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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner649[a]7-in.1/17/1898The 91st psalmDwight Lyman MoodyRecitation 
Berliner5687-in.12/4/1896IsabelleMaud FosterContralto vocal solo 
Berliner42697-in.Before Apr. 1899Big bellAncient City QuartetteMale vocal quartet 
Berliner013047-in.Before June 1900Doan ye cry mah honeyHaydn Quartet ; Fred RycroftMale vocal solo, with male vocal quartet and chorus 
Berliner013037-in.Before June 1900Annie LaurieHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner013027-in.Before June 1900My lady LouHaydn Quartet ; Harry MacdonoughMale vocal quartet, with male vocal solo 
Berliner012977-in.May 1900I’ve got chicken on de brainArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012967-in.May 1900My Susie-anna from LouisianaArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012957-in.May 1900Hannah’s a hummerArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012947-in.May 1900The rag-time hymnArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012927-in.May 1900Mammy’s Carolina twinsArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012917-in.May 1900Ma tiger lilyArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012907-in.May 1900I’ve just received a telegram from babyArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012897-in.May 1900Mandy LeeArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012887-in.May 1900Tell me that you love me SueArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012867-in.5/3/1900Jolly fellowsMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012857-in.Before June 1900Suwaunee riverMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012837-in.Before June 1900Trolley car galopMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012807-in.Before June 1900Admiral Dewey's arrival in New York HarborMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012827-in.Before June 1900The Limited ExpressMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012797-in.Before June 1900Come ye disconsolateSamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner012787-in.Before June 1900I love you in the same old waySamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner012767-in.Before June 1900Home, sweet homeSamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner012757-in.4/28/1900Cantique de NoelE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012737-in.4/28/1900Léonore, viens, j'abandonneE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012727-in.4/28/1900MadrigalE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012717-in.4/28/1900Les rameauxE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012687-in.4/28/1900The lost chordE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012677-in.4/28/1900CalvaryE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012667-in.4/28/1900The Holy CityE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012657-in.4/27/1900Unchain the dogs of warOriginal Lyric TrioMixed vocal trio 
Berliner012637-in.4/27/1900The flowers that bloom in the spring Original Lyric TrioMixed vocal trio 
Berliner012627-in.4/27/1900H.M.S. Pinafore : SelectionOriginal Lyric TrioMixed vocal trio 
Berliner012607-in.4/27/1900The torpedo and the whaleOriginal Lyric TrioMixed vocal trio 
Berliner012597-in.Apr. 1900Armorer's song George BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012577-in.Apr. 1900Gypsy love songGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012587-in.Apr. 1900War is a bountiful jadeGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012557-in.Apr. 1900Thy sentinel am I George BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012537-in.Apr. 1900Beer songGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012457-in.4/15/1900Ain't you my LuluWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012427-in.4/15/1900When I think of youWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012417-in.4/25/1900Just when I needed you most Will F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012407-in.4/20/1900For I want to be a soldierS. H. DudleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012387-in.4/20/1900The man behind the gunS. H. DudleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012377-in.4/20/1900The Sousa girlS. H. DudleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012347-in.4/19/1900The home over thereHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner012337-in.4/19/1900A trip to the county fairHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner012297-in.4/19/1900Good nightHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner012307-in.4/19/1900Almost persuadedHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner012287-in.4/21/1900Belle of the WestEmil KenekeCornet solo 

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