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Label Name and NumberFormat/Issue SeriesIssue DateTitle/Artist
Sunrise S-3012 10-in. In the valley of the moon / Glenn Cross ; George Hall ; Hotel Taft Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3023 10-in.When the springtime comes again / Carter Family 
Sunrise S-3100 10-in. Shake hands with a millionaire / Gus Van - Two buck Tim from Timbuctoo / Gus Van 
Sunrise S-3101 10-in. Forty-second Street / The Sizzlers - Shuffle off to Buffalo / The Sizzlers 
Sunrise S-3102 10-in. Have you ever been lonely / Glenn Cross ; George Hall ; Hotel Taft Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3103 10-in. I'm young and healthy / Glenn Cross ; George Hall ; Hotel Taft Orchestra ; Loretta Lee - There's a cabin in the pines / George Hall ; Hotel Taft Orchestra ; Loretta Lee 
Sunrise S-3104 10-in.Moonlight and skies / Jimmie Rodgers - Rock all our babies to sleep / Jimmie Rodgers 
Sunrise S-3105 10-in.Jake walk blues / Allen Brothers - Fruit jar blues / Allen Brothers 
Sunrise S-3106 10-in.I'm blue and lonesome / Reece Fleming ; Respers Townsend - She's just that kind / Reece Fleming ; Respers Townsend 
Sunrise S-3107 10-in. When it's lamp lightin' time in the valley / George Donaldson Trio - The hills of Tennessee are calling me / George Donaldson Trio 
Sunrise S-3108 10-in. The answer to "Twenty-one years" / Rose Family - Keep it to yourself / Rose Family 
Sunrise S-3109 10-in. Baby please come back / Bill Palmer - Old river valley / Frank Luther Trio 
Sunrise S-3110 10-in. Free wheelin' hobo / Bill Palmer 
Sunrise S-3111 10-in. Duck foot Sue / Bill Palmer Trio - There hanging old Jonesy tomorrow / Bill Palmer Trio 
Sunrise S-3112 10-in. Good old beer / Slick Palmer - Frivolous 'Frisco fan / Dwight Butcher 
Sunrise S-3113 10-in. Singing an old hymn / Palmer Trio - New twenty-one years / Bob Miller Trio 
Sunrise S-3114 10-in.Call of the freaks / The Rhythm Kings 
Sunrise S-3114 10-in. I'm gonna play down by the Ohio / Washboard Rhythm Boys ; Steve Washington 
Sunrise S-3115 10-in.I ain't got nobody and nobody cares for me / Dave Nelson and the King’s Men - Some of these days / Dave Nelson and the King’s Men 
Sunrise S-3116 10-in.Please tell me / Jake Fenderson ; Washboard Rhythm Kings - Wake 'em up / Chicago Hot Five 
Sunrise S-3117 10-in.Minglewood blues / Cannon’s Jug Stompers - Viola Lee blues / Cannon’s Jug Stompers 
Sunrise S-3118 10-in.M. & O. blues / Walter Davis - M. & O. blues no. 2 (My baby's come back) / Walter Davis 
Sunrise S-3119 10-in.Couldn't hear nobody pray / Utica Institute Jubilee Singers - O Mary don't you weep / Utica Institute Jubilee Singers 
Sunrise S-3120 10-in.Adam and Eve in the garden / Rev. J. M. Gates - Samson and the woman / Rev. J. M. Gates 
Sunrise S-3121 10-in. When you're over sixty and you feel like sweet sixteen / LIttle Jack LIttle - Anything your little heart desires / LIttle Jack LIttle 
Sunrise S-3122 10-in. In the little white church on the hill / Lee Morse - While the rest of the world is sleeping / Lee Morse 
Sunrise S-3123 10-in. Stormy weather / Paul Tremaine Orchestra - Hand me down my walkin' cane / Paul Tremaine Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3124 10-in. It's Sunday down in Caroline / Paul Tremaine Orchestra - In the park in Paree / Paul Tremaine Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3125 10-in. Medley of beer waltzes / Sid Peltyn and his Orchestra - Medley of beer fox trots / Sid Peltyn and his Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3126 10-in. My handy man / Peggy English Orchestra - Keep your nose out of Mama's business / Harlem Hannah and her Hot Boys 
Sunrise S-3127 10-in.When the world's on fire / Carter Family 
Sunrise S-3127 10-in.Keep on the sunny side / Carter Family 
Sunrise S-3128 10-in.She's a hum dum dinger / Jimmie Davis - Bear cat mama from Horner's Corners / Jimmie Davis 
Sunrise S-3129 10-in. The drunk song / Dick and George - Over the bar / Geo. B. McConnell ; Dick Sanford 
Sunrise S-3130 10-in.Working for the master / Frank Stamps All Star Quartet - Singing in my soul / Frank Stamps All Star Quartet 
Sunrise S-3131 10-in.Gambling barroom blues / Jimmie Rodgers - Looking for a new mama / Jimmie Rodgers 
Sunrise S-3132 10-in. Seven years (With the wrong woman) / Bob Miller Trio - What does the deep sea say? / Bob Miller Trio 
Sunrise S-3133 10-in. Carolina lullaby / George Donaldson Trio - What are we gonna use for money? (Where are we gonna get the dough?) / George Donaldson Trio 
Sunrise S-3134 10-in. That means you're falling in love / Rose Family - Oh! How I'd love to own a fish store / Rose Family 
Sunrise S-3135 10-in.Blue sea blues / Walter Davis - Broke and hungry / Walter Davis 
Sunrise S-3136 10-in.I would do anything for you / Larry Murphy ; Williams' Cotton Club Orchestra - A good man is hard to find / Memphis Ramblers 
Sunrise S-3137 10-in.I whipped my woman with a single-tree / Memphis Jug Band - Oh ambulance man / Hattie Hart ; Memphis Jug Band ; Will Shade 
Sunrise S-3138 10-in.Sleep, my mother / Bessemer Melody Boys - Motherless children / Bessemer Melody Boys 
Sunrise S-3139 10-in.A porter's love song to a chambermaid / Washboard Rhythm Kings - Pepper steak / Jimmie Shine ; Washboard Rhythm Kings 
Sunrise S-3140 10-in.Left my gal in the mountains / Gloria Palace Orchestra ; Gene Kardos - She'll be comin' around the mountain / Paul Tremaine Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3141 10-in. My first love to last / Ted Holt ; Jack Berger Hotel Astor Orchestra - The gold diggers' song / Ted Holt ; Jack Berger Hotel Astor Orchestra 
Sunrise S-3142 10-in.Whisper your mother's name / Jimmie Rodgers - She was happy till she met you / Jimmie Rodgers 
Sunrise S-3143 10-in.River of Jordan / Carter Family - Where we'll never grow old / Carter Family 
Sunrise S-3144 10-in. Lead thou my soul / Gene Arnold ; Egbert Van Alstyne - My prayer for today / Gene Arnold ; Eli E. Oberstein 
Sunrise S-3145 10-in. When the wild, wild roses bloom / George Donaldson Trio - You're my dream that came true / George Donaldson Trio 

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