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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner017-in.4/8/1899The Lord‘s PrayerLen SpencerRecitation 
Berliner17-in.1/3/1896High school cadetsBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner27-in.Before 1895La serenataBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner027-in.4/8/1899BeatitudesLen SpencerRecitation 
Berliner2[a]7-in.1/13/1896Under the Double EagleBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner037-in.4/15/1899Let me see the old plantationLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner047-in.4/15/1899Whistling RufusLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner47-in.Before 1895FriedensklangeBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner057-in.4/15/1899Hello ma babyLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner067-in.4/8/1899My Ann ElizaLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner67-in.11/25/1896A trip on the Limited ExpressBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner077-in.4/15/1899Kiss me honey doLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner77-in.Aug. 1897William Tell : OvertureArtists varyBand 
Berliner087-in.4/15/1899How I love my LouLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner87-in.Before Apr. 1899Coxey's armyBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner097-in.4/8/1899The hottest coon in townLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner97-in.Before 1895Semper fidelisArtists varyBand 
Berliner0117-in.4/8/1899I don’t like no cheap manLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner117-in.Before 1895Salvation ArmyBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0127-in.Before June 1899I don’t care if you nebber comes backLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner127-in.1/16/1896Rocked in the cradle of the deepBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band, with trombone solo 
Berliner0137-in.Before June 1899What is dat coon's gameLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner137-in.Before 1895The gladiator marchArtists varyBand 
Berliner147-in.Before Aug. 1895Vienna beautiesBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0147-in.4/15/1899You'll get all that's coming to you Len SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner157-in.Before 1895Loin du balArtists varyBand 
Berliner0157-in.4/15/1899Darktown is out tonightLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner167-in.Before Aug. 1895Belle of New YorkBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0177-in.4/15/1899When you aint got no moneyLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner177-in.10/21/1894AphroditeBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0187-in.4/8/1899All I wants is ma chickensLen SpencerMale vocal solo 
Berliner187-in.12/29/1898Under the Double EagleArtists varyBand 
Berliner197-in.11/23/1896Nancy HanksArtists varyBand 
Berliner0197-in.3/22/1899Bred in old Kentucky Albert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner0207-in.3/22/1899Green fields of VirginiaAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner207-in.11/21/1894Mendelssohn's wedding marchArtists varyBand 
Berliner0217-in.3/25/1899Nearer, my God, to TheeHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner217-in.6/28/1895Carillon gallopBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0227-in.3/25/1899The bridgeHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner227-in.6/28/1895Honeymoon marchBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0237-in.3/25/1899The old oaken bucketHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner237-in.6/28/1895Directorate marchArtists varyBand 
Berliner0247-in.3/25/1899Gwine back to DixieHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner24[a]7-in.Before Apr. 1899EspanitaArtists varyBand 
Berliner247-in.1/16/1896España waltz Band (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0257-in.3/25/1899I love my loveHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner267-in.1/16/1896Steamer passing Mt. VernonBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner0267-in.4/14/1899Whistling RufusChris de ArthViolin solo 
Berliner0277-in.3/29/1899Darktown is out tonightMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner0287-in.3/29/1899The Irish swell waltzMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 

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