Recordings made Wednesday, October 27, 1937

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorBS-01472710-in.10/20/1937[Re-recording from 0GA538]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01477810-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from BS-0509]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-01477910-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB527]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478010-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB528]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478110-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB640]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478210-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB406]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478310-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB570]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478410-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB496]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478510-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB567]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478610-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB649]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478710-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB552]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478810-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0TB647]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01478910-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA504]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01479210-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA579]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01479310-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA585]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01479410-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA563]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01479512-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA456]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01479612-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA526]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01479712-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA523]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01479812-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA535]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01479912-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA368]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-01556110-in.10/27/1937I want to be in Winchell's columnGuy Lombardo ; Royal CanadiansJazz/dance band, with male vocal trio 
VictorBS-01556210-in.10/27/1937Sweet someoneCarmen Lombardo ; Guy Lombardo ; Royal CanadiansJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorBS-01556310-in.10/27/1937Ten pretty girlsGuy Lombardo ; Royal CanadiansJazz/dance band, with male vocal trio 
VictorBS-01556410-in.10/27/1937When the organ played "Oh promise me"Carmen Lombardo ; Guy Lombardo ; Royal CanadiansJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorCS-01580012-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA367]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01580112-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA469]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorCS-01580212-in.10/27/1937[Re-recording from 0GA582]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
Gramophone0HL610-in.10/27/1937Mně nemá žádný rádKarel Ctibor ; Antonín Pauch ; František PoupěMale vocal duet, with violin and accordion 
Gramophone0BA217610-in.10/27/1937Se non ci fosse il cinema.....Rodolfo De AngelisMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0RA238810-in.10/27/1937Du kannst von mir alles, alles habenFritz Neumann ; Orchester Will GlahéInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
Decca6272510-in.10/27/1937Just a simple melodyChick Webb Orchestra  
Decca6272610-in.10/27/1937I got a guyChick Webb Orchestra  
Decca6272710-in.10/27/1937Strictly jiveChick Webb Orchestra  
Decca6272810-in.10/27/1937Holiday in HarlemChick Webb Orchestra  
Decca9130110-in.10/27/1937We gonna movePalooka Washboard Band  
Decca9130210-in.10/27/1937BackdoorPalooka Washboard Band  
Decca9130310-in.10/27/1937You done tore your pants with mePalooka Washboard Band  
Decca9130410-in.10/27/1937Save me somePalooka Washboard Band  


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