Recordings made Wednesday, September 13, 1939

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorBS-03820110-in.6/27/1939Sold AmericanGlenn Miller OrchestraJazz/dance band, with chant 
VictorBS-04142810-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0NA377]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143010-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA626]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143110-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA1826]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143210-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA1833]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143310-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA3719]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143410-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA3718]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143510-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA1608]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143610-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA3809]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143710-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA84]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143810-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0RA87]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04143910-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0NA352]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04144010-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0NA353]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04144110-in.9/13/1939[Re-recording from 0NA376]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04144210-in.9/13/1939Pobre gaviotaDavilita ; Grupo Victoria ; RodríguezInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal duet 
VictorBS-04144310-in.9/13/1939No hay que hablarGrupo Victoria ; Myrta SilvaFemale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble and vocal group 
VictorBS-04144410-in.9/13/1939RomanceDavilita ; Grupo Victoria ; RodríguezInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal duet 
VictorBS-04144510-in.9/13/1939Y algo más tambiénGrupo Victoria ; Myrta SilvaFemale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble and vocal ensemble 
VictorBS-04144610-in.9/13/1939El buen borincanoDavilita ; Grupo Victoria ; RodríguezInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal duet 
VictorBS-04144710-in.9/13/1939SinceridadDavilita ; Grupo Victoria ; RodríguezInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal duet 
VictorPBS-04210210-in.9/13/1939Ave MariaGiuseppe Bamboschek ; Jeanette MacDonaldSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorPBS-04210310-in.9/13/1939Les filles de CadizJeanette MacDonaldSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBS-04267510-in.9/13/1939I'll rememberCliff NazarroComic monologue, with organ 
VictorBS-04267610-in.9/13/1939How to learn to tap danceCliff NazarroComic monologue with piano 
Decca6642410-in.9/13/1939Japanese sandman (Instrumental)Rice Brothers Gang  
Decca6642510-in.9/13/1939NagasakiRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6642610-in.9/13/1939Lovelight in the starlightRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6642710-in.9/13/1939Down yonder (Instrumental)Rice Brothers Gang  
Decca6642810-in.9/13/1939Alabama jubileeRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6642910-in.9/13/1939They cut down the old pine treeRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643010-in.9/13/1939I cried for youRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643110-in.9/13/1939I wish you were jealous of meRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643210-in.9/13/1939You are my sunshineRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643310-in.9/13/1939Is it true what they say about DixieRice Brothers Gang  
Decca664349/13/1939Sweetheart wait for meRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643510-in.9/13/1939Won't you come back to meRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643610-in.9/13/1939It made you happy when you made me cryRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643710-in.9/13/1939Girl of my dreamsRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643810-in.9/13/1939Oh SusannahRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6643910-in.9/13/1939You've got to see Daddy ev'ry nightRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6644010-in.9/13/1939In a shanty in old shanty townRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6644110-in.9/13/1939At the close of a long, long dayRice Brothers Gang  
Decca6656810-in.9/13/1939Silent night, Holy nightDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6656910-in.9/13/1939Hark! The herald angels singDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657010-in.9/13/1939The first NowellDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657110-in.9/13/1939O come all ye faithfulDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657210-in.9/13/1939HatikvohDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657312-in.9/13/1939Hebrew melodyDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657412-in.9/13/1939Kol NidreiDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657510-in.9/13/1939Eili EiliDecca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657610-in.9/13/1939My heart at Thy sweet voice (Samson and Delilah, Act 2)Decca Salon Orchestra  
Decca6657710-in.9/13/1939Gaucho lament (Duelo criollo)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6657810-in.9/13/1939Sweet torment (Dulce Amargura)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6657910-in.9/13/1939Mornings of Montmartre (Mananitas de MontmartreNano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658010-in.9/13/1939JealousyNano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658110-in.9/13/1939While the tango plays (Mientra llora el tango)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658210-in.9/13/1939The wagon driver (El carrerito)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658310-in.9/13/1939Ingratitude (Malevaje)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658410-in.9/13/1939The circus girl (La muchacha del circo)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658510-in.9/13/1939Soul of the bandoneon (Alma del bandoneon)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca6658610-in.9/13/1939Have pity (Piedad)Nano Rodrigo Orchestra  
Decca9175110-in.9/13/1939New mistake in lifeRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9175210-in.9/13/1939We will never make the gradeRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9175310-in.9/13/1939I've made a changeRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9175410-in.9/13/1939Concentration bluesRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9175510-in.9/13/1939New style bluesRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9175610-in.9/13/1939Unlucky 13 bluesRoosevelt Sykes  
Decca9175710-in.9/13/1939Streamline bluesJohnnie Temple  
Decca9175810-in.9/13/1939Good Suzie (Rusty knees)Johnnie Temple  
Decca9175910-in.9/13/1939Down in MississippiJohnnie Temple  
Decca9176010-in.9/13/1939Evil bad womanJohnnie Temple  
Decca9176110-in.9/13/1939Cherry ballJohnnie Temple  
Decca9176210-in.9/13/1939Let's get togetherJohnnie Temple  
Decca9176310-in.9/13/1939Army bound bluesBill Gaither  
Decca9176410-in.9/13/1939Sing Sing bluesBill Gaither  
Decca9176510-in.9/13/1939Kentland bluesBill Gaither  
Decca9176610-in.9/13/1939Lazy woman bluesBill Gaither  
Decca9176710-in.9/13/1939See me grieve bluesBill Gaither  
Decca9176810-in.9/13/1939Wintertime bluesBill Gaither  


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