Recordings made Sunday, October 31, 1920

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Columbia8669110-in.Oct. 1920Sher (שעהר)Abe Schwartz's OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8669210-in.Oct. 1920Sher (שעהר)Abe Schwartz's OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8668410-in.approximately October 1920Nuch der chupehAbe Schwartz's Orchestra ; The Jewish ComediansVocal chorus, with orchestra 
Columbia8668310-in.approximately October 1920Befor der chupehAbe Schwartz's Orchestra ; The Jewish ComediansVocal chorus, with orchestra 
Brunswick426910-in.approximately Oct. 1920Broadway bluesAileen StanleyFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4332-433410-in.approximately Oct. 1920Read 'em and weepAl BernardMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick426510-in.approximately Oct. 1920Read 'em and weepAl BernardMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick433010-in.approximately Oct. 1920Change your name, Malinda LeeAl Bernard ; Ernest HareMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4222-422410-in.approximately Oct. 1920Japanese sandmanAlfred Eldridge ; Isham Jones Rainbo Orchestra ; Leo MurphyJazz/dance band, with violin and piano 
Brunswick4239-424110-in.approximately Oct. 1920I love you, SundayAlfred Eldridge ; Walter G. Haenschen ; Isham Jones Rainbo Orchestra ; Charles McNeilJazz/dance band, with banjo and 2 pianos 
Brunswick436910-in.approximately Oct. 1920DollyAll Star TrioInstrumental trio 
Brunswick437110-in.approximately Oct. 1920Anytime, anyday, anywhereAll Star TrioInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick4438-443910-in.approximately Oct. 1920Apple blossom timeAmphion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Edison1500Not documentedOct. 1920Grande valse brillanteAndré BenoistPiano solo 
Edison1501Not documentedOct. 1920Valse arabesqueAndré BenoistPiano solo 
OKehS-762210-in.Oct. 1920Broadway RoseBilly JonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-761810-in.Oct. 1920PalesteenaBilly Jones ; Ed SmalleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-763310-in.Oct. 1920My home town is a one horse town (But it's big enough for meBilly Jones ; Ed SmalleMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-763410-in.Oct. 1920All she'd say was "umh hum"Billy Jones ; Ed SmalleMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4358-436110-in.approximately Oct. 1920Kiddies' patrol : Christmas EveBrunswick Concert BandBand 
Brunswick4361-436310-in.approximately Oct. 1920Kiddies' dance : Christmas morningBrunswick Concert BandBand June-Oct. 1920Law and orderCalvin CoolidgeSpeech 
OKehS-762710-in.Oct. 1920Beautiful Annabell LeeCharles Hart ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-762610-in.Oct. 1920SighingCrescent TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Brunswick441110-in.approximately Oct. 1920Ole Uncle MoonCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4414-441610-in.approximately Oct. 1920De sandmanCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4428-442910-in.approximately Oct. 1920Still sweeter every dayCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4430-443110-in.approximately Oct. 1920Sometime, somewhereCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4436-443710-in.approximately Oct. 1920DarlingCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick439410-in.approximately Oct. 1920Annie LaurieDorothy JardonFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick439710-in.approximately Oct. 1920Kerry danceDorothy JardonFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickX440012-in.approximately Oct. 1920JahrzeitDorothy JardonFemale vocal solo, with orchestra Oct. 1920Scenes de la Csarda no. 12Duci De Kerékjártó ; Maurice EisnerViolin solo, with piano 
Brunswick434610-in.approximately Oct. 1920Cradle songElizabeth LennoxFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4350-435110-in.approximately Oct. 1920BarcarolleElizabeth Lennox ; Marie TiffanyFemale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-761710-in.Oct. 1920Pickaninny RoseErnest HareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-762010-in.Oct. 1920I want to know where Tosti went (When he said good-bye)Ernest HareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick432610-in.approximately Oct. 1920AvalonErnest HareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8670410-in.approximately October 1920La monacaFortunata ClevaFemale vocal solo, with vocal chorus June-Nov. 1920AmericanismFranklin D. RooseveltSpeech 
BrunswickX4425-X442612-in.approximately Oct. 1920HumoresqueFrederic Persson ; Max RosenViolin solo, with piano 
OKehS-760010-in.Oct. 1920Silent night, holy nightGounod Mixed TrioMixed vocal trio, with orchestra 
OKehS-7599Not documentedOct. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Gounod Mixed TrioMixed vocal trio, with orchestra 
OKehS-7601Not documentedOct. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Gounod Mixed TrioMixed vocal trio, with orchestra 
OKehS-760210-in.Oct. 1920I'll buy the Blarney CastleGreen Brothers' Novelty BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-760310-in.Oct. 1920AmoritaGreen Brothers' Novelty BandJazz/dance band 
Brunswick430210-in.approximately Oct. 1920SudanGreen Brothers' Novelty BandJazz/dance band 
Brunswick430410-in.approximately Oct. 1920ToodlesGreen Brothers' Novelty BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-760410-in.Oct. 1920China moonGreen Brothers' Novelty BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-761010-in.Oct. 1920Sweet Cuban loveHarry Raderman's Jazz OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-761110-in.Oct. 1920DarlingHarry Raderman's Jazz OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-762310-in.Oct. 1920Somebody's eyesHarry Raderman's Jazz OrchestraJazz/dance band, with saxophone solo 
OKehS-762410-in.Oct. 1920For every boy who's on the level (There's a girl who's on the square)Harry Raderman's Jazz OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Edison1502Not documentedOct. 1920Fairy landInstrumental quartet (unidentified; Edison Records)Instrumental quartet 
Brunswick440310-in.approximately Oct. 1920Sing me to sleepIrene WilliamsFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4219-422110-in.approximately Oct. 1920Dreamy paradiseIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick425010-in.approximately Oct. 1920AvalonIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick425210-in.approximately Oct. 1920Fair oneIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band, with piano duet 
Brunswick4232-423410-in.approximately Oct. 1920Lovin' ladyIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4235-423810-in.approximately Oct. 1920Jinga-bula-jing-jingIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4213-421510-in.approximately Oct. 1920KoolemoffIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4216-421810-in.approximately Oct. 1920Sweet womanIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band, with violin solo 
Brunswick4225-422710-in.approximately Oct. 1920WishingIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4228-423110-in.approximately Oct. 1920Rose of ArabyIsham Jones Rainbo OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick425410-in.approximately Oct. 1920SultanIsham Jones Rainbo Orchestra ; Carroll MartinJazz/dance band, with trombone solo 
Brunswick440710-in.approximately Oct. 1920Down the trail to home, sweet homeJames Lynch ; James J. SheridanMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-761310-in.Oct. 1920Why did you leave me?Joseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-761410-in.Oct. 1920In my sweet little Alice blue gownJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-761210-in.Oct. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Joseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-760810-in.Oct. 1920ZowieJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-760910-in.Oct. 1920I'm a lonesome little rain dropJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
Columbia8672510-in.approximately October 1920Tief im BöhmerwaldKurt RasquinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8671510-in.approximately October 1920Impressions of NaplesLa Nuova Orchestra di Napoli ; Romano RomaniOrchestra 
Columbia8671610-in.approximately October 1920Italian one-stepLa Nuova Orchestra di Napoli ; Romano RomaniOrchestra 
Brunswick431310-in.approximately Oct. 1920HumoresqueLakesonian SextetBrass sextet 
OKehS-760610-in.Oct. 1920Just snap your fingers at careLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-760710-in.Oct. 1920Grieving for youLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-762810-in.Oct. 1920The wedding bluesLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-762910-in.Oct. 1920CaressesLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-761910-in.Oct. 1920I'm in heaven when I'm in my mother's armsLewis JamesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-763210-in.Oct. 1920There's a vacant chair at home sweet homeLewis James ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8668710-in.approximately October 1920Tip-top-ah e ftohiaMarika PapagikaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8668810-in.approximately October 1920Stoma me stomaMarika PapagikaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8668910-in.approximately October 1920Ego to pinoMarika PapagikaSoprano vocal solo, with violin, cello, clarinet, and piano 
Columbia8671010-in.October 1920Samiōtissa (Σαμιωτισσα)Marika Papagika (Μαρικα Παπαγκικα)Soprano vocal solo, with instrumental accompaniment 
Columbia8671110-in.October 1920Spartiatissa (Σπαρτιατισσα)Marika Papagika (Μαρικα Παπαγκικα)Soprano vocal solo, with instrumental accompaniment 
OKehS-763010-in.Oct. 1920The hula bluesOKeh Marimba BandMarimba band 
OKehS-763110-in.Oct. 1920Sleepy HollowOKeh Marimba BandMarimba band 
OKehS-756910-in.Oct. 1920Coral SeaPalace Trio ; Rudy WiedoeftInstrumental trio 
OKehS-757010-in.Sept. 1920I want to go to the land where the sweet daddies growPalace Trio ; Rudy WiedoeftInstrumental trio 
Columbia8667110-in.approximately October 1920Jonas Mokina kariautiPijus Bukšnaitis ; Juozas GeležiunasRecitation 
Columbia8667210-in.approximately October 1920Pas fotografąPijus Bukšnaitis ; Juozas GeležiunasRecitation 
Columbia8670310-in.approximately October 1920Son figlio di BacicciaRaoul RomitoMale vocal solo and vocal chorus, with guitar, mandolin, and piano 
OKehS-756110-in.Sept. 1920AvalonRega Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-756210-in.Oct. 1920I love you SundayRega Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-761510-in.Oct. 1920MargieRega Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-760510-in.Oct. 1920Look what you've done with your dog-gone dangerous eyesRega Orchestra ; Aileen StanleyFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
Brunswick429110-in.approximately Oct. 1920A heart bow'd downRichard BonelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8673810-in.approximately October 1920Reiters MorgenliedRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4322-432310-in.approximately Oct. 1920EricaRudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick433910-in.approximately Oct. 1920LlewellynRudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick434110-in.approximately Oct. 1920SaxemaRudy WiedoeftSaxophone solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8666310-in.approximately October 1920Stille Nacht, heilige NachtS. Köppen-BeckerFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8666210-in.approximately October 1920O TannenbaumS. Köppen-Becker ; Kurt RasquinFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-762110-in.Oct. 1920Old pal why don't you answer me?Samuel AshMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-762510-in.Oct. 1920LindyShannon FourMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia5965612-in.approximately October 1920HashkiveinuShloimele RothsteinMale vocal solo, with cello, flute and organ 
OKehS-761610-in.Oct. 1920I'm a little nobody that nobody lovesVaughn De Leath ; Rega OrchestraFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick425710-in.approximately Oct. 1920My midnight frolic girlVernon TrioInstrumental trio 
Brunswick439010-in.approximately Oct. 1920My wonder girlVernon TrioInstrumental trio 
Brunswick428810-in.approximately Oct. 1920SextetteVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick425910-in.approximately Oct. 1920Spring zephyrsVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick4207-421010-in.approximately Oct. 1920FarandoleVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick4210-421210-in.approximately Oct. 1920Arlésienne : MinuetVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick432010-in.approximately Oct. 1920Les filles de CadixVirginia ReaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra June-Oct. 1920Acceptance of nominationWarren G. HardingSpeech June-Oct. 1920[Untitled speech]Warren G. HardingSpeech June-Oct. 1920NationalismWarren G. HardingSpeech 


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