Recordings made Friday, December 31, 1920

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorC-2476412-in.12/30/1920Song without words, op. 12, no. 1Hans KindlerCello solo, with orchestra 
VictorB-2480210-in.12/8/1920Chiamatemi bellaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental ensemble 
VictorB-2480310-in.12/8/1920Al campidoglioThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2480410-in.12/8/1920Sempre miaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481110-in.12/31/1920CarmelaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481210-in.12/31/1920Saltiamo carina miaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481310-in.12/31/1920Amo lallegriaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481410-in.12/31/1920TeresinaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481510-in.12/31/1920Graziosa e simpaticaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481610-in.12/31/1920Saremo felici entrambiThe Four SiciliansInstrumental ensemble 
VictorB-2481710-in.12/31/1920Luna incantevoleThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481810-in.12/31/1920La mia Annetta (My Annette)The Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
Columbia7961810-in.12/31/1920Farewell message to AmericaMuriel MacSwineySpeech 1916Vision fugitiveLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4862712-in.3/14/1916Ardon gl'incensiMaria Barrientos ; Marshall P. Lufsky ; Giorgio PolaccoSoprano vocal solo, with flute obbligato and orchestra 
Columbia4863212-in.3/16/1916O Isis et OsirisLéon RothierBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4863312-in.3/16/1916La MarseillaiseLéon RothierBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4865812-in.3/25/1916A love sick coonBilly Golden ; Jim MarloweComic dialogue 1916E lucevan le stelleHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4876112-in.5/1/1916Cielo e marHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4877712-in.5/3/1916Will there be any stars in my crown?James F. Harrison ; James ReedMale vocal duet 
Columbia4878212-in.5/4/1916Salve! Dimora casta e puraHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 1916Il sognoHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4878812-in.5/6/1916M'appariHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra Jan.-May 1916SerenataLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 1916-1920Your wifePrince's BandBand 
Columbia4891612-in.9/14/1916Au fond du temple saint James Harrod ; Graham MarrVocal duet (tenor and baritone), with orchestra 
Columbia4892512-in.9/20/1916The year's at the springMaggie TeyteSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1916-1920The flirting whistlerPrince's OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4902012-in.12/6/1916Vesti la giubbaHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4902212-in.12/7/1916Hungarian rhapsody no. 2Prince's OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4918712-in.4/27/1917National medleyPrince's Band ; G. Hepburn WilsonBand 
Columbia4940712-in.5/9/1918General Pershing marchPrince's BandBand 
Columbia4949012-in.9/4/1918Beautiful OhioPrince's OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4957612-in.1/20/1919St. Julien marchColumbia Band ; Charles Adams PrinceBand 1920Mother-heartLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Suicidio! In questi fieri momentiRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1920President WilsonStephen S. WiseSpeech 1920Amour viens aider ma faiblesseJeanne GordonContralto vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Re dell' abissoJeanne GordonContralto vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Flower of the snowRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4976512-in.12/31/1920LoyaltyBainbridge ColbySpeech 1920The bride-elect marchPrince's BandBand 1920Seventh RegimentPrince's BandBand 1920Washington GraysPrince's BandBand 1920The gladiatorPrince's BandBand 1920Centennial marchColumbia Band ; Charles Adams PrinceBand 1920Our director marchColumbia BandBand 1920Save AmericaNicholas Murray ButlerSpeech 1920America safeJames W. GerardSpeech 1920America safe, part 2James W. GerardSpeech 1920Theodore RooseveltLeonard WoodSpeech 1920Pace, pace mio dioRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Kiss me againRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Maria MariRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4990312-in.10/19/1920Jota de PabloDuci De Kerékjártó ; Maurice EisnerViolin solo, with piano 1920Memorial addressÉamon De ValeraSpeech 1920Eili, EiliHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 1920The palmsLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920The Holy CityLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920The heart bow'd downLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Oh dry those tears!Louis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5961010-in.approximately 1920Goodbye whiskeyM. S. HawieRecitation 
Columbia5961110-in.approximately 1920Goodbye whiskeyM. S. HawieRecitation 
Columbia5962210-in.1920La predica del Santo NataleEduardo CianelliMonologue, with organ 
Columbia5962610-in.1920Canzone degli zampognariGaetano Luzzaro ; Raoul RomitoMale vocal duet 
Columbia5965010-in.1920Rozhinkes mit mandln (ראָזינקעס מיט מאַנדלען)William SchwartzMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5966910-in.1920Rachil (ראַכיל)William SchwartzMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5967910-in.1920Filava! Filava!Teresa de MatienzoFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8572810-in.approximately December 1919Le gioie della vitaI Quattro Siciliani "Columbia"Instrumental quartet 1920Hogy mulat a magyarF. Lajos Bögrés ; Kapossy Károly CigányzenekaraMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble ("Gypsy") 
Columbia8688010-in.Dec. 1920Hora și sîrbă din PlevnaOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8688210-in.Dec. 1920Hora și sîrbă unireiOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8238310-in.between 1917 and 1920The chimesColumbia Spanish BandJazz/dance band 
Columbia8240810-in.between 1917 and 1920Among flowersColumbia Mexican BandBand 
Columbia8245410-in.between 1917 and 1920Spanish Gypsy danceColumbia Spanish OrchestraOrchestra, with castanets 
Columbia8253310-in.between 1917 and 1920Flor de fangoOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8253410-in.between 1917 and 1920PampaOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8253810-in.between 1917 and 1920¡Que papita!Orquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8253910-in.between 1917 and 1920Don EstebanOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8254010-in.between 1917 and 1920MuñequitaOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8254710-in.between 1917 and 1920Mano bravaOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8255910-in.between 1917 and 1920Un lamento Orquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8257310-in.between 1917 and 1920Consejo a mis hermanosMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with bandurría 
Columbia8257410-in.between 1917 and 1920Consejo a mis hermanos Martín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with bandurría 
Columbia8259410-in.between 1917 and 1920La coronaOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8259510-in.between 1917 and 1920El cañaveral Orquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8262110-in.between 1917 and 1920La rajadaOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8271810-in.between 1917 and 1920El rosedalOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8271910-in.between 1917 and 1920No hay derechoOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8272010-in.between 1917 and 1920La petiza Orquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8272110-in.between 1917 and 1920El pangaréOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8272310-in.between 1917 and 1920Cara y cruzOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8272710-in.between 1917 and 1920AviculturaOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8273010-in.between 1917 and 1920AinOrquesta Ferrer FilipottoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8273310-in.between 1917 and 1920Fado BlanquitaPilar ArcosFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8275810-in.between 1917 and 1920Three o'clock in the morningColumbia Spanish OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia8276310-in.between 1917 and 1920Mi noche tristeOrquesta ColumbiaOrchestra 
Columbia8278710-in.between 1917 and 1920Que será, que no será Pilar ArcosFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8285310-in.between 1917 and 1920Los millones de ArlequinOrquesta Tipica ServiaInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8287110-in.between 1917 and 1920Ojos negrosOrquesta ColumbiaOrchestra 
Columbia8287210-in.between 1917 and 1920El cuzquito Orquesta ColumbiaOrchestra 
Columbia8506110-in.either 1919 or 1920IrmaColumbia International BandBand 
Columbia8546410-in.approximately 1920Manicurist-visaCalle SjöqvistMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8546510-in.approximately 1920FiaCalle SjöqvistMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8568310-in.either 1919 or 1920Pán pundaiGyula DandásFujara solo, with piano 
Columbia8568410-in.either 1919 or 1920Ja parobok s kapušanGyula DandásFujara solo, with piano 
Columbia8571210-in.either 1919 or 1920Stornelli sicilianiGaetano LuzzaroMale vocal solo, with guitar 
Columbia8578410-in.either 1919 or 1920L'inno dei figli d'ItaliaGaetano LuzzaroMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8681010-in.approximately December 1920Midsommarnatts drömEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8684310-in.approximately December 1920Clara mazurkaSei SicilianiBand 
Columbia8684510-in.approximately December 1920Due cuori unitiSei SicilianiBand 
Columbia8684910-in.approximately December 1920Lördags valsenEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8685710-in.approximately December 1920Zehn Gebote für EhemännerHugo BrückenMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687210-in.approximately December 1920Von meinen Bergen muss ich scheidenKurt RasquinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687510-in.approximately December 1920Andreas HoferRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8688410-in.approximately December 1920Österreichischer militär MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688610-in.approximately December 1920Radetzky MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8689010-in.approximately December 1920Behüt dich GottRobert LeonhardtMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8689410-in.approximately December 1920Mädel, Mädel, ruck, ruck, ruckManhattan QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Columbia8689510-in.approximately December 1920Ich hatt' einen KameradenManhattan QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Columbia8689610-in.approximately December 1920Nachtigall LiedRobert LeonhardtMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia9303210-in.approximately 1920La Liga de las NacionesOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9303410-in.approximately 1920Cielito lindoOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9305410-in.approximately 1920A quemar camagüeyanas Orquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9305510-in.approximately 1920Aguaire manitoOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9308010-in.approximately 1920La guayaberaOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9309310-in.approximately 1920DardanellaOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9309810-in.approximately 1920VirulillaOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9310010-in.approximately 1920La rabicundiaOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9400610-in.approximately 1920Vagabundo Orquesta Tipica PachecoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9400910-in.approximately 1920El bulín de la alegríaOrquesta Tipica PachecoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9401510-in.approximately 1920A pan y aguaOrquesta Tipica PachecoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9402210-in.approximately 1920EsponjitaOrquesta Tipica PachecoInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9402910-in.approximately 1920Noblesa de arrabalOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9403010-in.approximately 1920Nueve puntosOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9403110-in.approximately 1920SimariOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9403210-in.approximately 1920El pillínOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9403410-in.approximately 1920Color de rosaOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9403510-in.approximately 1920El africanoOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9404310-in.approximately 1920De coloresAtilio Copeli Monsalve ; Juan RaggiMale vocal duet, with guitars 
Columbia9404510-in.approximately 1920Cierra esa ventanaAtilio Copeli MonsalveMale vocal solo, with guitars 
Columbia9404610-in.approximately 1920Siempre florOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9404810-in.approximately 1920CabecitaOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9404910-in.approximately 1920El baccaratOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9405410-in.approximately 1920En decadenciaOrquesta Tipica Francisco CanaroInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia9415810-in.approximately 1920Himno nacional uruguayoJosé Muñiz Male vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia9415910-in.approximately 1920Himno nacional argentino José Muñiz Male vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-77510-in.approximately 1920Hindu roseJoseph A. PhillipsMale vocal solo 
OKehS-719210-in.aproximately 1920You and your smileHarvey HindermyerMale vocal solo 
OKehS-728410-in.approximately 1920I'm waiting for ships that never come inElliott ShawMale vocal solo 
OKehS-736210-in.approximately 1920I'm on my wayShannon FourMale vocal quartet 
OKehS-744310-in.approximately 1920Shadows of loveReed MillerMale vocal solo 
OKehS-765810-in.Nov. 1920Don't care bluesJazz Hounds ; Mamie SmithFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-770110-in.Dec. 1920Hi-yoNicholas Orlando's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770210-in.Dec. 1920Midnight moonNicholas Orlando's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770310-in.Dec. 1920I used to love you, but it's all over nowNicholas Orlando's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770410-in.Dec. 1920Harvest homePeter ConlonAccordion solo 
OKehS-7705Not documentedDec. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Peter ConlonAccordion solo 
OKehS-770610-in.Dec. 1920Oh gee! Say gee! You ought to see my Gee Gee from the Fiji isleJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770710-in.Dec. 1920Sweet Mama (Papa's getting mad)Joseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770810-in.Dec. 1920Crazy bluesJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770910-in.Dec. 1920Playmates (I wish I were a boy again)Charles HartMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-771010-in.Dec. 1920CrucifixCharles Henry ; James JordonMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-771110-in.Dec. 1920Bright eyesBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771210-in.Dec. 1920MollyBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771310-in.Dec. 1920Sweet lavenderBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771410-in.Dec. 1920Congo nightsBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771510-in.Dec. 1920I never knewLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7716Not documentedDec. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Lanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7717Not documentedDec. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Lanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771810-in.Dec. 1920Look for the silver liningLewis James ; Elizabeth SpencerFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-771910-in.Dec. 1920The bird and the saxophoneNathan Glantz ; Sybil Sanderson FaganWhistling solo, with saxophone and orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 1265-A]10-in.approximately 1920Everybody calls me HoneyDuane SawyerSaxophone solo 
OKeh[OK cat 1265-b]10-in.approximately 1920My golden roseDuane SawyerSaxophone solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4109-A]10-in.approximately 1920Whose baby are you?All Star TrioInstrumental trio 
OKeh[OK cat 4150-B]10-in.approximately 1920Mammy's good-night lullabyHart and ShawMale vocal trio 
OKeh[OK cat 4186-B]10-in.approximately 1920Sweet LuanaLewis James ; Jane NeilsonFemale-male vocal duet 
OKeh[OK cat 4186-A]10-in.approximately 1920Moonlight in MandalayLewis James ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet 
OKeh[OK cat 4200-A]10-in.approximately 1920Out where the West beginsLewis JamesMale vocal solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4200-b]10-in.approximately 1920Rose of my heartEugene T. SpencerMale vocal solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4434]10-in.1920On the road to MandalayBernard FergusonMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 4613]10-in.approximately 1920That tumble-down shack in AthloneSterling TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
OKeh[Od cat 20027-A]10-in.approximately 1920Sweet LuanaLewis James ; Jane NeilsonFemale-male vocal duet 
Brunswick470610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Witches' danceLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 
BrunswickX470812-in.approximately Dec. 1920Marche militaireLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 
Brunswick475910-in.approximately Dec. 1920AbsentMario ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick476110-in.approximately Dec. 1920For you aloneMario ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick477010-in.approximately Dec. 1920Blue jeansMario PerryAccordion solo 
Brunswick477610-in.approximately Dec. 1920I never knewMario PerryAccordion solo 
Brunswick479710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Why don't you?Ernest HareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick482610-in.approximately Dec. 1920When Irish eyes are smilingCrescent Trio ; Theo KarleMale vocal solo and male vocal trio, with orchestra 
Brunswick484310-in.approximately Dec. 1920Wailana waltzFrank Ferera ; Anthony J. FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Brunswick484710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Dreamy HawaiiFrank Ferera ; Anthony J. FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Brunswick485310-in.approximately Dec. 1920In the duskRudy Wiedoeft's CaliforniansJazz/dance band 
Brunswick485610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Crazy bluesBenny Krueger’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick485910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Royal garden bluesBenny Krueger’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick486810-in.approximately Dec. 1920Look for the silver liningIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick487210-in.approximately Dec. 1920RoseIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick487410-in.approximately Dec. 1920Whip-poor-willIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick488210-in.approximately Dec. 1920All she'd say was 'umh hum'Isham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick488710-in.approximately Dec. 1920My mammyIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick488810-in.approximately Dec. 1920I never realizedIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick489810-in.approximately Dec. 1920Underneath Hawaiian skiesIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick490310-in.approximately Dec. 1920Love birdIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick490510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Siren of a southern seaIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4714-471510-in.approximately Dec. 1920I want to be leader of the bandAmphion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4716-471710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Bells of ShandonStrand QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4718-471910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Gospel trainCriterion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4720-472210-in.approximately Dec. 1920Little cotton dollyCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4726-472710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Waltz in C sharp minorLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 
Brunswick4728-472910-in.approximately Dec. 1920O-hi-o (O-my! O!)Billy JonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4735-473610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Mother o' mineRichard BonelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4742-474310-in.approximately Dec. 1920My mammyAmphion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4744-474510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Honolulu eyesCharles Harrison ; Charles HartMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4755-475610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Thank God for a gardenMario ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4816-481710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Mother MachreeTheo KarleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4818-481910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Come back to ErinTheo KarleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4834-483510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Love birdErnest Hare ; Wiedoeft's Saxophone TrioMale vocal solo, with saxophone trio 
Brunswick4877-487910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Do you ever think of me?Isham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4894-489510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Make believeIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Edison467210-in.4/20/1916At a Georgia camp meetingNew York Military BandBand 
Edison757810-in.10/13/1920BiddyNew York Military BandBand 
Edison763710-in.11/12/1920In Dublin's fair cityAllen McQuhaeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison770810-in.12/28/1920Look for the silver liningLewis James ; Betsy Lane ShepherdFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Edison771210-in.12/31/1920Casta divaFrieda HempelFemale vocal solo, with piano 
Lindström[OK cat 40138-B]10-in.between 1909 and 1920My LisaDanubia Municipal BandBand 
OdeonBo-576010-in.approximately 1920Lorber und RoseViolin duo (unidentified; Odeon Records)Violin duet, with piano 
Pathe559212-in.approximately 1920Mi noche tristeAuguste BoscInstrumental ensemble 
Pathe559312-in.approximately 1920MitzyAuguste BoscInstrumental ensemble 


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