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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner80217-in.Before Apr. 1899The serenade : SelectionVictor Herbert’s 22nd Regiment BandBand 
Berliner80207-in.Before Apr. 1899The American girlVictor Herbert’s 22nd Regiment BandBand 
Berliner80197-in.Before Apr. 1899The serenade : MarchVictor Herbert’s 22nd Regiment BandBand 
Berliner80187-in.Before Apr. 1899Ocean breezesVictor Herbert’s 22nd Regiment BandBand 
Berliner80177-in.Before Apr. 1899The President’s marchVictor Herbert’s 22nd Regiment BandBand 
Berliner80167-in.Before Apr. 1899Ah! CupidVictor Herbert’s 22nd Regiment BandBand 
Berliner80157-in.4/22/1899ScorcherSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80147-in.4/22/1899Cyrano de Bergerac : WaltzesSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80137-in.[Renumbering of 3448]   
Berliner80127-in.4/22/1899The picador marchSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80107-in.Apr. 1899Sylvan dreamsSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80097-in.Mar.-June 1899Medley of Irish airsSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80087-in.4/22/1899The fortune teller : WaltzSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80077-in.Dec. 1898Gypsy love songSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80067-in.Apr. 1899A Southern idylSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80057-in.4/22/1899How I love my LouSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80047-in.Oct. 1897-Mar. 1899Nearer, my God, to TheeSousa's BandBand 
Berliner80037-in.12/29/1898Santiago waltzArtists varyBand 
Berliner80027-in.12/29/1898MañanaBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner80017-in.4/22/1898The fortune teller : MarchArtists varyBand 
Berliner80007-in.Mar.-June 1899Just one girlSousa's BandBand 
Berliner77497-in.Before Apr. 1899Thoughts of homeGeorge McNeice ; August P. StenglerClarinet duet 
Berliner77487-in.Before Apr. 1899TarantellaGeorge McNeice ; August P. StenglerClarinet duet 
Berliner77477-in.Before Apr. 1899Golden robinGeorge McNeice ; August P. StenglerClarinet duet 
Berliner70057-in.Before Apr. 1899The fortune teller : MarchArtists varyOrchestra 
Berliner70047-in.Before Apr. 1899The fortune teller : CzardasArtists varyOrchestra 
Berliner70037-in.Before Apr. 1899The rainbow danceHiggins' OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner70027-in.Before Apr. 1899Zenda waltzesHiggins' OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner70017-in.Dec. 1898Down ole Tampa BayArtists varyOrchestra 
Berliner70007-in.Before Apr. 1899The gridironMetropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner60247-in.Before Apr. 1899Imperial Minstrels first partImperial MinstrelsMinstrels, with male vocal quartet and male vocal solo 
Berliner60227-in.Before Apr. 1899Imperial Minstrels first partImperial MinstrelsMinstrels, with male vocal quartet and male vocal solo 
Berliner60217-in.Before Apr. 1899Imperial Minstrels first partImperial MinstrelsMinstrels, with male vocal quartet and male vocal solo 
Berliner60207-in.10/17/1898JakieFred Emerson BrooksRecitation 
Berliner60197-in.Before Dec. 1898Hush a bye, close your eyeFred Emerson BrooksRecitation 
Berliner60187-in.Before Dec. 1898Hide and seekFred Emerson BrooksRecitation 
Berliner60177-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Mother Goose rhymesWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60167-in.10/17/1898Uncle Josh’s trip to New YorkCal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60157-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Story of Cock RobinWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60147-in.Sept. 1898-Mar. 1899Gladstone’s advice on self help and thriftWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60137-in.9/21/1898Ingersoll at the tomb of NapoleonWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60127-in.9/21/1898Lincoln’s speech at GettysburgWilliam F. HooleyRecitation 
Berliner60107-in.June 1898Minstrel showGeorge Graham ; John TerrellComic monologue, with male vocal solo 
Berliner60097-in.June 1898Minstrel showMr. Parkham ; John TerrellComic dialogue, with male vocal solo 
Berliner60077-in.6/11/1898Uncle Josh’s Weathersby in a department storeCal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60067-in.Before Nov. 1898Uncle Josh Wethersbee at Delmonico’sCal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60057-in.10/17/1898Uncle Josh on the Spanish questionCal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60047-in.Before Nov. 1898Minstrel recordMr. Parkham ; John TerrellComic dialogue, with male vocal solo 
Berliner60027-in.Aug. 1898A talk, no. 3Cal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60017-in.Aug. 1898A talk by the Yankee comedian, no. 2Cal StewartComic monologue 

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