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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorB-416610-in.12/31/1906Torna a surrientoVincente BarileMale vocal solo, with piano 
VictorB-605010-in.3/26/1908Torna a SurrientoFrancesco DaddiMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorB-1436710-in.1/23/1914Torna a SurrientoPasquale AmatoBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorC-1736312-in.3/23/1916Songs of the past, no. 13Victor Mixed ChorusVocal chorus and soloists, with orchestra 
VictorB-1962510-in.4/25/1917Torna a SurrientoNeapolitan TrioInstrumental trio 
VictorB-2944510-in.2/7/1924Torna a SurrientoGiovanni MartinelliTenor vocal solo, with violin and orchestra 
VictorBVE-2944510-in.6/22/1925Torna a SurrientoGiovanni MartinelliTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBVE-3730710-in.12/8/1926'Torna a SurrientoFlorentine QuartetInstrumental quartet 
VictorCVE-3762412-in.1/11/1927Torna a SurrientoGiuseppe GodonoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBVE-4143410-in.12/29/1927Sol paa havetErling KroghTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBVE-5095910-in.3/20/1929Torna a SurrientoTitta RuffoBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorR-63010-in.3/20/1910Torna a SurrientoJuan AldeaMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorR-68310-in.3/25/1910Torna a SurrientoLia BiancaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorG-159610-in.10/23/1916Torna a SurrientoOrquesta de Felipe ValdésOrchestra 
VictorBS-06372410-in.4/8/1941Come back to SorrentoRoy Bargy ; Lanny RossMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBS-06564610-in.5/23/1941Torna a SurrientoCharles MagnanteAccordion solo 
VictorBS-07430010-in.4/7/1942Come back to SorrentoRalph Ginsburgh ; Palmer House EnsembleInstrumental quintet 
VictorD7VB-199210-in.11/6/1947Come back to SorrentoHerbie Fields ; Herbie Fields QuintetJazz quintet 
Victor[Trial 1917-03-23-05]Not documented3/23/1917Torna a SurrientoMichael BoniMale vocal solo, with piano 
Victor[Trial 1917-06-15-06]Not documented6/15/1917Love me or notFelice De GregorioMale vocal solo, with piano 
Victor[Trial 1917-09-24-02]Not documented9/24/1917Torna a SurrientoRose LeveroniFemale vocal solo, with piano 
Victor[Trial 1919-03-07-06]Not documented3/7/1919Torna a SurrientoGregorios GergiouMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia198510-in.approximately 1904Torna a SurrientoEugenio CibelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 1907-Feb. 1908'O Visuvio 1906Francesco DaddiMale vocal solo 
Columbia5570210-in.1911Torna a SurrientoFrancesco DaddiMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble (guitars and mandolins) 
Columbia10560010-in.April 1925Torna a SurrientoRaffaele BalsamoTenor vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
OKehW40071810-in.5/28/1928Vernis v SorrentoSerge Krotkoff ; Theo ZarkevichGuitar and steel guitar duet 
OKeh[OK cat 9265-b]10-in.approximately 1924Torna a SurrientoSalvatore PollicinoMale vocal solo 
BrunswickX8162-X816312-in.approximately May 1922Torna a SurrientoGiuseppe DaniseBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE3011010-in.June 1929Torna a SurrientoRaoul RomitoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickXE18841-XE1884212-in.4/20/1926Torna a SurrientoGiuseppe DaniseBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick1503/210-in.1929Torna a SurrientoE. GaiottoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison219110-in.3/20/1913Torna a SurrientoCarmen MelisSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison511410-in.10/30/1916Torna' a SurrientoFernando GuarneriBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison680610-in.5/26/1919Torna a SurrientoMario LaurentiTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone0BA56510-in.4/27/1935'Torna a SurrientoFranco Ghione ; Beniamino Gigli ; Teatro alla Scala OrchestraTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone1911ah10-in.9/3/1912'Torna a SurrientoTitta RuffoBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone0BA228910-in.1/17/1938Pot-pourri - canzoni napoletane di Ernesto DeCurtis P. 2.aGino RuggieroMale vocal solo, with vocal chorus and orchestra 
Gramophone0W248510-in.5/4/1934Torna a SurrientoMembers of the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra ; Dino Olivieri ; Tito SchipaTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone0BA310510-in.April 1939Torna a SurrientoVicenzo VicaroGuitar solo 
Gramophone0BA610610-in.12/30/1946TornaGino Bechi ; Dino OlivieriMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Decca6696610-in.12/14/1939Torna a SurrientoRenato Giuseppini  
Decca8029412/21/1950Torna a SurrientoNick Perito  
Decca10354810/24/1957The Italian touch: Mattinata ; Scapricciatiello ; Torna a SurrientoToni Arden  
Decca1088943/29/1960Torna a SurrientoThe Italian Street Singers  
Decca11271110/24/1957Torna a SurrientoToni Arden  
Columbia (U.K.)CB644610-in.11/7/1934Torna a SurrientoEnzo De Muro LomantoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
DeccaN 1657/7/1955*Torna a SurrientoWerner Müller Orchestra  

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