Recordings made Friday, October 31, 1919

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Columbia3932610-in.4/14/1914March of the little lead soldiersPrince's BandBand 
VictorB-2319910-in.10/10/1919Swanee shoreCrescent TrioMale vocal trio, with violin and orchestra 
VictorB-2331810-in.10/31/1919Oshamno mikol homPinchos JassinowskyMale vocal solo, with flute and organ 
VictorB-2331910-in.10/31/1919Eitz chaimPinchos JassinowskyMale vocal solo, with flute, organ, and vocal chorus 
VictorB-2344710-in.10/31/1919Let the rest of the world go byCharles Hart ; Lewis JamesMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
VictorB-2344810-in.10/31/1919Now I knowShannon FourMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
VictorB-2344910-in.10/31/1919I'm like a ship without a sailCharles Hart ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia7877710-in.10/31/1919Hawaiian nightsToots Paka Hawaiian CompanyMale vocal and instrumental ensemble, with guitars and ukulele (Hawaiian) 
Columbia7877810-in.10/31/1919Beautiful OhioToots Paka Hawaiian CompanyMale vocal and instrumental ensemble, with guitars and ukulele (Hawaiian) 
Columbia7877910-in.10/31/1919The Missouri waltzToots Paka Hawaiian CompanyMale vocal and instrumental ensemble (Hawaiian) 
Columbia7878010-in.10/31/1919Tulip timeEddy BrownViolin solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7878110-in.10/31/1919I know what it means to be lonesomeEddy BrownViolin solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7878210-in.10/31/1919Selections from FaustMarconi BrothersPiano accordion trio 
Columbia7878310-in.10/31/1919Carmen : SelectionMarconi BrothersPiano accordion trio 
Columbia8557510-in.October 1919Matroskīĭ tanet︠s︡ʺ (Матроскій танецъ)Mishka ZiganoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8557610-in.October 1919Velikorusskīĭ kazakʺ (Великорусскій казакъ)Mishka ZiganoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8558010-in.Oct. 1919Nikolayever bolgar (ניקאָלאַיעווער באָלגאַר)Mishka ZiganoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8558110-in.Oct. 1919Ungerisher tants (אונגאַרישער טאַנץ)Mishka ZiganoffAccordion solo 
Columbia4968812-in.10/31/1919Dreamy AlabamaHenry Burr ; Albert Campbell ; Prince's OrchestraOrchestra, with male vocal duet 
OKehS-702910-in.approximately Oct. 1919That's worth while waiting forOKeh Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band Oct. 1919Poor little butterfly (Is a fly gal now)Billy MurrayMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-703110-in.approximately Oct. 1919That naughty waltzOKeh Dance Orchestra ; Orquesta Okeh de BaileJazz/dance band, with vocal chorus Oct. 1919And he'd say "Oo la-la! Wee-wee"Van Eps QuartetInstrumental quartet Oct. 1919A pretty girl is like a melodyVan Eps QuartetInstrumental quartet 
OKehS-703410-in.approximately Oct. 1919I never knewHenry Burr ; John H. MeyerMale vocal duet, with orchestra Oct. 1919Not in a thousand yearsHenry Burr ; George Fairman ; George FairmanMale vocal solo, with orchestra Oct. 1919You'd be surprisedBilly MurrayMale vocal solo, with orchestra Oct. 1919All the Quakers are shoulder shakers down in Quaker TownBert HarveyMale vocal solo, with orchestra Oct. 1919I'm forever blowing bubblesOKeh Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-704010-in.Oct. 1919Now I knowJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-704110-in.Oct. 1919Oh, what a pal was MaryJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-704210-in.Oct. 1919On Miami shoreJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band Oct. 1919Where the lanterns glowAll Star TrioInstrumental trio 
OKehS-704410-in.approximately Oct. 1919The gossipPeppino ; Mario PerryAccordion duet Oct. 1919La traviata : WaltzPeppinoAccordion solo 
OKehS-704610-in.approximately Oct. 1919Mazurka ZinganoPeppino ; Mario PerryAccordion duet 
OKehS-704910-in.approximately Oct. 1919Mutt and Jeff in MexicoFrank Kennedy and CompanyDescriptive scene 
OKehS-705010-in.approximately Oct. 1919Bringing up Father in ProhibitionFrank Kennedy and CompanyDescriptive scene Oct. 1919Ballet of the flowers suite : HeatherHenry Hadley Symphony OrchestraOrchestra Oct. 1919Oh! What a pal was MarySamuel AshMale vocal solo, with orchestra Oct. 1919Oh! What a girl!Samuel AshMale vocal solo, with orchestra Oct. 1919I want a daddy to rock me to sleepGreen Brothers' Xylophone OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-706010-in.approximately Oct. 1919KaravanGreen Brothers' Xylophone OrchestraJazz/dance band Oct. 1919Mignon : OvertureHenry Hadley Symphony OrchestraOrchestra Oct. 1919Mignon : OvertureHenry Hadley Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 
OKehS-7052Not documentedca. Oct. 1919[Unknown title(s)]Henry Hadley Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 
OKehS-7055Not documentedca. Oct. 1919[Unknown title(s)]Tim Brymn’s Black Devil FourMale vocal quartet 
OKeh[OK cat 16005-B]10-in.approximately Sept.-Oct. 1919Sobre los olasBanda MexicanaBand 
Edison696710-in.Oct. 1919Back home on the farmGolden & HughesComic dialogue 
Edison696310-in.Oct. 1919Floatin' down to Cotton TownPremier QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Edison698010-in.Oct. 1919I want a daddyTuxedo Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Edison696810-in.Oct. 1919I love you just the same, sweet AdelinePremier QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Edison697110-in.Oct. 1919On the dreamy AmazonHerbert C. Tilley Jr.Male vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison698210-in.Oct. 1919Henry Jones, your honeymoon is overAl Bernard ; Ernest HareComic dialogue and male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Edison698910-in.Oct. 1919Tents of ArabsTuxedo Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Edison696010-in.Oct. 1919The home that's in my memoryLewis JamesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison698810-in.Oct. 1919Floating down the old MonongahelaCharles HartMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison698310-in.Oct. 1919TripletsGeorge Hamilton GreenXylophone solo, with orchestra 
Edison700210-in.10/31/1919FrecklesBert HarveyMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison698610-in.Oct. 1919Manhattan Beach marchNew York Military BandBand 
Brunswick2913-291410-in.approximately Oct. 1919EricaRudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with two pianos 
Brunswick2911-291210-in.approximately Oct. 1919LewellynRudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with two pianos 
Columbia5961212-in.approximately October 1919Povera canzoneVittorio SommaMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Columbia5961312-in.approximately October 1919CarmelaVittorio SommaMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Brunswick2925-292610-in.approximately Oct. 1919SaxophobiaRudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo 
Edison700310-in.10/31/1919Flanagan's real estate dealSteve PorterComic scene 
Brunswick298010-in.approximately Oct. 1919ElégieElias Breeskin ; Archer ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick289910-in.approximately Oct. 1919The lonesome roadHarry Akst ; Rudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with piano 
Brunswick2923-292410-in.approximately Oct. 1919I've got my captain working for me nowPalace TrioInstrumental trio 
Brunswick2953-295410-in.approximately Oct. 1919Fluffy rufflesGreen Brothers' Xylophone OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick2957-295810-in.approximately Oct. 1919Daly's reelFrank E. Banta ; Fred Van EpsBanjo solo, with piano 
Brunswick291810-in.approximately Oct. 1919Nobody knowsHarry Akst ; Rudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with 2 pianos 
Brunswick2921-292210-in.approximately Oct. 1919I want a daddyPalace TrioInstrumental trio 
Brunswick2955-295610-in.approximately Oct. 1919Some day down in Carolin'Green Brothers' Xylophone OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick2959-296010-in.approximately Oct. 1919Chinese picnicFrank E. Banta ; Fred Van EpsBanjo solo, with piano 
Brunswick2902approximately Oct. 1919Boston Commandery marchBrunswick Military BandBand 
Columbia8473610-in.approximately October 1919O, hubava si tiAlex StefanoffMale vocal solo, with accordion 
Columbia8545910-in.approximately October 1919Novena di NataleZampogne e CiarámelleBagpipes trio 
Columbia8546010-in.approximately October 1919Processione degli zampognariZampogne e CiarámelleBagpipes trio 
Columbia8549510-in.approximately October 1919Che bel nasoneI Quattro SicilianiInstrumental quartet 
Columbia8549610-in.approximately October 1919In giroI Quattro SicilianiInstrumental quartet 


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