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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Columbia4498210-in.Late 1917Luna d'estateFausto CastellaniTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehW40441810-in.12/23/1930You're driving me crazy! (What did I do?)Louis Armstrong ; Sebastian New Cotton Club OrchestraJazz/dance band, with dialogue and male vocal solo 
Columbia2990010-in.June-Dec. 1915Casey at the dentist'sMichael CaseyComic monologue 
Columbia2983510-in.June-Dec. 1915Casey as a doctorMichael CaseyComic monologue 
Columbia2983210-in.June-Dec. 1915Casey as a judgeMichael CaseyComic monologue 
Columbia2982410-in.June-Dec. 1915Casey taking the censusMichael CaseyComic monologue 
Columbia2968510-in.May 1915Cohen telephones the health departmentJoe HaymanComic monologue 
Columbia2951710-in.Mar. 1915Cohen telephones from BrightonJoe Hayman and CompanyComic scene, with orchestra 1914-1915JollityW. WhitlockBells solo, with orchestra 
Columbia2916110-in.1914Arrival of the British troops in FranceA. H. Brooks ; Herbert C. RidoutDescriptive scene, with orchestra 
Columbia2916010-in.1914Arrival of the British troops in FranceA. H. Brooks ; Herbert C. RidoutDescriptive scene, with orchestra 
Columbia2861810-in.1912-1914Giving a donkey a strawberryBilly WilliamsMale vocal solo 
Columbia2856410-in.May 1913Cohen on the telephoneJoe HaymanComic monologue 
Columbia2816410-in.1912-1914Where does Daddy go when he goes out?Billy WilliamsMale vocal solo, with orchestra 1903-1906Cock o' the northPipe-Major ForsytheBagpipes solo 
Columbia2178310-in.1911-1915Hungarian ragGuido DeiroAccordion solo 
Columbia1377210-in.1911The last loveTrío ArriagaGuitar and mandolin trio 
Columbia3958310-in.10/15/1914British grenadiersFife and drum corps (unidentified; Columbia Records)Fife and drum corps 
Columbia3817910-in.8/5/1912Musetta's waltz songGuido DeiroAccordion solo 
Columbia14023310-in.1/9/1925Way down homeShannon FourMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8169110-in.4/16/1924My papa doesn't two-time no timeFletcher Henderson's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Columbia8165710-in.3/28/1924What's today got to do with tomorrow?Van and SchenckMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8165610-in.3/28/1924My papa doesn't two-time no timeVan and SchenckMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8134010-in.11/9/1923Roamin' to Wyomin'Van and SchenckMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Gramophoneab14533e10-in.11/23/1911Romance, no. 1Arthur ForemanOboe and piano duet 
Columbia3918810-in.1/16/1914NormandieHoward KoppXylophone solo, with cornet and orchestra 
Columbia3877410-in.4/9/1913Flee as a bird Andrea SartoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8031910-in.4/24/1922Sweet Indiana homeColumbians Dance Orchestra De LuxeJazz/dance band 
Columbia4673110-in.4/21/1916Battle hymn of the RepublicColumbia Mixed Double QuartetteMixed vocal double quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8171010-in.4/22/1924Big-eyed rabbitSamantha BumgarnerFemale vocal solo, with fiddle (violin) and banjo 
Columbia8030610-in.4/12/1922GeorgiaRay Miller OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Columbia8027710-in.4/5/1922Malinda BrownMarion HarrisFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8028610-in.4/6/1922Honey LuHart SistersFemale vocal duet, with celeste and orchestra 
Columbia8024810-in.3/17/1922By the sapphire seaColumbians Dance Orchestra De LuxeJazz/dance band 
Columbia8066810-in.11/11/1922Away down East in MaineVan and SchenckMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8057710-in.10/2/1922My buddyEdwin DaleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8079210-in.1/15/1923My buddyPhil Baker ; Paul Specht OrchestraJazz/dance band, with accordion 
Columbia7966310-in.1/26/1921My mammyColumbia Stellar QuartetteMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia7825110-in.1/11/1919MadelonAmparito FarrarSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7869310-in.9/26/1919PatchesArt Hickman's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Columbia7866410-in.9/17/1919Sweet and lowArt Hickman's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Columbia7812010-in.10/16/1918Royal march of ItalyItalian Grenadiers Band ; Giuseppe ManenteBand 
ColumbiaW14040710-in.3/2/1925In the baggage coach aheadVernon DalhartMale vocal solo, with fiddle (violin) and guitar 
Columbia14040310-in.2/27/1925The midnight waltzThe CavaliersJazz/dance band 
Columbia14040210-in.2/27/1925June brought the rosesThe CavaliersJazz/dance band 
Columbia14039910-in.2/26/1925Can't your friend get a friend for me?Art GillhamMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia14039810-in.2/26/1925King Porter stompLanin's Red HeadsJazz/dance band 
Columbia14039510-in.2/25/1925How's your folks & my folksArt GillhamMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia14039410-in.2/25/1925I had someone else before I had youArt GillhamMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia14038910-in.2/21/1925Silver sands of WaikikiLewis James ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet, with orchestra 

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