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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
BrunswickMP3510-in.approximately Mar. 1929I get the blues when it rainsEddie Dunstedter ; Oscar GrossOrgan solo, with male vocal solo 
Brunswick[E2420-E2422a]2/13/1926[Rehearsal]Esther WalkerFemale vocal solo, with piano 
BrunswickE20994-E2099510-in. [Renumbering of E4180-E4181]   
Brunswick34710-in.approximately late 1916Matrimonial difficultiesGolden and MarloweComic dialogue 
Brunswick34810-in.approximately late 1916Curiosity huntersGolden and MarloweComic dialogue 
Brunswick52610-in.approximately early 1917Stars and stripes foreverEmpire Military BandBand 
Brunswick52710-in.approximately early 1917Pomp and circumstanceEmpire Military BandBand 
Brunswick53810-in.approximately early 1917The sunshine of your smileHenry Burr ; Albert CampbellMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Brunswick55010-in.approximately early 1917Rabbit hashBilly GoldenMonologue 
Brunswick56510-in.approximately early 1917There's a little bit of Scotch in MaryMike O'ConnellMale vocal solo 
Brunswick57010-in.approximately early 1917The hot dogs' fancy ballMike O'ConnellMale vocal solo 
Brunswick57310-in.approximately early 1917Yaddie kaddie kiddie kaddie kooCollins and HarlanMale vocal duet 
Brunswick59110-in.approximately early 1917Sweet dreams of homePeerless OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick59710-in.approximately early 1917Stein songRoyal DadmunMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick59910-in.approximately early 1917Take me to my Alabam'Peerless OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick60810-in.approximately early 1917Lucia : SextetteInstrumentalist(s) (Unidentified; Brunswick Records)Instrumental trio 
Brunswick60910-in.approximately early 1917Golden hoursSterling TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Brunswick61110-in.approximately Feb. 1917Pray for the lights to go outPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick61310-in.approximately Feb. 1917Canary CottagePeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick63810-in.approximately Feb. 1917Panores fausJan CollignonMale vocal solo 
Brunswick63910-in.approximately Feb. 1917Song of the golden calfJan CollignonMale vocal solo 
Brunswick64010-in.approximately Feb. 1917The two grenadiersJan CollignonMale vocal solo 
Brunswick64110-in.approximately Feb. 1917Vision fugitiveJan CollignonMale vocal solo 
Brunswick64210-in.approximately Feb. 1917Poor ButterflyPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick64610-in.approximately Feb. 1917Waters of VenicePeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick66810-in.approximately Feb.1917Buzzin' the beeCollins and HarlanMale vocal duet 
Brunswick68310-in.approximately early 1917Where the River Shannon flowsHarry McClaskeyMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick69110-in.approximately early 1917Spring songPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick70310-in.approximately early 1917Avalon, I'll travel on to youSterling TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Brunswick70610-in.approximately early 1917Golden hoursSterling TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Brunswick70710-in.approximately early 1917I know a lovely gardenHenry BurrMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick72510-in.approximately early 1917Come along, CarolineArthur CollinsMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick72810-in.approximately early 1917HiloPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick73110-in.approximately early 1917The flirting whistlerPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick74010-in.approximately early 1917Virginia reelPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick74810-in.approximately early 1917Longing for homePeerless OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick75010-in.approximately early 1917HumoresquePeerless OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick75510-in.approximately early 1917Then you'll remember meMr. ShawMale vocal solo 
Brunswick75610-in.approximately early 1917Little grey home in the WestMr. ShawMale vocal solo 
Brunswick75910-in.approximately early 1917Tenderness waltzPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick76210-in.approximately early 1917Blue Danube waltzPeerless Dance OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Brunswick76410-in.approximately early 1917American triumph marchEmpire Military BandBand 
Brunswick77910-in.approximately early 1917Herd girl's dreamInstrumentalist(s) (Unidentified; Brunswick Records)Instrumental trio 
Brunswick79210-in.approximately early 1917Old folks at homeMarie MorriseyFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick79310-in.approximately early 1917Old Kentucky homeMarie MorriseyFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick80810-in.approximately early 1917Heaven is my homeHenry BurrMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick81310-in.approximately early 1917O Canada, that true NorthHenry BurrMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick81510-in.approximately early 1917Our hearts go out to you, CanadaHenry BurrMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick82410-in.approximately early 1917On the party lineDan W. QuinnMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick82510-in.approximately early 1917If I catch the guy who wrote "Poor butterfly"Dan W. QuinnMale vocal solo, with orchestra 

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