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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Berliner011307-in.Mar. 1900A bird in a gilded cageHarry MacdonoughMale vocal solo 
Berliner03737-in.7/28/1899A bunch of ragsVess L. OssmanBanjo solo 
Berliner2367-in.6/19/1897A bunch of rosesW. Paris ChambersCornet solo 
Berliner011707-in.4/12/1900A coon band contestSousa's BandBand 
Berliner08747-in.1/13/1900A coon band contestArthur CollinsMale vocal solo 
Berliner06997-in.11/4/1899A coon band contestArthur Pryor's OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner6697-in.3/8/1897A day in a country schoolGeorge GrahamMonologue 
Berliner07307-in.11/15/1899A day in a country schoolGeorge GrahamMonologue 
Berliner19577-in.Before Apr. 1899A dreamW. D. McFarlandTenor vocal solo 
Berliner010737-in.3/10/1900A dream of paradiseGeorge BroderickMale vocal solo 
Berliner011767-in.Apr. 1900A dream of WagnerSousa's BandBand 
Berliner07117-in.Nov. 1899A foot ball gameGeorge GrahamMonologue 
Berliner05387-in.9/22/1899A hot time in the old townEdward M. FavorMale vocal solo 
Berliner01637-in.5/26/1899A hot time in the old townDan W. QuinnMale vocal solo 
Berliner5277-in.11/12/1896A hot time in the old townDan W. QuinnMale vocal solo 
Berliner139[a]7-in.9/2/1898A hot time medley marchSousa's BandBand 
Berliner13117-in.Before Apr. 1899A la claire fontaineEugene DantonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner09847-in.Before June 1900A la lunaE. Francisco [i.e., Emilio de Gorgorza]Baritone vocal solo 
Berliner04277-in.8/8/1899A large front room on BroadwayS. H. DudleyMale vocal solo 
Berliner011657-in.4/7/1900A little bit off of the topWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner07057-in.11/8/1899A little girl's composition on eggsGeorge GrahamRecitation 
Berliner09357-in.2/6/1900A picture no artist can paintHarry MacdonoughMale vocal solo 
Berliner07627-in.11/22/1899A picture no artist can paintAlbert CampbellMale vocal solo 
Berliner011617-in.4/7/1900A picture no artist can paintWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner01277-in.5/3/1899A pity to waste itWill F. DennyMale vocal solo 
Berliner04587-in.8/17/1899A pretty girlSchubert Brass QuartetBrass quartet 
Berliner06187-in.10/21/1899A rag time skedaddleGeorge SchweinfestPiccolo solo 
Berliner09107-in.1/26/1900A romance of Athlone [unidentified selection]Metropolitan OrchestraOrchestra 
Berliner011977-in.Apr. 1900A runaway girl : SelectionSousa's BandBand 
Berliner010807-in.Mar. 1900A runaway girl : SelectionRoyal Italian BandBand 
Berliner03697-in.7/28/1899A runaway girl : SelectionsVess L. OssmanBanjo solo 
Berliner13147-in.Before Oct. 1898A Saint Malo beau port de merEugene DantonBaritone vocal solo 
Berliner17767-in.Before Sept. 1897A simple little stringArtists varyMale vocal solo; Female vocal solo 
Berliner18087-in.3/26/1898A son of the desert am IJ. W. MyersMale vocal solo 
Berliner80067-in.Apr. 1899A Southern idylSousa's BandBand 
Berliner6967-in.Before Apr. 1899A story at a college dinnerChauncey M. DepewMonologue 
Berliner6067-in.Before Apr. 1899A story at a college dinnerChauncey M. DepewRecitation 
Berliner30177-in.Before Feb. 1899A streamlet full of flowersVocalist(s) (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Female-male vocal duet 
Berliner07167-in.11/9/1899A talk about womenGeorge GrahamMonologue 
Berliner6907-in.7/9/1897A talk by happy Cal Stewart, the Yankee comedianCal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60007-in.Aug. 1898A talk by the Yankee comedian, no. 1Cal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60017-in.Aug. 1898A talk by the Yankee comedian, no. 2Cal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner60027-in.Aug. 1898A talk, no. 3Cal StewartComic monologue 
Berliner67-in.11/25/1896A trip on the Limited ExpressBand (unidentified; Berliner Gramophone Co.)Band 
Berliner012337-in.4/19/1900A trip to the county fairHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner42757-in.10/6/1898A trip to the county fairHaydn QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Berliner08687-in.1/8/1900A warm receptionVess L. OssmanBanjo solo 
Berliner010187-in.2/23/1900A warrior boldJ. J. FisherMale vocal solo 
Berliner02807-in.6/15/1899A warrior boldArthur PryorTrombone solo 
Berliner33167-in.6/18/1898A warrior boldArthur PryorTrombone solo 

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