Recordings made Sunday, December 31, 1950

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
NgomaCJ 7110-in.approximately 1950Azali midiHenri BowaneVocal and instrumental ensemble 
NgomaCJ 7210-in.approximately 1950Cherie na ngai MarthaHenri BowaneVocal and instrumental ensemble 
Apex[Apex cat 26321-A]10-in.1950Goose feathersDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Apex[Apex cat 26321-B]10-in.1950The ladies slipper reelDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble 
DeccaSRC 200110-in.approximately 1949-1950I've got my love to keep me warmEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 200210-in.approximately 1949-1950Galway BayLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 200310-in.approximately 1949-1950My darling, my darlingLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 200410-in.approximately 1949-1950Lavender blueLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 200510-in.approximately 1949-1950Powder your face with sunshineEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 200610-in.approximately 1949-1950Red roses for a blue ladyLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 200810-in.approximately 1949-1950Far away placesEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 201010-in.approximately 1949-1950AgainFrancis (Francey) Lane  
DeccaSRC 201110-in.approximately 1949-1950Lady of SpainRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 201310-in.approximately 1949-1950You, you, you are the oneJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 201410-in.approximately 1949-1950I love you so much it hurtsJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 201510-in.approximately 1949-1950So in loveJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 201610-in.approximately 1949-1950Always true to you in my fashionFrancis (Francey) Lane  
DeccaSRC 201710-in.approximately 1949-1950Careless handsEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 201810-in.approximately 1949-1950BewilderedBernie Leighton  
DeccaSRC 201910-in.approximately 1949-1950A rosewood spinetLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 202010-in.approximately 1949-1950While the angelus was ringingLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 202110-in.approximately 1949-1950A you're adorbleRonnie Deauville  
DeccaSRC 202310-in.approximately 1949-1950You're so understandingEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 202410-in.approximately 1949-1950All right, Louie, drop the gunEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 202510-in.approximately 1949-1950Need youEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 202610-in.approximately 1949-1950I don't see me in your eyesLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 202710-in.approximately 1949-1950Blue roomEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 202910-in.approximately 1949-1950Riders in the skyJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 203010-in.approximately 1949-1950How it lies, how it lies, how it liesEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 203110-in.approximately 1949-1950Everywhere you goEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 203210-in.approximately 1949-1950Hurry, hurry, hurryEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 203310-in.approximately 1949-1950Some enchanted eveningRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 203410-in.approximately 1949-1950A chapter in my life called MaryRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 203510-in.approximately 1949-1950When is sometimesToni Arden  
DeccaSRC 203610-in.approximately 1949-1950Once and for alwaysToni Arden  
DeccaSRC 203710-in.approximately 1949-1950Put your shoes on LucyFreddy Miller  
DeccaSRC 203810-in.approximately 1949-1950What have you got to loseFreddy Miller  
DeccaSRC 203910-in.approximately 1949-1950Blue moonFreddy Miller  
DeccaSRC 204010-in.approximately 1949-1950Beer barrel polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204110-in.approximately 1949-1950Clarinet polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204210-in.approximately 1949-1950Helena polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204310-in.approximately 1949-1950On, our Katie oberekOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204410-in.approximately 1949-1950Around the dark forest polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204510-in.approximately 1949-1950Krakowiak polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204610-in.approximately 1949-1950Bar room polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204710-in.approximately 1949-1950Open the door polkaOriginal Polka Band  
DeccaSRC 204810-in.approximately 1949-1950Aloha OeLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 204910-in.approximately 1949-1950Sweet LeilaniLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 205010-in.approximately 1949-1950Song of the islandsLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 205110-in.approximately 1949-1950Vaha, vahaLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 205210-in.approximately 1949-1950Hawaiian war chantLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 205310-in.approximately 1949-1950To you, sweetheart AlohaLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 205410-in.approximately 1949-1950Grass shackLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 205510-in.approximately 1949-1950Blue HawaiiLisa Kirk  
DeccaSRC 2059approximately 1949-1950CoquetteJohnny Long Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 206110-in.approximately 1949-1950MargieLiberace  
DeccaSRC 206210-in.approximately 1949-1950Memories of Floyd CollinsThe Westonians  
DeccaSRC 206310-in.approximately 1949-1950Little KathyThe Westonians  
DeccaSRC 206410-in.approximately 1949-1950Red River valleyBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 206510-in.approximately 1949-1950Cowboy's dreamBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 206610-in.approximately 1949-1950Home on the rangeBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 206710-in.approximately 1949-1950Mexicali roseBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 206810-in.approximately 1949-1950Trail to MexicoBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 206910-in.approximately 1949-1950The old Chisholm trailBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 207710-in.approximately 1949-1950A wonderful guyEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 207810-in.approximately 1949-1950My one and only Highland FlingEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 207910-in.approximately 1949-1950Lovers' coldPat Terry  
DeccaSRC 208010-in.approximately 1949-1950A room full of rosesPat Terry  
DeccaSRC 208110-in.approximately 1949-1950Four winds and the seven seasJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 208210-in.approximately 1949-1950Kiss me sweetEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 208310-in.approximately 1949-1950Merry-go-round waltzRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 208410-in.approximately 1949-1950One kiss too manyJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 208510-in.approximately 1949-1950(Just one way to say) I love youAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 208610-in.approximately 1949-1950Let's take an old fashioned walkAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 208710-in.approximately 1949-1950HomeworkToni Arden  
DeccaSRC 208810-in.approximately 1949-1950You're breaking my heartAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 208910-in.approximately 1949-1950CircusAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 209010-in.approximately 1949-1950Through a long and sleepless nightAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 209110-in.approximately 1949-1950How, how, how is the timeToni Arden  
DeccaSRC 209210-in.approximately 1949-1950Be goody, good, good to meToni Arden  
DeccaSRC 209310-in.approximately 1949-1950Maybe it's becauseLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 209410-in.approximately 1949-1950Who do you know in heavenLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 209710-in.approximately 1949-1950That lucky old sunJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 209810-in.approximately 1949-1950It all depends on youPat Terry  
DeccaSRC 209910-in.approximately 1949-1950Wedding of Lili MarleneJack Leonard  
DeccaSRC 210010-in.approximately 1949-1950Smiles and tearsJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 210110-in.approximately 1949-1950Don't cry JoeJack Leonard  
DeccaSRC 210210-in.approximately 1949-1950A dime a dozenPeggy Ann Ellis  
DeccaSRC 210310-in.approximately 1949-1950CryingPat Terry  
DeccaSRC 210410-in.approximately 1949-1950My boleroJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 210510-in.approximately 1949-1950The world is so gayJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 210610-in.approximately 1949-1950BaltimoreRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 210710-in.approximately 1949-1950I wanna go homeRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 210810-in.approximately 1949-1950Time to start the dayJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 210910-in.approximately 1949-1950I can dream can't I ?Peggy Ann Ellis  
DeccaSRC 211010-in.approximately 1949-1950The last mile homeLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 211110-in.approximately 1949-1950Toot, toot, tootsie goodbyeRiddlers, The ; Jimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 211210-in.approximately 1949-1950Sleigh bells and church bellsLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 211310-in.approximately 1949-1950Whispering hopeLarry Douglas ; Audrey Marsh  
DeccaSRC 211410-in.approximately 1949-1950Slipping aroundLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 211510-in.approximately 1949-1950A dreamer's holidayJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 211610-in.approximately 1949-1950All I want for ChristmasArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 211710-in.approximately 1949-1950Rocky mountain yodelerBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 211810-in.approximately 1949-1950Yodelin' DanBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 211910-in.approximately 1949-1950Bobby's Christmas songBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 212010-in.approximately 1949-1950In a little green houseBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 212110-in.approximately 1949-1950Big chief WolfBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 212210-in.approximately 1949-1950I ain't losin' youBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 212310-in.approximately 1949-1950Silv'ry ChristmasBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 212410-in.approximately 1949-1950Christmas reunionBobby Gregory  
DeccaSRC 212510-in.approximately 1949-1950Wedding bellsJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 212610-in.approximately 1949-1950Dear hearts and gentle peopleLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 212710-in.approximately 1949-1950I've got a lovely bunch of coconutsArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 212810-in.approximately 1949-1950There's no tomorrowJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 212910-in.approximately 1949-1950Mule trainArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 213010-in.approximately 1949-1950If I never fall in love againLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 213110-in.approximately 1949-1950I never see Maggie aloneArt Gentry ; Riddlers, The  
DeccaSRC 213210-in.approximately 1949-1950The Walter Thornton rhumbaJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 213310-in.approximately 1949-1950She wore a yellow ribbonArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 213410-in.approximately 1949-1950The meadows of heavenLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 213510-in.approximately 1949-1950Johnson ragEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 213610-in.approximately 1949-1950The old master painterLarry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 213710-in.approximately 1949-1950Charley my boyEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 213810-in.approximately 1949-1950Quick silverEugenie Baird ; Larry Douglas  
DeccaSRC 213910-in.approximately 1949-1950The wedding sambaRiddlers, The  
DeccaSRC 214010-in.approximately 1949-1950Music music musicArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 214110-in.approximately 1949-1950Bibbidi bobbidi booRiddlers, The  
DeccaSRC 214210-in.approximately 1949-1950Broken down merry-go-roundRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 214310-in.approximately 1949-1950Blues stay away from meArt Gentry ; Mary Mayo  
DeccaSRC 214410-in.approximately 1949-1950Chattanooga shoe shine boyArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 214510-in.approximately 1949-1950Rag mopArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 214610-in.approximately 1949-1950Daddy's little girlRiddlers, The ; Jimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 214710-in.approximately 1949-1950Enjoy yourselfPeggy Ann Ellis  
DeccaSRC 214810-in.approximately 1949-1950If I knew you were comin' I'd 've baked a cakePeggy Ann Ellis  
DeccaSRC 214910-in.approximately 1949-1950It isn't fairJimmy Barry  
DeccaSRC 215010-in.approximately 1949-1950The Third Man themeArt Ryerson  
DeccaSRC 215110-in.approximately 1949-1950Let's go to church next Sunday morningJimmy Barry  
DeccaSRC 215210-in.approximately 1949-1950C'est si bonJimmy Barry  
DeccaSRC 215310-in.approximately 1949-1950The cry of the wild gooseJimmy Barry  
DeccaSRC 215410-in.approximately 1949-1950Chug-a-lugJimmy Barry  
DeccaSRC 215510-in.approximately 1949-1950Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleepJane (Janie) Ford  
DeccaSRC 215610-in.approximately 1949-1950Why do they always say noArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 215710-in.approximately 1949-1950Candy and cakeJane (Janie) Ford  
DeccaSRC 215810-in.approximately 1949-1950My foolish heartJimmy Barry  
DeccaSRC 215910-in.approximately 1949-1950If we could be a-l-o-n-eLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 216010-in.approximately 1949-1950BewitchedBernie Leighton  
DeccaSRC 216110-in.approximately 1949-1950Piano roll bluesArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 216210-in.approximately 1949-1950Hoop-dee-dooArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 216310-in.approximately 1949-1950RosesJane (Janie) Ford  
DeccaSRC 216410-in.approximately 1949-1950I wanna be lovedJane (Janie) Ford  
DeccaSRC 216510-in.approximately 1949-1950Down the laneJane (Janie) Ford  
DeccaSRC 216610-in.approximately 1949-1950American beauty roseRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 216710-in.approximately 1949-1950Honky tonkin'Ray Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 216810-in.approximately 1949-1950ValenciaRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 216910-in.approximately 1949-1950Sentimental meRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 217010-in.approximately 1949-1950Chocolate ice cream coneAudrey Marsh  
DeccaSRC 217110-in.approximately 1949-1950Thanks Mr. FloristArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 217210-in.approximately 1949-1950MississippiAudrey Marsh  
DeccaSRC 217310-in.approximately 1949-1950Choo'n gumAudrey Marsh  
DeccaSRC 217410-in.approximately 1949-1950Tzena, tzena, tzenaCharles Dant  
DeccaSRC 217510-in.approximately 1949-1950Mona LisaCharles Dant  
DeccaSRC 217610-in.approximately 1949-1950NolaMiton (Milt) Raskin  
DeccaSRC 217710-in.approximately 1949-1950Goodnight IreneCharles Dant  
DeccaSRC 217810-in.approximately 1949-1950At sundownMiton (Milt) Raskin  
DeccaSRC 217910-in.approximately 1949-1950La vie en roseCharles Dant  
DeccaSRC 218010-in.approximately 1949-1950Play a simple melodyCharles Dant  
DeccaSRC 218110-in.approximately 1949-1950Sam's songCharles Dant  
DeccaSRC 218210-in.approximately 1949-1950Jingle bellsRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 218310-in.approximately 1949-1950Winter wonderlandJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 218410-in.approximately 1949-1950Rudolph the red-nosed reindeerArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 218510-in.approximately 1949-1950The night before ChristmasJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 218610-in.approximately 1949-1950White ChristmasJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 218710-in.approximately 1949-1950Silent nightJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 218810-in.approximately 1949-1950Let it snow, let it snow, let it snowJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 218910-in.approximately 1949-1950Santa Claus is comin' to townArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 2190approximately 1949-1950All my loveEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 219110-in.approximately 1949-1950Can anyone explainJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 219210-in.approximately 1949-1950Harbor lightsJeffrey Clay  
DeccaSRC 219310-in.approximately 1949-1950The red we want is the red we've gotRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 2194approximately 1949-1950Back to your own backyardEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 219510-in.approximately 1949-1950Beloved be faithfulRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 219610-in.approximately 1949-1950I 'm forever blowing bubblesRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 219710-in.approximately 1949-1950The petite waltzRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 2198approximately 1949-1950Molasses, molassesEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 2199approximately 1949-1950Orange colored skyEugenie Baird  
DeccaSRC 220010-in.approximately 1949-1950Frosty the snowmanArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 220110-in.approximately 1949-1950Granny ClausArt Gentry  
DeccaSRC 710010-in.approximately 1949-1950My treasureJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 710110-in.approximately 1949-1950Oh MargueriteJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 710210-in.approximately 1949-1950Till we meet againRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710310-in.approximately 1949-1950Hi neighborRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710410-in.approximately 1949-1950The French marchRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710510-in.approximately 1949-1950HindustanRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710610-in.approximately 1949-1950Hora staccatoRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710710-in.approximately 1949-1950Harlem nocturneRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710810-in.approximately 1949-1950Ride the magic carpetRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 710910-in.approximately 1949-1950This is heaven to meRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 711010-in.approximately 1949-1950I see your face before meLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711110-in.approximately 1949-1950[Unknown title(s)]Lily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711210-in.approximately 1949-1950If we could be a-1-o-n-eLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711310-in.approximately 1949-1950Let George play itLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711410-in.approximately 1949-1950Way MarieLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711510-in.approximately 1949-1950Lazy riverLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711610-in.approximately 1949-1950Play a sentimental tuneLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 711710-in.approximately 1949-1950[Unknown title(s)]Ray Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 711810-in.approximately 1949-1950When my dreamboat comes homeRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 711910-in.approximately 1949-1950National emblem danceRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 712010-in.approximately 1949-1950[Unknown title(s)]Ray Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 712110-in.approximately 1949-1950Somebody else is gettin' itJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 712410-in.approximately 1949-1950Deep in a dreamRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 712510-in.approximately 1949-1950Old folksRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 712810-in.approximately 1949-1950The fishing songLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 712910-in.approximately 1949-1950MatrimonyLily Ann Carol  
DeccaSRC 713610-in.approximately 1949-1950Somebody stole my galJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 713710-in.approximately 1949-1950Walkin' with the bluesJimmy Saunders  
DeccaSRC 713910-in.approximately 1949-1950Sing you sinnersDelores Hawkins  
DeccaSRC 714010-in.approximately 1949-1950I'm in the mood for loveDelores Hawkins  
DeccaSRC 714110-in.approximately 1949-1950Down in the depth on the 90th floorDelores Hawkins  
DeccaSRC 714210-in.approximately 1949-1950The horse and buggy Ray awayRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 714310-in.approximately 1949-1950My BillRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 714410-in.approximately 1949-1950I like mountain musicRay Bloch Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 714510-in.approximately 1949-1950Before you goRay Bloch Orchestra  
Decca11773between 1948 and 1950Warsaw concertoLiberace  
Decca11774between 1948 and 1950Begin the beguineLiberace  
Decca11775between 1948 and 1950Ritual fire danceLiberace  
Decca11776between 1948 and 1950Liberace boogieLiberace  
DeccaFO [?]between 1948 and 1950Clopin-clopantLéo Marjane  
DeccaP 573approximately 1950Tout ça ; LenaLéo Marjane  
DeccaF 1040approximately 1950Mighty lak' a roseFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1041approximately 1950I hear you calling meFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1042approximately 1950Love's old sweet songFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1043approximately 1950TreesFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1044approximately 1950The song of songsFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1045approximately 1950The kiss in your eyesFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1046approximately 1950Songs my mother taught meFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1047approximately 1950None but the lonely heartFreddy Gardner  
DeccaF 1056either 1949 or 1950 Dites moiNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1057either 1949 or 1950 Bloody MaryNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1058either 1949 or 1950 I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hairNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1059either 1949 or 1950 Happy talkNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1060either 1949 or 1950 Wunder barNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1061either 1949 or 1950 Another opening, another showNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1062either 1949 or 1950 Were Thine that special faceNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaF 1063either 1949 or 1950 So in loveNew Queens Hall Symphony Orchestra  
DeccaFRP 11951950When the world was youngLéo Marjane  
DeccaFRP 11961950Kiss meLéo Marjane  
DeccaFO 2685between 1948 and 1950Cerisier rose et pommier blancLéo Marjane  
DeccaFO 2688between 1948 and 1950Toi ... et tes bras et tes lèvresLéo Marjane  
DeccaFO 2843between 1948 and 1950TenempaLéo Marjane  
DeccaFO 2893between 1948 and 1950GigiLéo Marjane  
DeccaFO 2894between 1948 and 1950Les feuilles mortesLéo Marjane  
DeccaFO 2895between 1948 and 1950Si tu viens danser dans mon villageLéo Marjane  
DeccaDR 107271949 or 1950Mademoiselle HortensiaLéo Marjane  
DeccaCP 62610-in.1950En una fonda de chinoTrio La Rosa  
DeccaCP 64010-in.1950Maria CristinaTrio La Rosa  
DeccaDG 1119approximately 1950Moonlight on the AlsterMichael Lanner Orchestra  
DeccaDG 1122approximately 1950Cuckoo waltzMichael Lanner Orchestra  
Decca1788KK1950Festival polkaAlfons Bauer Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12653between 1948 and 1950Take your partnersSydney Thompson and his Band  
DeccaCE 12673between 1948 and 1950Entrance of the little faunsSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1269910-in.between 1948 and 1950Gay Gordons-medleyJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 1270210-in.between 1948 and 1950Waltz country danceJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 1270510-in.between 1948 and 1950Jenny's BawbeeJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 1270610-in.between 1948 and 1950A kiss for nothingJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 1270710-in.between 1948 and 1950Roxburgh castleJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 1270810-in.between 1948 and 1950Langshaw lassiesJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 12714between 1948 and 1950My Lily of Laguna ; Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow ; The honeysuckle and the bee ; Little dolly daydream ; Just like the ivySydney Thompson and his Band  
DeccaCE 12765between 1948 and 1950Spanish gypsy danceSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1276610-in.between 1948 and 1950The red sombreroSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCXE 12777between 1948 and 1950The mascotSydney Thompson and his Band  
DeccaCE 12777approximately 1950The mascotSydney Thompson and his Band  
DeccaCE 12818between 1948 and 1950Baby's sweetheart serenadeSydney Thompson and his Band  
DeccaCE 12822between 1948 and 1950GallopSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12840between 1948 and 1950NoraKitchener Lord  
DeccaCE 12843between 1948 and 1950The dollar and the poundLord Beginner  
DeccaCE 12870between 1948 and 1950HousewivesLord Beginner  
DeccaCE 12871between 1948 and 1950General electionLord Beginner  
DeccaCE 12892between 1948 and 1950Pique Dame, part 1Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12893between 1948 and 1950Pique Dame, part 2Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12990between 1948 and 1950Mediterranan concerto, part 1Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12991between 1948 and 1950Mediterranan concerto, part 2Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1302910-in.between 1948 and 1950Scottish waltzJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCE 1303110-in.between 1948 and 1950The Gay Gordons-medleyJimmy Shand and his Band  
DeccaCXE 13061between 1948 and 1950The Gainsborough glideSydney Thompson and his Band  


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