Recordings made Monday, December 31, 1956

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorG2ZB-096010-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2260]Artists vary  
VictorG2ZB-096110-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2297]Artists vary  
VictorG2ZB-096210-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2298]Artists vary  
VictorG2ZB-098310-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2296]Artists vary  
VictorG2ZB-098410-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2069]Artists vary  
VictorG2ZB-334610-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2262]Artists vary  
VictorG2ZB-334710-in.1956[Re-recording from 0GA2265]Artists vary  
Decca897741956CondemnedJohn Laurenz  
Decca897751956[Unknown title(s)]John Laurenz  
Decca897761956What about tomorrow?John Laurenz  
Decca897771956[Unknown title(s)]John Laurenz  
Decca89999approximately 1956A frantic anticThe Yellow Jackets  
Decca1017951956MalaguenaGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1017961956Sur le canal Saint-MartinGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1017971956Tango mandolineGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1017981956DomaniGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1017991956Love & marriageGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018001956Ma chère amie (Quand vient la nuit)Gerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018011956L'amour te tire par la mancheGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018021956El soldado de levitaGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018031956CollectionGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018041956Les baisers de ParisGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018051956Tango blancGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1018061956Les amants d'un jourGerard Calvi Orchestra  
Decca1020881956Dors, mon p'tit garsPierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020891956La rose tatouée (The rose tatoo)Pierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020901956Apèrs l'amour (After love)Pierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020911956Toi, je t'aimeraiPierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020921956Ceux qui m'ont quittéPierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020931956L'ombrelle et le parapluiePierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020941956Seul à seulPierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020951956Moonglow (Fièvres)Pierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020961956InnamorataPierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020971956Dieu magique (To love again)Pierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020981956First lovePierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1020991956Si vous rêvezPierre Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca1025061954-1956Cha cha cha no.5Benny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025071954-1956Le cha cha chaBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025081954-1956Mambo bacanBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025091954-1956Mephisto mamboBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025101954-1956Mambo JamayBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025111954-1956Cao cao mani picaoBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025121954-1956Mambo c'est rosseBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025131954-1956Cha cha cha in blueBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025141954-1956L'etranger au paradis (Stranger in paradise)Benny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025151954-1956Amour, castagnettes et mamboBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025161954-1956CaracolesBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025171954-1956Senor cha cha chaBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025181954-1956Cha cha cha MademoiselleBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025191954-1956Por favorBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025201954-1956Jambo jiveBenny Bennet Orchestra  
Decca1025211954-1956Bajito assiBenny Bennet Orchestra  
DeccaDG-DU 11461956Blue boleroWerner Müller Orchestra  
DeccaDG-DU 11471956Valse baccaratWerner Müller Orchestra  
DeccaDG-DU 11481956Monte Carlo melodiesWerner Müller Orchestra  
DeccaDG-DU 11491956BistroWerner Müller Orchestra  
DeccaDU 1270approximately 1956You too, you tooCaterina Valente  
DeccaDGG 18891956 or earlierMarch of CarinthiaHanns Steinkopf Military Band  
DeccaDGG 22551956 or earlierMarch of the RegimentHanns Steinkopf Military Band  
DeccaDGG 27101956 or earlierMarch of the NiebelungenHanns Steinkopf Military Band  
DeccaDGG 39981956 or earlierWiegenlied (Schlafe, mein Prinzchen)Werner Müller Orchestra  
Decca4119KK1956 or earlierHoliday in the AlpsRudi (Rudy) Knabl Orchestra  
Decca4120KK1956 or earlierGarden carnivalRudi (Rudy) Knabl Orchestra  
DeccaDGG 42601956 or earlierGive me sympathyHelmut Zacharias Orchestra  
Decca4296KK1956 or earlierEcho idyllAlfons Bauer Orchestra  
Decca4550KK1956 or earlierThe green IsarAlfons Bauer Orchestra  
Decca4551KK1956 or earlierMountains and valleysAlfons Bauer Orchestra  
Decca48401956 or earlierThe little pewit birdBarnabáš von Géczy Orchestra  
Decca5227/KK1956Terry's theme from LimelightHelmut Zacharias Orchestra  
Decca5584KK1956 or earlierSwiss boyCedric Dumont Orchestra  
Decca5585KK1956 or earlierSwiss girlCedric Dumont Orchestra  
Decca5636KK1956 or earlierBe good to meMona Baptiste  
DeccaDGG 62541956My heart is a violinHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDU 6287approximately 1956A student passes byWerner Müller Orchestra  
DeccaDGG 63001956CharmaineHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 6360KK1956 or earlierGrand Duke of BadenGrosser Kurfurst (Military) Band, The  
DeccaDGG 63821956China boogieHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 63831956Bells and little bellsHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 63861956Chanson d'amourHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 65411956 or earlierSlap happy (polka)Helmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 65861956 or earlierAddia amoreHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 67091956 or earlierMarch of the parachutistsBand of the Guides  
DeccaDGG 67101956 or earlierBelgic Congo marchBand of the Guides  
DeccaDGG 67171956 or earlierThe red devils (Marche des Diables Rouges)Band of the Guides  
Decca6719KK1956 or earlierIt's been a long, long timeMona Baptiste  
DeccaDGG 67811956 or earlierSkaters' waltzHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 68231956 or earlierMemories are made of thisFreddy and his Collibris  
DeccaDGG 68531956 or earlierSpanish violinsHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 68661956 or earlierRumbangoMona Baptiste  
DeccaDGG 70461956 or earlierThe greatest adventure of themMona Baptiste  
DeccaDGG 7213approximately 1956Endless nightFreddy and his Collibris  
DeccaDGG 72611956 or earlierParis at night (Paris la nuit)Helmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 72621956 or earlierUna casa portuguesaHelmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins  
DeccaDGG 488861956 or earlierSpeak to me of loveHelmut Zacharias Orchestra  
DeccaDGG 534431956 or earlierRotary marchBand of the Guides  
DeccaDGG 544811956 or earlierO, du Fröhliche, O du seligeBavarian Radio Chorus  
DeccaDGG 544821956 or earlierStille nacht, heilige nacht (Silent night, Holy night)Bavarian Radio Chorus  
DeccaDGG 544831956 or earlierO TannenbaumBavarian Radio Chorus  
DeccaDGG 544841956 or earlierSweeter the bells have neverBavarian Radio Chorus  
DeccaDGG 544851956 or earlierFrom heaven above to earthBavarian Radio Chorus  
DeccaDGG 548891956Hungarian rhapsody No.2 (Liszt)The Original Budapest Gypsy Orchestra  
DeccaDGG5481911956 or earlierBonjour, CatherineCaterina Valente  


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