Recordings made Friday, August 26, 1938

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Victor8088110-in.8/26/1938Meu coração a teus pésOrchestra Victor Brasileira ; Orlando SilvaMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Victor8088210-in.8/26/1938Amigo infielOrchestra Victor Brasileira ; Orlando SilvaMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBS-02437810-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA551]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02437910-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA544]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438010-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA672]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438110-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA675]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438210-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA676]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438310-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA621]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438410-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0T1498]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438510-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0T1486]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438610-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA481]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438710-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA123]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438810-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA487]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02438910-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0GA516]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02439010-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0BA1959]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02439110-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0BA1996]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02439210-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0BA2198]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02439310-in.8/12/1938[Re-recording from 0BA2202]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02439410-in.8/12/1938O Vangelēs o bekrēs (Ο Βαγγελης ο μπεκρης)Georges KatsarosMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorBS-02439510-in.8/12/1938Mes' tou manthou ton teke (Μες' του μανθου τον τεκε)Georges KatsarosMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorBS-02439610-in.8/12/1938Egō gia sena xenychtō (Εγω για σενα ξενυχτω)Georges KatsarosMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorBS-02439710-in.8/12/1938Vre manka to machairi sou (Βρε μαγκα το μαχαιρι σου)Georges KatsarosMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorBS-02439810-in.8/12/1938Ean den ēsouna kakia (Εαν δεν ησουνα κακια)Georges KatsarosMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorBS-02439910-in.8/12/1938Pinō kai marazōnō (Πινω και μαραζωνω)Georges KatsarosMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorBS-02484510-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0GA756]Artists vary  
VictorBS-02484610-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0GA758]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02484710-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0GA755]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02484810-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0LA2402]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02484910-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0LA2403]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02485010-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0LA2408]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02485110-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0LA2409]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02485210-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0LA2475]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02485310-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from 0LA2476]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02485410-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from [Vi cat 38227-A]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02485510-in.8/26/1938[Re-recording from [Vi cat 38227]]Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)  
VictorBS-02650110-in.8/12/1938Re-recording from Presto record no. 2Tetos Demetriades (Τετος Δημητριαδης)Re-recording : Instrumental ensemble 
VictorBS-02664910-in.8/26/1938O come all ye faithfulUnidentified vocal quartet (Victor Records) Re-recording : Mixed vocal quartet, with piano 
VictorBS-02665010-in.8/26/1938Hark! The herald angels singUnidentified vocal quartet (Victor Records) Re-recording : Mixed vocal quartet, with piano 
Gramophone0LA240210-in.8/26/1938Dónde está mi amorAlina da Silva ; Rafael MedinaFemale-male vocal duet, with piano and guitars 
Gramophone0BA267010-in.8/26/1938Fontana innamorataOrchestra Gino Dover ; Emilia VeldesFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Decca6448110-in.8/26/1938Why doesn't somebody tell me these things?Russ Morgan’s Orchestra  
Decca6448210-in.8/26/1938Lambeth walkRuss Morgan’s Orchestra  
Decca6448310-in.8/26/1938Old folksRuss Morgan’s Orchestra  
Decca6448410-in.8/26/1938You must have been a beautiful babyRuss Morgan’s Orchestra  


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