Recordings made Tuesday, December 14, 1937

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
DeccaDTB 344610-in.12/14/1937Goldilocks and The Three BearsArthur Tracy  
DeccaDTB 344710-in.12/14/1937My waltz for those in loveArthur Tracy  
Decca6305310-in.12/14/1937In a shanty in old shanty townBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305610-in.12/14/1937That little boy of mineBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305110-in.12/14/1937LiesBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305210-in.12/14/1937Drifting and dreamingBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305410-in.12/14/1937Underneath the sunBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305510-in.12/14/1937There is a tavern in the townBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305710-in.12/14/1937Smile, darn ya, smileBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305810-in.12/14/1937I'd love to live in LovelandBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6305910-in.12/14/1937Rockdale ragBar-X Cowboys, The  
Decca6306010-in.12/14/1937When your hair has turned to silverBar-X Cowboys, The  
VictorBAVE-01200410-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937MarechiareDaniele SerraMale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01200510-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937VivereDaniele SerraMale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01200610-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937Torna piccinaDaniele SerraMale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01200710-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937BomboloDaniele SerraMale vocal solo 
VictorCS-01771112-in.12/14/1937Vissi d'arte vissi d'amoreFrances Alda ; Mrs. Jessie DonohueFemale vocal solo, with piano 
Decca6288210-in.12/14/1937Two dreams got togetherGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca6288312-in.12/14/1937Drifting apartGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca6288410-in.12/14/1937You have everythingGlen Gray Orchestra  
Decca6288510-in.12/14/1937I cried for youGlen Gray Orchestra  
DeccaCE 880610-in.12/14/1937Down home ragHarry Roy Orchestra  
DeccaCE 880710-in.12/14/1937Willie the weeperHarry Roy Orchestra  
DeccaCE 880810-in.12/14/1937San Sue strutHarry Roy Orchestra  
Decca6306110-in.12/14/1937Partir a la maison (Going back home)Leo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306210-in.12/14/1937AvalonLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306310-in.12/14/1937Chêre LizaLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306410-in.12/14/1937Going down the road with youLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306510-in.12/14/1937In your heart you love anotherLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306610-in.12/14/1937You had someLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306710-in.12/14/1937Valse d' amourLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306810-in.12/14/1937Embrasse-moi encore (Kiss me again)Leo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6306910-in.12/14/1937Personne m'aime pasLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
Decca6307010-in.12/14/1937La valse de la rosaLeo Soileau's Rhythm Boys ; Leo Soileau  
VictorBS-01771210-in.12/14/1937Coplas de curro dulceLucrezia BoriSoprano vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-01771310-in.12/14/1937Con amores la mi madres (No. 5 from Dos cantares)Lucrezia BoriSoprano vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-01771510-in.12/14/1937Canto andaluzLucrezia BoriSoprano vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-01771410-in.12/14/1937Tomba y leLucrezia BoriSoprano vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBAVE-8062510-in.12/14/1937Depois que você chorouOdette AmaralFemale vocal solo 
Victor8062610-in.12/14/1937É melhor confessar do que mentirOdette AmaralFemale vocal solo 
Victor8062710-in.12/14/1937Carinho de laiáOdette AmaralFemale vocal solo 
Victor8062810-in.12/14/1937Agora é tardeOrlando SilvaMale vocal solo 
Victor8063010-in.12/14/1937Tua belezaOrlando SilvaMale vocal solo 
Victor8062910-in.12/14/1937Abre a janela Orlando SilvaMale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-9399810-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937El cencerroOrquesta Típica Juan D'ArienzoInstrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-9399910-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937Gallo ciegoOrquesta Típica Juan D'ArienzoInstrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-01201410-in.12/14/1937El AfricanoOrquesta Típica Juan D'ArienzoInstrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-01201510-in.12/14/1937La cumparsitaOrquesta Típica Juan D'ArienzoInstrumental ensemble 
VictorBAVE-01200210-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937Copihues rojosRayen QuitralFemale vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-01200310-in.between 12/02/1937 and 12/14/1937Cancion araucanaRayen QuitralFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBS-01770910-in.12/14/1937Hearts without flowersRhythmasters ; Larry WagnerJazz/dance band 
VictorBS-01771010-in.12/14/1937Sneakin' a sleepRhythmasters ; Larry WagnerJazz/dance band 


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