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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
DeccaE 3708110-in.8/17/1931Makin' faces at the manBoswell Sisters  
DeccaE 3708210-in.8/17/1931I can't write the wordsBoswell Sisters  
DeccaE 3708510-in.8/19/1931I apologizeBing Crosby  
DeccaE 3708610-in.8/19/1931Dancing in the darkBing Crosby  
DeccaC 226 (E 2914)10-in.4/23/1926Jackass bluesDixie Syncopators ; King Oliver  
DeccaC 533 (E 3556)10-in.7/23/1926Tack AnnieDixie Syncopators ; King Oliver  
DeccaC 657 (E 3843/E 20252)10-in.9/17/1926Someday sweetheartDixie Syncopators ; King Oliver  
DeccaC 659 (E 3845/E 20254)10-in.9/17/1926Dead man bluesDixie Syncopators ; King Oliver  
Decca3827710-in.8/2/1934I got rhythmCharles Bourne  
Decca3827810-in.8/2/1934MoonglowCharles Bourne  
Decca38279 [No information]   
Decca3828010-in.8/3/1934Sweet Sue, just youCharles Bourne  
Decca3828110-in.8/3/1934Humming birdCharles Bourne  
Decca382828/3/1934[Unknown title(s)]Charles Bourne  
Decca382838/3/1934[Unknown title(s)]Charles Bourne  
Decca382848/3/1934[Unknown title(s)]Charles Bourne  
Decca3828510-in.8/3/1934MoonglowCharles Bourne  
Decca38286 [No information]   
Decca38287 [No information]   
Decca38288 [No information]   
Decca38289 [No information]   
Decca3829010-in.8/13/1934Down by the old mill streamGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca3829112-in.8/13/1934St. Louis bluesGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca3829210-in.8/13/1934MoonglowGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca3829310-in.8/13/1934Have a little dream on meGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca38294 [No information]   
Decca3829510-in.8/14/1934Waltz clog medley, part 1Justin Ring Orchestra  
Decca3829610-in.8/14/1934Goin' homeThe Cavaliers  
Decca3829710-in.8/14/1934Song of the Volga boatmenThe Cavaliers  
Decca3829810-in.8/14/1934Careless loveLee Wiley  
Decca3829910-in.8/14/1934Waltz clog medley, part 2Justin Ring Orchestra  
Decca3830010-in.8/14/1934Motherless childLee Wiley  
Decca3830110-in.8/14/1934Heat waveThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca3830210-in.8/14/1934By heckThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca3830310-in.8/15/1934Stop, look and listenThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca3830410-in.8/15/1934I'm gettin' sentimental over youThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca3830510-in.8/14/1934Broadway' s goneLew Brower  
Decca3830610-in.8/14/1934Laugh, you son of a gunLew Brower  
Decca3830710-in.8/15/1934Long may we loveThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca3830810-in.8/15/1934Annie's Cousin FannyThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca3830910-in.8/15/1934Dr. Heckle and Mr. JibeThe Dorsey Brothers  
Decca38310 [No information]   
Decca38311 [No information]   
Decca38312 [No information]   
Decca38313 [No information]   
Decca3831410-in.8/15/1934William and MaryMarc Williams ; Marc Williams  
Decca3831510-in.8/15/1934The letter edged in blackMarc Williams ; Marc Williams  
Decca3831610-in.8/15/1934Roy BeanMarc Williams ; Marc Williams  
Decca3831710-in.8/15/1934The old Chisholm TrailMarc Williams ; Marc Williams  
Decca3831810-in.8/15/1934Give my love to NellMarc Williams ; Marc Williams  

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