Recordings made Wednesday, November 8, 1939

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Victor03325410-in.11/8/1939Tive um prazerCiro MonteiroMale vocal solo 
Victor03325510-in.11/8/1939Chamei pelo teu nomeCiro MonteiroMale vocal solo 
Victor03325610-in.11/8/1939PerdoaCinara RiosFemale vocal solo 
Victor03325710-in.11/8/1939Iracema século XXOs PinguinsVocal and instrumental ensemble 
Victor03325810-in.11/8/1939A galinha comeuOs PinguinsVocal and instrumental ensemble 
VictorPBS-04222510-in.11/8/1939St. Louis bluesHall Johnson ChoirMixed vocal chorus 
VictorPBS-04222710-in.11/8/1939Deep riverHall Johnson ChoirMixed vocal chorus 
VictorCS-04279812-in.11/8/1939LouiseHazel Glenn ; S. SchlüsselSoprano vocal solo 
VictorBS-04316310-in.11/8/1939[Re-recording from 0SB962]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04316410-in.11/8/1939[Re-recording from 0SB963]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04316510-in.11/8/1939[Re-recording from 0EA258]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04316610-in.11/8/1939[Re-recording from 0NA259]Alfredo Cibelli  
VictorBS-04407910-in.11/8/1939Ready for rhythmTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408010-in.11/8/1939I got a big surprise for youTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408110-in.11/8/1939I'll try to forgetTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408210-in.11/8/1939Don't forget itTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408310-in.11/8/1939My two womenTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408410-in.11/8/1939Sweet mellow woman bluesTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408510-in.11/8/1939Dangerous woman bluesTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
VictorBS-04408610-in.11/8/1939I don't care no moreTampa RedMale vocal solo, with guitar, piano, and string bass 
Decca6647310-in.11/8/1939Watching youWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6647410-in.11/8/1939You'll be my closest neighborWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6647510-in.11/8/1939Sunny side of lifeWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6647610-in.11/8/1939that's the way with a broken heartWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6647710-in.11/8/1939An old log cabin for saleWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6647810-in.11/8/1939It's Alcatraz for meWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6647910-in.11/8/1939Gosh! i miss you all the timeWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648010-in.11/8/1939Answer to budded rosesWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648110-in.11/8/1939Let me travel alongWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648210-in.11/8/1939Tell my mother I'll meet herWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648310-in.11/8/1939I'll meet you in the morningWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648410-in.11/8/1939Turn your radio onWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648510-in.11/8/1939Ridin' on my saviour's trainWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648610-in.11/8/1939Don't be knockin'Whitey and Hogan  
Decca6648710-in.11/8/1939I've changed my mindWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648810-in.11/8/1939I can tell you the timeWhitey and Hogan  
Decca6648910-in.11/8/1939Roumanian dances: Sirba fetitilorJancu Borlea Carlig  
Decca6649010-in.11/8/1939Roumanian dances: Doina olteanuluiJancu Borlea Carlig  
Decca6649110-in.11/8/1939Russian dances: ChrysanthemumsJancu Borlea Carlig  
Decca6649210-in.11/8/1939Russian dances: Cossack danceJancu Borlea Carlig  
Decca6649310-in.11/8/1939Hungarian dances: Egy ablaknalJancu Borlea Carlig  
Decca6649410-in.11/8/1939Hungarian dances: Csardas sceneJancu Borlea Carlig  
Decca6683910-in.11/8/1939Brother my way seems cloudyBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684010-in.11/8/1939Don't feel no ways tiredBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684110-in.11/8/1939My Lord's a rock in the weary landBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684210-in.11/8/1939In my dying roomBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684310-in.11/8/1939How we got overBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684410-in.11/8/1939I don't know what I'd do without the LordBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684510-in.11/8/1939When I grow old and feebleBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684610-in.11/8/1939God don't like itBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684710-in.11/8/1939Fire down yonderBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684810-in.11/8/1939I want two wingsBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6684910-in.11/8/1939I wonder if my name is writtenBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6685010-in.11/8/1939Were you there when they crucified my Lord?Belmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6685110-in.11/8/1939I'm the Light of the WorldBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6685210-in.11/8/1939Wade in the water and be baptizedBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6685310-in.11/8/1939Wade in the water and be baptizedBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  
Decca6685410-in.11/8/1939I'm moving up home somedayBelmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers  


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