Recordings made Friday, December 31, 1948

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Gramophone0GA136310-in.1948Xaititze (Ξαιτιτζε)Stella Haskil (Στελλα Χασκιλ)Female vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA138610-in.1948To teleutaio tram (Το τελευταιο τραμ)Tōnis Maroudas (Τωνης Μαρουδας) ; N. Papadakis (Ν. Παπαδακης) ; M. Souyioul (Μ. Σουγιουλ)Male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA138710-in.1948Zakynthines melōdies (Ζακυνθινες μελωδιες)Tōnis Maroudas (Τωνης Μαρουδας) ; Orchestra M. Souyioul (Ορχηστρα Μ. Σουγιουλ) ; N. Papadakis (Ν. Παπαδακης)Male vocal duet 
Gramophone0GA139010-in.1948Magissa pou gnōrises polla (Μαγισσα που γνωρισες πολλα)Iōanna Geōrgakopoulou (Ιωαννα Γεωργακοπουλου) ; Laikē Orchēstra (Λαϊκή Ορχήστρα) ; Prodromos Tsaousakis (Προδρομος Τσαουσακης) ; Vasilēs Tsitsanēs (Βασιλης Τσιτσανης)Vocal trio, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA139110-in.1948Ennoia sou kai tha mou to plērōsēs (Εννοια σου και θα μου το πληρωσης)Iōanna Geōrgakopoulou (Ιωαννα Γεωργακοπουλου) ; Laikē Orchēstra (Λαϊκή Ορχήστρα) ; Prodromos Tsaousakis (Προδρομος Τσαουσακης) ; Vasilēs Tsitsanēs (Βασιλης Τσιτσανης)Vocal trio, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA139410-in.1948Ē gerakina (Η γερακινα)Iōanna Geōrgakopoulou (Ιωαννα Γεωργακοπουλου) ; Laikē Orchēstra (Λαϊκή Ορχήστρα) ; Vasilēs Tsitsanēs (Βασιλης Τσιτσανης)Female-male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA139510-in.1948Pare me Marō pare me (Παρε με Μαρω παρε με)Iōanna Geōrgakopoulou (Ιωαννα Γεωργακοπουλου) ; Laikē Orchēstra (Λαϊκή Ορχήστρα) ; Vasilēs Tsitsanēs (Βασιλης Τσιτσανης)Female-male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA143310-in.1948Physa ageri, physa ageri (Φυσα αγερι, φυσα αγερι)Stellakēs Perpiniadēs (Στελλάκης Περπινιάδης) ; Ellē Sōphroniou (Ελλη Σωφρoνιου)Female-male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone0GA143410-in.1948To omorphopaido (Το ομορφοπαιδο)Sōtēria Bellou (Σωτηρία Μπέλλου) ; Stelios Kēromytēs (Στέλιοσ Κερομύτης) ; Stellakēs Perpiniadēs (Στελλάκης Περπινιάδης)Mixed vocal trio 
OdeonGO400910-in.approximately 1948Η σατραπισσαMarkos Vamvakarēs (Μαρκος Βαμβακαρης)Female-male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
OdeonGO405410-in.approximately 1948Ο ξενιτυμένοςDēmētrēs Perdikopoulos (Δημήτρης Περδικοπουλος)Male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
Apex1095010-in.1948Honest JohnDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Apex1095110-in.1948Mississippi sawyerDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Decca7466212/31/1948Sweet Georgia BrownGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7466312/31/1948Down by the stationGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
DeccaSRC 66510-in.approximately 1947-1948CaravanRay Linn Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 66710-in.approximately 1947-1948Tea timeRay Linn Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 68910-in.approximately 1947-1948Lord I can't say noRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69010-in.approximately 1947-1948Little old churchRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69110-in.approximately 1947-1948Take it or leave it alongRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69210-in.approximately 1947-1948Your worries don't bother meRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69310-in.approximately 1947-1948This morning, this evening so soonRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69410-in.approximately 1947-1948Who cares what becomes of meRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69510-in.approximately 1947-1948Why tryRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69610-in.approximately 1947-1948The cowboy boogieRed Woodward  
DeccaSRC 69710-in.approximately 1947-1948Tea leavesAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 69810-in.approximately 1947-1948Just naiveAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 69910-in.approximately 1947-1948My happinessAlan Dale  
DeccaSRC 70010-in.approximately 1947-1948Just becauseBill George  
DeccaSRC 70110-in.approximately 1947-1948You go to my headBill George  
DeccaSRC 70210-in.approximately 1947-1948Someday (You'll want me to want you)Acqua String Band  
DeccaSRC 70310-in.approximately 1947-1948Yes, we have no bananasAcqua String Band  
DeccaSRC 70410-in.approximately 1947-1948The mountains ain't mountains anymoreJohnny Engro Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 70510-in.approximately 1947-1948The bathtub ran over againJohnny Engro Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 70610-in.approximately 1947-1948Mary LouJohnny Engro Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 70710-in.approximately 1947-1948Doodle de doJohnny Engro Orchestra  
DeccaSRC 70810-in.approximately 1947-1948Lead kindly lightWilson Woodbeck  
DeccaSRC 70910-in.approximately 1947-1948Abide with meWilson Woodbeck  
DeccaSRC 71010-in.approximately 1947-1948The Lord's prayerWilson Woodbeck  
DeccaSRC 71110-in.approximately 1947-1948Bless this houseWilson Woodbeck  
DeccaSRC 71210-in.approximately 1947-1948Scandalized my nameWilson Woodbeck  
DeccaSRC 71310-in.approximately 1947-1948Honor! Honor!Wilson Woodbeck  
DeccaSRC 71410-in.approximately 1947-1948Love ain't goodJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 71510-in.approximately 1947-1948Cowboy jamboreeJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 71610-in.approximately 1947-1948You've been so good to me DaddyJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 71710-in.approximately 1947-1948Lost my babyJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 71810-in.approximately 1947-1948Regular manJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 71910-in.approximately 1947-1948I wish I had a pennyJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72010-in.approximately 1947-1948The J. White bluesJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72110-in.approximately 1947-1948I hadn't anyone till youJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72210-in.approximately 1947-1948Baby, won't you please come homeJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72310-in.approximately 1947-1948Dream houseJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72410-in.approximately 1947-1948There's a small hotelJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72510-in.approximately 1947-1948Let's do itJeri Sullivan  
DeccaSRC 72610-in.approximately 1947-1948Serenade in blueRay Eberle  
DeccaSRC 72710-in.approximately 1947-1948When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' alongRay Eberle  
DeccaSRC 72810-in.approximately 1947-1948We just couldn't say goodbyeRay Eberle  
DeccaSRC 72910-in.approximately 1947-1948Easy rideRay Eberle  
DeccaSRC 73410-in.approximately 1947-1948Hora staccatoAlan Schackner  
DeccaSRC 73510-in.approximately 1947-1948When day is doneAlan Schackner  
DeccaSRC 73610-in.approximately 1947-1948El cumbancheroAlan Schackner  
DeccaSRC 73710-in.approximately 1947-1948By the firesideAlan Schackner  
DeccaSRC 73810-in.approximately 1947-1948My baby likes be bopAnita O'Day  
DeccaSRC 73910-in.approximately 1947-1948Sabre danceLiberace  
DeccaSRC 74010-in.approximately 1947-1948Tica ticoLiberace  
DeccaSRC 74110-in.approximately 1947-1948I don't careLiberace  
DeccaSRC 74210-in.approximately 1947-1948September songLiberace  
DeccaSRC 74310-in.approximately 1947-1948Liberace boogieLiberace  
DeccaSRC 77410-in.approximately 1947-1948Tea for twoLiberace  
DeccaSRC 77510-in.approximately 1947-1948Twelfth Street ragLiberace  
DeccaSRC 77610-in.approximately 1947-1948MalaguenaLiberace  
DeccaSRC 77710-in.approximately 1947-1948TraumereiLiberace  
DeccaSRC 77810-in.approximately 1947-1948TemptationLiberace  
DeccaSRC 77910-in.approximately 1947-1948White ChristmasLiberace  
DeccaSRC 78010-in.approximately 1948Servant's prayerNegro Spiritual Group  
DeccaSRC 78110-in.approximately 1948Savior don't pass me byNegro Spiritual Group  
DeccaSRC 79010-in.1948Just a closer walk with TheeSons of Harmony  
DeccaSRC 79110-in.1948Dry bones-1Sons of Harmony  
DeccaSRC 79210-in.approximately 1947-1948My God called me one morningPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 79310-in.approximately 1947-1948I'm goin' find myself a resting placePerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 79410-in.approximately 1947-1948Jesus prayed for you and IPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 79510-in.approximately 1947-1948Uncloudy dayPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 79610-in.approximately 1947-1948Move up a little higherPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 79710-in.approximately 1947-1948Thinking of a friendPerformer(s) (unidentified; Signature Records)  
DeccaSRC 81310-in.approximately 1947-1948Underneath the archesThe Westonians  
DeccaSRC 81410-in.approximately 1947-1948Ev'ry day I love youThe Westonians  
DeccaSRC 81510-in.approximately 1947-1948Hair of goldThe Westonians  
DeccaSRC 81610-in.approximately 1947-1948Cool waterThe Westonians  
Decca[Signature cat 15242[a]]10-in.1948Am I asking too muchThe Cleartones  
Decca[Signature cat 15242[a]]10-in.1948Cielito lindoThe Cleartones  
Decca[Signature cat 15244[a]]10-in.approximately 1948Trumpet timeRay Anthony Orchestra  
Decca[Signature cat 15244[b]]10-in.approximately 1948The man with the hornRay Anthony Orchestra  
Decca[Signature cat 15250[a]]10-in.approximately 1948Passing fancyRonnie Deauville ; Ray Anthony Orchestra  
Decca[Signature cat 15250[b]]10-in.approximately 1948Peace of mindRonnie Deauville ; Ray Anthony Orchestra  
DeccaFO 232110-in.late 1948Comme ci, comme çaMaurice Chevalier  
DeccaFO 232210-in.late 1948[Unknown title(s)]Maurice Chevalier  
DeccaFO 232310-in.late 1948Ma belle MargueriteMaurice Chevalier  
DeccaCE 12220between 1946 and 1948EspanaSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12221between 1946 and 1948EstudiantinaSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 12222between 1946 and 1948JalousieSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1229710-in.between 1946 and 1948Killarney in the SpringDenis Martin  
DeccaCE 1232210-in.between 1946 and 1948Sabre danceSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1232310-in.between 1946 and 1948Caribbean capriceSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1234610-in.between 1946 and 1948My Lagan loveDenis Martin  
DeccaCE 1237110-in.between 1946 and 1948Rose, Rose, I love youMalcolm Mitchell Trio  
DeccaCE 1237210-in.between 1946 and 1948Easy come, easy goMalcolm Mitchell Trio  
DeccaFO 833261948Nel blu dipinto di bluDomenico Modugno  


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