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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner80137-in.[Renumbering of 3448]   
Berliner3007-in.Apr. 1892Attila : AllegroArtists varyClarinet solo 
Berliner3117-in.6/12/1892IntroductionArtists varyClarinet solo 
Berliner2057-in.6/20/1892Call me thy ownInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Cornet solo 
Berliner2567-in.11/17/1892GeisterfunkenFrederick William GaisbergPiano solo 
Berliner6007-in.8/23/1894The village blacksmithDavid C. BangsRecitation 
Berliner4137-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Caddo, no. 15James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner4107-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Arrapahoe no. 73James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner4097-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Caddo no. 12James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner4087-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Arrapahoe no. 28James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner4067-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Arrapahoe no. 47James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner4077-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Arrapahoe no. 9James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner517-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Three melodies from the Ghost DanceJames MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner507-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Three melodies from the Ghost DanceJames MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner527-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Three melodies from the Ghost DanceJames MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner4117-in.July 1894- Aug. 1894Arrapahoe no. 44James MooneyMale vocal solo 
Berliner1757-in.9/5/1894My old Kentucky homeArtists varyMale vocal solo 
Berliner2117-in.9/8/1894Cloverleaf polkaInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Cornet solo 
Berliner1587-in.9/13/1894Sweet MarieArtists varyMale vocal solo 
Berliner8517-in.9/21/1894Blind TomArtists varyMale vocal quartet 
Berliner1967-in.10/8/1894Whistling coonArtists varyMale vocal solo 
Berliner177-in.10/21/1894AphroditeBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner8087-in.10/29/1894Circus bandInstrumental quartet (unidentified; Berliner Records)Instrumental quintet 
Berliner705[a]7-in.10/30/1894The spirit of ’76Drum and fife corps (unidentified; Berliner Records)Descriptive scene 
Berliner7057-in.10/30/1894The spirit of ’76Drum and fife corps (unidentified; Berliner Records)Drum and fife corps 
Berliner3657-in.11/2/1894PunchinelloGrace McCullochFemale vocal solo 
Berliner2497-in.11/3/1894Short and sweetInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Cornet duet 
Berliner2487-in.11/3/1894The Swiss boyInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Cornet duet 
Berliner2427-in.11/3/1894Alpine polkaInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Cornet duet 
Berliner2417-in.11/3/1894Boston bellesArtists varyCornet duet (takes of 11/3/1894 and 2/10/1897); Cornet solo (takes of 1/12/1897 and 8/24/1897) 
Berliner2437-in.11/3/1894La palomaInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Cornet duet 
Berliner3647-in.11/8/1894Come wandering heartMrs. BurneFemale vocal solo 
Berliner9027-in.11/20/1894The sword of Bunker HillSamuel RossMale vocal solo 
Berliner207-in.11/21/1894Mendelssohn's wedding marchArtists varyBand 
Berliner8117-in.12/20/1894Farewell from homeInstrumental quartet (unidentified; Berliner Records)Instrumental quartet 
Berliner8557-in.Before 1895Negroes’ holidayVocal quartet (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Vocal quartet 
Berliner8537-in.Before 1895Grandfather’s birthdayArtists varyMale vocal quartet 
Berliner8077-in.Before 1895Die KapelleInstrumental quartet (unidentified; Berliner Records)Instrumental quintet 
Berliner8067-in.Before 1895King JohnInstrumental quartet (unidentified; Berliner Records)Instrumental quartet 
Berliner7537-in.Before 1895I know a bankVocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Vocal duet 
Berliner7527-in.Before 1895Every day will be Sunday bye and byeVocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Vocal duet 
Berliner7007-in.Before 1895Biddy OatesDrum and fife corps (unidentified; Berliner Records)Drum and fife corps 
Berliner6027-in.Before 1895Marc Anthony's curseDavid C. BangsRecitation 
Berliner5527-in.Before 1895Oh, promise meArtists varyFemale vocal solo 
Berliner5507-in.Before 1895Beauty's eyesContralto vocalist (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Records)Female vocal solo 
Berliner4007-in.Before 1895Parshe zavVocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Vocal solo 
Berliner3637-in.Before 1895Tell her I love her soSoprano vocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Records)Female vocal solo 
Berliner3627-in.Before 1895Some daySoprano vocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Records)Female vocal solo 
Berliner3567-in.Before 1895Love’s sorrowSoprano vocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Records)Female vocal solo 
Berliner3557-in.Before 1895The star spangled bannerSoprano vocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Records)Female vocal solo 

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