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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
OKehS-733510-in.Mar. 1920Tra veglia e sonnoQuartetto MessineseInstrumental quartet 
OKehS-733610-in.Mar. 1920Voci d'angeliQuartetto MessineseInstrumental quartet 
OKeh880110-in.Dec. 1924Spanilá (Everybody's sweetheart)Brousek’s BandBand 
OKeh854410-in.Feb. 1924Donau Wellen (Danube waves) (Walzer)Charles Blim ; Rudy PatekConcertina duet 
OKehS-794610-in.May 1921Purim by der seedaKandel's Jewish OrchestraBand 
OKehS-794810-in.May 1921Yasser bulgarKandel's Jewish OrchestraBand 
OKehS-794910-in.May 1921Bukarester bulgarKandel's Jewish OrchestraBand 
OKehS-795210-in.May 1921Ba a glassella weinKandel's Jewish OrchestraBand 
OKehS-795310-in.May 1921Kandel's bulgarKandel's Jewish OrchestraBand 
OKehS-795410-in.May 1921Yekatarinslaver bulgarKandel's Jewish OrchestraBand 
OKeho-816010-in.approximately Apr. 1921God save IrelandPatrick GordonMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeho-816710-in.approximately Apr. 1921The harp that once thro' Tara's hallsEmmett O'TooleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeho-820510-in.approximately Sept. 1921Irish eyes of loveGerald GriffinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh842610-in.June 1923Veselá chasa (Polka)Brousek’s BandBand 
OKeh844910-in.July 1923Wien bleibt Wien (Marsch)Rudy Patek ; Henry Schepp ; Henry SchuckertConcertina trio 
OKeh854510-in.Feb. 1924Himmlische Tage (Beautiful days) (Walzer)Charles Blim ; Rudy PatekConcertina duet 
OKeh854610-in.Feb. 1924Polski taniecCharles Blim ; Rudy PatekConcertina duet 
OKeh854710-in.Feb. 1924Polski taniecCharles Blim ; Rudy PatekConcertina duet 
OKeh881010-in.Dec. 1924Druznicka (Good fellowship)Brousek’s BandBand 
OKeh888910-in.Jan. 1925Gué gué solingaieAgnes F. Roach ; James F. RoachMale vocal solo, with piano 
OKeh891110-in.Jan. 1925Reflets dans l'eauAgnes F. RoachPiano solo 
OKeh893610-in.2/19/1925Cleveland polkaŠimončič Brater TrioInstrumental trio 
OKeh893910-in.2/19/1925Na marjanceŠimončič Brater TrioInstrumental trio 
OKeh895910-in.Feb. 1925Moje miláBrousková Vojenská KapelaBand 
OKeh896010-in.Feb. 1925Třnava ružeBrousková Vojenská KapelaBand 
OKeh896110-in.Feb. 1925HřbitoveBrousková Vojenská KapelaBand 
OKehS-7034310-in.12/1/1921Cameronian reelPeter Conlon ; Nellie MeanyAccordion solo, with piano 
OKehS-7034610-in.12/1/1921Barn dancePeter Conlon ; Nellie MeanyAccordion solo, with piano 
OKehS-7040310-in.Jan. 1922Złóźcie troskiWincenty S. Czerwiński ; Karel DembekMale vocal duet, with cello, organ, and bells 
OKehS-7045410-in.2/8/1922Nofrio arriva in Americade Rosalia e CompagniaComic scene 
OKehS-7045610-in.2/8/1922Nofrio e la moglie del comparede Rosalia e CompagniaComic scene 
OKehS-7047810-in.Feb. 1922Amor chinoOrquesta Rega de BaileJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7048310-in.Feb. 1922Die griene cosine (די גרינע קוזינע)Gus GoldsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7048410-in.Feb. 1922Der dibyk (דער דיבוק)Gus GoldsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7049310-in.2/22/1922La serva ed il soldatoCoppia Roma-BorelliComic vocal duet 
OKehS-7049510-in.2/22/1922A 'nnamurata AmericanaCoppia Roma-BorelliComic vocal duet 
OKehS-7053010-in.Mar. 1922Nofrio ed il maestrode Rosalia e CompagniaComic scene 
OKehS-7062310-in.4/12/1922Alito d'innamorati (Mazurka)Quartetto RossiInstrumental quartet 
OKehS-7062410-in.4/12/1922Uccelli in festa (Polka)Quartetto RossiInstrumental quartet 
OKehS-7053110-in.Mar. 1922Nofrio si spiega per matrimoniode Rosalia e CompagniaComic scene 
OKehS-7066810-in.May 1922Witaj wolna polskaJózef KalliniMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7067010-in.May 1922DziadunioJózef KalliniMale vocal solo, with orchestra  
OKehS-7071910-in.June 1922Amor che piange (Waltz)Quartetto RossiInstrumental quartet 
OKehS-7089310-in.Oct. 1922LiebesleidWilliam RingeleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7093910-in.10/18/1922ReelsJames MorrisonViolin solo, with piano 
OKehS-7094010-in.10/18/1922JigsJames MorrisonViolin solo, with piano 
OKehS-7094210-in.10/19/1922Vezzosetta (Polka)Quintetto RossiInstrumental quintet 
OKehS-7096310-in.Nov. 1922Verlor'nes GlückWilliam RingeleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7100310-in.Nov. 1922Palpito d'amoreQuintetto RossiInstrumental quintet 
OKehS-7100610-in.Nov. 1922ElviraQuintetto RossiInstrumental quintet 

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