Recordings made Wednesday, September 4, 1935

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorBS-8788710-in.7/10/1935[Re-recording from 0T1527]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8914910-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA200]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915010-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0T1465]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915110-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0T1686]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915210-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0T1685]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915310-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0T1469]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915410-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0T1473]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915510-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from [Gra cat 140-668]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915610-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0TB48]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915710-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA122]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915810-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA96]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-8915910-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from [Gra cat 140-1302]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-8916012-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0T1510]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-8916112-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA158]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-8916212-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA92]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-8916312-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0TB91]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-8916412-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA105]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-8916512-in.9/4/1935[Re-recording from 0GA111]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
Gramophone[Gra cat 140-1302]10-in.before 9/4/1935Bergama (Zeybek)Ismirli RecepMale vocal solo 
Decca3991910-in.9/4/1935Without a word of warningGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca3992010-in.9/4/1935Takes two to make a bargainGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca3992110-in.9/4/1935I wish I were AladdinGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca3992210-in.9/4/1935The devil is afraid of musicGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca9029310-in.9/4/1935Joe Louis bluesCarl Martin  
Decca9029410-in.9/4/1935Let's have a new dealCarl Martin  
Decca9029510-in.9/4/1935Rainy weather bluesWillie B. James  
Decca9029610-in.9/4/1935No good womanWillie B. James  
Decca9029710-in.9/4/1935Detroit specialRed Nelson  
Decca9029810-in.9/4/1935Long ago bluesRed Nelson  
Decca9029910-in.9/4/1935Grand trunk bluesRed Nelson  
Decca9030010-in.9/4/1935Slave man bluesRed Nelson  


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