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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Victor[B/C-]11280[No information]   
Victor[B/C-]11281[No information]   
Victor[BVE/CVE-]43449[Number not used]   
Victor[BVE/CVE-]43450[Number not used]   
Victor[B/C-]31611[Number not used]   
Victor[B/C-]31612[Number not used]   
Victor[B/C-]20020[Number not used]   
VictorH/J-258[Number not used]   
VictorH/J-259[Number not used]   
Victor[H-/J-]37[Number not used]   
Columbia4278 [No information]   
Columbia413 [No information]   
Columbia807 [No information]   
Columbia808 [No information]   
Columbia809 [No information]   
Columbia810 [No information]   
Columbia812 [No information]   
Columbia813 [No information]   
Columbia814 [No information]   
Columbia815between 1901 and 1908The old folks at homeColumbia QuartetteMale vocal quartet 
Columbia819 [No information]   
Columbia828 [No information]   
Columbia829 [No information]   
Columbia830 [No information]   
Columbia831 [No information]   
Columbia832 [No information]   
Columbia834 [No information]   
Columbia835 [No information]   
Columbia836 [No information]   
Columbia839 [No information]   
Columbia840 [No information]   
Columbia842 [No information]   
Columbia925 [No information]   
Columbia959 [No information]   
Columbia960 [No information]   
Columbia961 [No information]   
Columbia962 [No information]   
Columbia963 [No information]   
Columbia964 [No information]   
Columbia966 [No information]   
Columbia967 [No information]   
Columbia1030 [No information]   
Columbia1031 [No information]   
Columbia1032 [No information]   
Columbia1033 [No information]   
Columbia1034 [No information]   
Columbia1035 [No information]   
Columbia1036 [No information]   
Columbia1038 [No information]   
Columbia1039 [No information]   

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