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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner29817-in.5/28/1898Karl AugustWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner29797-in.5/28/1898MalinWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner29807-in.5/28/1898AsnoriaWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner29787-in.5/28/1898Hej dunkaWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner29767-in.5/28/1898Dem skona adlaidaWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner29757-in.5/28/1898Nagon bjuderWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner29777-in.5/28/1898SuppeenWilliam MattisonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner18167-in.Before Apr. 1899The captain of the Coontown GuardsWilliam L. ThorntonMale vocal solo 
Berliner15047-in.Before Feb. 1899Der struwelpeterWilliam L. ElherichRecitation 
Berliner08087-in.Nov. 1899-Jan. 1900Death and burial of Cock RobinWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner08047-in.12/9/1899Sermon on the MountWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner07987-in.Dec. 1899SoliloquyWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner07977-in.12/7/1899The independence bellWilliam F. HooleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner60177-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Mother Goose rhymesWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60157-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Story of Cock RobinWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60147-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Gladstone’s advice on self help and thriftWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60137-in.9/21/1898Ingersoll at the tomb of NapoleonWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner19087-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Pussy cat pussy catWilliam F. HooleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner19067-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Twinkle, twinkle, little starWilliam F. HooleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner08057-in.12/7/1899Mother Goose rhymes William F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner17897-in.9/30/1898The lost chordWilliam F. HooleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner19077-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Prithee little maidWilliam F. HooleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner60127-in.9/21/1898Lincoln’s speech at GettysburgWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner012457-in.4/15/1900Ain't you my LuluWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012427-in.4/15/1900When I think of youWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012417-in.4/25/1900Just when I needed you most Will F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011677-in.4/7/1900It’s another color nowWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011667-in.4/7/1900My family troublesWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011647-in.4/7/1900For old times sakeWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011637-in.4/7/1900You’re the only oneWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011627-in.4/7/1900I’m not particularWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01487-in.Before June 1899She was thereWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01477-in.5/31/1899My old Westchester homeWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01327-in.5/3/1899You can’t think of everythingWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01317-in.5/3/1899I didn’t know till afterwardWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01297-in.5/3/1899And the parrot saidWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01287-in.5/3/1899O don’t it tickle youWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01267-in.5/3/1899When a woman lovesWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01257-in.5/2/1899How’d you like to be the icemanWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01247-in.5/2/1899Miss Helen HuntWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner17627-in.8/4/1897She was thereWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner17507-in.7/13/1897Darling MabelWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner17497-in.7/14/1897I didn’t knowWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01237-in.5/2/1899The shadows on the doorWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner012437-in.4/15/1900Mammy's little pickaninny boyWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011657-in.4/7/1900A little bit off of the topWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011617-in.4/7/1900A picture no artist can paintWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01307-in.Before June 1899Never mind the moon JohnWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner17487-in.7/14/1897Czar of the TenderloinWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01277-in.5/3/1899A pity to waste itWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 

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