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 32510-in.approximately 1946Why was I bornBobby Doyle  
DeccaSRC 32610-in.1946Last night on the back porchJohnny Long Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32710-in.1946How are things in Glocca MorraJohnny Long Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32810-in.1946Life can be beautifulJohnny Long Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 32910-in.1946Hawaiian war chantJohnny Long Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 33310-in.1946LydiaRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 35410-in.1946Open the door Richard-1Walter Brown  
DeccaSRC 35510-in.1946My second best womanWalter Brown  
DeccaSRC 35610-in.1946Let's get some understandingWalter Brown  
DeccaSRC 35710-in.1946I'm living for youWalter Brown  
DeccaSRC 35810-in.1946What to doMary Osborne Trio  
DeccaSRC 35910-in.1946Mary's guitar boogieMary Osborne Trio  
DeccaSRC 36010-in.1946Blues in Mary's flatMary Osborne Trio  
DeccaSRC 36110-in.1946Oops my ladyMary Osborne Trio  
DeccaSRC 36210-in.1946Hoodle addleMary Osborne Trio  
DeccaSRC 36310-in.1946The one I love belongs to somebody elseMary Osborne Trio  
DeccaSRC 84510-in.1946Going back to WashingtonBill De Arango  
DeccaSRC 84610-in.1946Did you ever set to thinkin'Bill De Arango  
DeccaSRC 84710-in.1946Susie BeeBill De Arango  
DeccaSRC 84810-in.1946I ain't gonna marryBill De Arango  
DeccaSRC 86510-in.approximately 1946Pete Turner bluesPete Turner  
DeccaSRC 86610-in.approximately 1946Little man bluesPete Turner  
DeccaSRC 86710-in.1946Makin' a fool out of meArthur Prysock  
DeccaSRC 86810-in.1946I'll always be in love with youArthur Prysock  
DeccaSRC 86910-in.1946Jelly jellyArthur Prysock  
DeccaSRC 87010-in.1946All of meArthur Prysock  
DeccaSRC 87110-in.approximately 1946Rock me in the cradleNegro Spiritual Group  
DeccaSRC 87210-in.approximately 1946That's allNegro Spiritual Group  
DeccaSRC 88310-in.approximately 1946The things we did last summerPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 88410-in.approximately 1946Raining the bluesPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 88510-in.approximately 1946Ugly woman bluesPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 88610-in.approximately 1946Take mePerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 713210-in.December 1946My silent loveJulian Dash Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 713310-in.December 1946Creamin'Julian Dash Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 713410-in.December 1946Goin' alongJulian Dash Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 713510-in.December 1946Long moanJulian Dash Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1182210-in.1946Gypsy love, part 1Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1182310-in.1946Gypsy love, part 2Sidney Torch Orchestra  


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