Victor matrix BAVE-44376. Ordinarios / Compañía Victor de Comedias

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.) offers a service to search for specific items in its WorldCat database. WorldCat is "the world's largest network of library content and services." Thousands of libraries add their cataloged holdings to WorldCat. However, while WorldCat includes cataloging for thousands of 78-rpm and LP recordings, only a fraction of historical recordings published are represented in WorldCat.

The majority of books and other print materials cataloged in WorldCat include lists of specific libraries which hold the materials. Unfortunately, this is not the case with 78‑rpm recordings in WorldCat. Many libraries have not added their 78‑rpm holdings to OCLC's databases.

In addition, while catalog records for 78-rpm discs indexed in the Rigler-Deutsch Index once included holdings, they were excluded from the WorldCat database by OCLC.

Presently, we are only able to include only titles and performers in the WorldCat search link. Record label names and numbers are not searchable through WorldCat's public service at this time. Results of searches may include recordings of the same title and performer which did not derive from Victor masters. The results of this search cannot yield every 78‑rpm master included on a published recording. As a result, search results may be very useful for locating recordings, but they are not comprehensive.

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