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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner011397-in.approximately 1900The New York "400" BandKendle's First Regiment BandBand 
Berliner013047-in.Before June 1900Doan ye cry mah honeyHaydn Quartet ; Fred RycroftMale vocal solo, with male vocal quartet and chorus 
Berliner013037-in.Before June 1900Annie LaurieHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner013027-in.Before June 1900My lady LouHaydn Quartet ; Harry MacdonoughMale vocal quartet, with male vocal solo 
Berliner012977-in.May 1900I’ve got chicken on de brainArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012967-in.May 1900My Susie-anna from LouisianaArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012957-in.May 1900Hannah’s a hummerArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012947-in.May 1900The rag-time hymnArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012927-in.May 1900Mammy’s Carolina twinsArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012917-in.May 1900Ma tiger lilyArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012907-in.May 1900I’ve just received a telegram from babyArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012897-in.May 1900Mandy LeeArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012887-in.May 1900Tell me that you love me SueArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012857-in.Before June 1900Suwaunee riverMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012837-in.Before June 1900Trolley car galopMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012807-in.Before June 1900Admiral Dewey's arrival in New York HarborMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012827-in.Before June 1900The Limited ExpressMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012797-in.Before June 1900Come ye disconsolateSamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner012787-in.Before June 1900I love you in the same old waySamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner012767-in.Before June 1900Home, sweet homeSamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner09847-in.Before June 1900A la lunaE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner09837-in.Before June 1900Me 'gustan todasE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner09817-in.Before June 1900Caballero de graciaE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner09807-in.Before June 1900La palomaE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner09797-in.Before June 1900Non è verE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner09267-in.Before June 1900InflammatusHerbert L. ClarkeCornet solo 
Berliner09047-in.Before June 1900Morning on the farmProf. BockMonologue 
Berliner02177-in.Before June 1900Gypsy love songSimone MantiaEuphonium solo 
Berliner013017-in.Before June 1900Sweet and lowHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner012987-in.May 1900I’ll make dat black gal love meArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012847-in.Before June 1900The night alarmMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012777-in.Before June 1900Cradle songSamuel SiegelMandolin solo 
Berliner09827-in.Before June 1900El café de Puerto RicoE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner012937-in.May 1900Pliney come kiss your honeyArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner012877-in.5/7/1900Peculiar experiencesGeorge GrahamComic monologue 
Berliner012867-in.5/3/1900Jolly fellowsMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner012597-in.Apr. 1900Armorer's song George BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012577-in.Apr. 1900Gypsy love songGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012587-in.Apr. 1900War is a bountiful jadeGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012557-in.Apr. 1900Thy sentinel am I George BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012537-in.Apr. 1900Beer songGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner012087-in.Apr. 1900Who dat say chicken in dis crowd? (Medley)Sousa's BandBand 
Berliner012077-in.Apr. 1900The ameer : SelectionSousa's BandBand 
Berliner012057-in.Apr. 1900Cyrano de Bergerac : MarchSousa's BandBand 
Berliner012047-in.Apr. 1900’A frangesa marchSousa's BandBand 
Berliner012027-in.Apr. 1900The golden weddingSousa's BandBand 
Berliner012017-in.Apr. 1900Hula, hula cake-walkSousa's BandBand 
Berliner011997-in.Apr. 1900The mosquito paradeSousa's BandBand 
Berliner012007-in.Apr. 1900Listen to my tale of woeSousa's BandBand 
Berliner011987-in.Apr. 1900Lily bellsSousa's BandBand 

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