Brunswick Acknowledgments

Brunswick Records: A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931, compiled by Ross Laird.

I want to especially thank Dick Spottswood for his support for this project from a very early stage. Special thanks are also due to John Newton for his interest and support over a long period, and for his work in supplying information on many obscure Brunswick recordings, which have added a considerable amount of important data to these volumes.

Dr. Michael Biel kindly allowed me to use research he had undertaken for his Master's thesis, titled "The Making and Use of Recordings in Broadcasting Before 1936," in relation to the involvement of the National Radio Advertising Co., Inc. with Brunswick and on Brunswick's early activities in relation to broadcasting (as well as supplying other information on various recordings produced by Brunswick for various non-commercial purposes).

Thanks also to Mike Gray for battling with the "slowest photocopier in the world" at CBS-Sony. Richard Green of the National Library of Canada and Colin Bray were both very helpful with data on the activities of Canadian Brunswick.

I also wish to acknowledge valuable assistance (ranging from details of a single record to important and significant data) from the following individual collectors and researchers in alphabetical order:

Bob Arnold, Richard Arsenty, Cristobal Diaz Ayala, Steven C. Barr, Dan Berry, Tim Brooks, Tom Brown, Martin F. Bryan, Samuel Brylawski, Peter Burgis, Paul Charosh, Mickey Clark, David Crisp, John R.T. Davies, Ron Dethlefson, Frederick P. Fellers, David Giovannoni, Tim Gracyk, Donna Halper, Alan Heinecke, Warren Hodgdon, William Hogarth, Thomas Hood, Eric Hubbard, Michael Kanchalian, Michael Kieffer, Mike Langridge, Steven Lasker, Dave Lewis, Larry Lustig, Elizabeth McLeod, Houston Maples, John Marsden, David Mason, Russell W. Miller, Joe Moore, Graham Newton, Kurt Nauck, Earl Okin, Karl Pearson, Glen Richards, Quentin Riggs, Malcolm Rockwell, David Rosser, Brian Rust, David Sager, E.L. Scranton, Bill Shaman, Peter Shambarger, Mac Sheets, Michael Shoshani, Alden Small, Chris Strachwitz, Laura Streitfeld, Mike Sutcliffe, Robert Therien, Bill Triggs, Tom Valle, John Ward, Jerome F. Weber, Charles Wolfe, and Harris Wray.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge a grant of $500 towards my research expenses provided by the Grant Program of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC).

All illustrations are from the collection of the author.


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Brunswick Records: A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931  (4 vols). Compiled by Ross Laird. Reprinted by permission.