Acoustic and Electric Era 10" Record Labels Prefixes and Suffixes

Columbia Master Book, Volume II, Brian Rust, ed.

Table 14a:

Record Labels’ Prefixes and Suffixes, Acoustic Era 10” Discs

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A-, E-, S-   Columbia
G-   English Regal
None None English Columbia (4 digits)
None None American (5 digits)
  -C Clarion
  -D Columbia (all series)
  -G Diva (produced for W. T. Grant Company)
  -H Harmony
  -V Velvet Tone

Diva and Velvet Tone catalog numbers are shown only if they bear no sort of affiliation to the “parent” numbers (Velvet Tone are 2000 ahead, Diva 3000 ahead of the same couplings on Harmony, until 1930, when the system seems to have been discontinued).

Dance records in these volumes are mostly fox-trots, unless shown to be waltzes, tangos or occasionally latterly, rumbas.


Table 14b:

Record Labels’ Prefixes and Suffixes, Electric Era 10” Discs

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CB-   Columbia (UK)  
DB-   Columbia (UK)  
G-   Regal (UK) 1914-1932
MR-   Regal Zonophone (UK) 1930-1949
0-   Columbia (Australia) 1925-1930
None None Columbia (UK)  (4 digits)  
None None Columbia (US)  (5 digits) 1939 on
  -C Clarion 1930-1932
  -D Columbia (three-and four-figured, domestic)  
  14000-Ds "Race" series  
  15000-Ds "Country" series  
  -G Diva (made for W. T. Grant Company)  
  -H Harmony 1925-1932
  -M Columbia (“classical” series)  
  -P Special (semi-private recordings, mostly Publix—designed for public demonstration in theatre lobbies, etc.)  
  -V Velvet Tone  


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