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Label Name and NumberFormat/Issue SeriesIssue DateTitle/Artist
Vocalion 1575710-in.   
Brunswick 4122910-in.   
Vocalion 1575810-in.   
Victor 26-806526-0000 10-in. double-faced ethnic   
OKeh 101410-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 903510-in. double-faced   
OKeh 903610-in. double-faced   
OKeh 904610-in. double-faced   
OKeh 909210-in. double-faced   
OKeh 910810-in. double-faced   
OKeh 106410-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 120710-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 120810-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 121110-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 808110-in. double-faced   
OKeh 927910-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1040310-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1040610-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1040810-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1041310-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1041410-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1041610-in. double-faced   
Odeon 1042410-in.   
OKeh 1608810-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1622210-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1609010-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1609410-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1609510-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1621710-in. double-faced   
OKeh 1623610-in. double-faced   
Odeon 2002410-in.   
Odeon 2003210-in.   
OKeh 104510-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 105010-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 105110-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 105210-in. double-faced (vertical cut)   
OKeh 700110-in. double-faced   
OKeh 700210-in. double-faced   
OKeh 700310-in. double-faced   
OKeh 700410-in. double-faced   
OKeh 700510-in. double-faced   
Odeon 2004110-in.   
Odeon 2002610-in.   
Brunswick (England) 0571410-in.  I didn't know enough about you / Peggy Lee - Where flamingos fly / Peggy Lee 
Decca 3005910-in. double-faced  I didn't know enough about you / Peggy Lee - You oughta be mine / Peggy Lee 
Decca 9-3005945-rpm 7-in. double-faced  I didn't know enough about you / Peggy Lee - You oughta be mine / Peggy Lee 
Decca DL-841112-in. long-playing (monaural)  It's all right with me / Peggy Lee - What's new? / Peggy Lee - Something I dreamed last night / Peggy Lee - It never entered my mind / Peggy Lee... 
Decca 9-2987745-rpm 7-in. double-faced  Joey, Joey, Joey / Peggy Lee 
Vocalion VL7-390312-in. 33-1/3-rpm long-playing (stereo)  Joey, Joey, Joey / Peggy Lee - There's a small hotel / Peggy Lee - Gee baby, ain't I good to you / Peggy Lee - You're my thrill / Peggy Lee... 
Decca 2983410-in. double-faced  Mister Wonderful / Peggy Lee - Crazy in the heart / Peggy Lee 

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