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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner80137-in.[Renumbering of 3448]   
Berliner887-in.6/5/1897Gray jackets7th Regiment Band of New YorkBand 
Berliner877-in.10/8/1897The circus queen : Selection7th Regiment Band of New YorkBand 
Berliner857-in.Before Sept. 1897The French maid, no. 17th Regiment Band of New YorkBand 
Berliner897-in.Before Sept. 1897Popular medley7th Regiment Band of New YorkBand 
Berliner867-in.Before Sept. 1897The French maid, no. 27th Regiment Band of New YorkBand 
Berliner4327-in.Before Feb. 1899Farmyard imitationsA. J. MartyneAnimal imitations 
Berliner222[a]7-in.Before Sept. 1897U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner2077-in.11/7/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner205[a]7-in.11/7/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner204[a]7-in.11/7/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner202[a]7-in.10/31/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner201[a]7-in.10/31/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner200[a]7-in.10/31/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner2247-in.Before Sept. 1897U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner203[a]7-in.10/31/1896U.S. Army and Navy callsA. SamuelsBugle calls 
Berliner2277-in.4/16/1896FacilitaA. SchirraCornet solo 
Berliner2257-in.4/16/1896Comin’ thro’ the ryeA. SchirraCornet solo 
Berliner50167-in.Before Apr. 1899Epilogue [from The country girl]Ada RehanDramatic recitation 
Berliner50157-in.Before Apr. 1899Viola's speech (Act 1, scene 5) [from Twelfth night]Ada RehanDramatic recitation 
Berliner07627-in.11/22/1899A picture no artist can paintAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner07617-in.11/22/1899Hush thee now, my babeAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner07607-in.11/22/1899Love is a tyrantAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner07507-in.11/22/1899Where the sweet magnolias bloomAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner07497-in.11/22/1899Because you love meAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner03607-in.3/22/1899Kiss me honey doAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner01407-in.Before June 1899My sweet maidAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner01397-in.3/22/1899My wild Irish roseAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner01377-in.3/22/1899BecauseAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner01387-in.3/22/1899The moth and the flameAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner01367-in.3/22/1899My old New Hampshire homeAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner0207-in.3/22/1899Green fields of VirginiaAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner19027-in.9/15/1898For thisAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner19017-in.9/15/1898We fight tomorrow MotherAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18997-in.9/15/1898Sing again that sweet refrainAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18687-in.Before Oct. 1898Just in the same old wayAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18667-in.7/15/1898CalvaryAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18597-in.7/12/1898She was bred in old KentuckyAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18577-in.6/11/1898Why do I love theeAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18377-in.Before Apr. 1899Won’t you be my little girlAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18367-in.Before Apr. 1899The dove songAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18297-in.Before Apr. 1899Kate O’DonohueAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner5187-in.7/15/1898Past and futureAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner07637-in.11/22/1899The girl I loved in sunny TennesseeAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner01417-in.3/22/1899In the Sacramento valleyAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner0197-in.3/22/1899Bred in old Kentucky Albert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner19007-in.9/15/1898The day that’s gone can never come againAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18587-in.6/11/1898I love thee, I adore theeAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18387-in.Before Apr. 1899Break the news to motherAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner18477-in.Before Oct. 1898Evening starAlberto Del CampoBaritone vocal solo 

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