Brunswick Personnel

Brunswick Records: A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931, compiled by Ross Laird.

The following is a very incomplete list of prominent figures known from various contemporary sources to have held positions at Brunswick during the period covered by these volumes. It was thought worthwhile to bring together even these far from comprehensive details as a guide to what position various individuals held who are mentioned from time to time in the files. The dates given are in most cases only the years for which the person mentioned is known to have held the position listed. These dates are often far from definitive, and should be regarded as a guide only.

Table 4:

Brunswick Personnel in the U.S.

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Name Position Dates
Abelowitz, Chester New York District sales representive 1921
Avery, Elmer Washington D.C. branch 1928
Axelrod, L. [official position unknown] 1931
Beach, Harry A. Manager, Eastern Phonograph Division 1924-1925
Bensinger, B. E . President 1924-1925
Bensinger, R. F. Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer 1924
Biesel, Charles Sales Manager, Vocalion Record Division 1928
Borchardt, Bruno Managing Director of Deutsche Grammophon-Gesellschaft (German affiliate) (negotiated Brunswick-Deutsche Grammophon partnership in New York) 1927
Bradshaw, H. C. Monitor operator 1930
Brophy, William A. General Manager, Record Department 1916-1928
Brown, W. J. Brunswick talent scout 1930
Brunswick, B. H. Vice-President, Cincinnati 1924
Chapman, Chris Studio director 1923-
Chelf, R. Recording engineer 1930
Corcoran, P. F. Pacific Coast Sales Manager 1923
Cuthbert, A. [official position unknown] 1931
Darby, W. Sinkler. Technical Director 1923-1926
Darby, W. Sinkler. Managing Director of British Brunswick 1926
Davenport, H. F.  Vice-President, Chicago 1924
Deutsch, Percy L. Assistant Secretary (and later Company Vice-President) (grandson of J.M. Brunswick, founder of the company) 1920-1927
Dwyer, T. W. Treasurer 1921
Eames, Henry P. Director of Music Department 1920
Elliott, Frank [official position unknown] 1931
Foster, Raymond Laboratory Executive 1928-1929
Goldman, S. [official position unknown] 1931
Greenberg, Ruby Musical director 1927
Haenschen, Walter G. Manager, Popular Record Department 1916-1927
Haring, Robert Recording Laboratory Director 1929-1931
Henderson, J. E. Record Sales Manager 1928
Hofbauer, Frank  Director, Recording Rooms 1916-1920
Homing, FrankS. Manager, Recording Studios 1928-1929
Hutchings, W. C. Assistant General Sales Manager, Phonograph Division 1923-1927
Jackson, Robert W. Manager, St. Louis branch 1915-1923
Jackson, Robert W. General Sales Manager, Musical Division 1927-1931
Kapp, Jack Manager, Vocalion Race Record Division 1926-1928
Kapp, Jack Manager, Vocalion Record Division 1928-1930
Kapp, Jack Manager, Brunswick Recording Laboratories 1930-1931
Katzman, Louis Musical Director 192?-1928
Katzman, Louis General Manager of New York Recording Laboratory 1929-1930
Kendrick, A.J. General Sales Manager 1923-1927
Kennedy, K. [official position unknown] 1931
Klaidman, M. [official position unknown] 1931
Kruse, H. [official position unknown] 1931
Lanyon, R. [official position unknown] 1931
Lyons, R.F, Chicago Recording Laboratory 1929
McGregor, C.P. Manager, San Francisco branch 1924
McKelvey, C.T.  Sales Promotion Department 1925
MacKinnon, C.D. General Record Sales Manager 192?-1927
McKinnon, C.R. Traveler, Vocalion Record Division, 1925-
Nelson, Elmer C. Assistant Manager of Boston branch 1925
O’Keefe, James Assistant Manager of New York Recording Laboratory 1928-1931
Pieri, D.P. Radio Division 1925
Rackmil, M. [official position unknown] 1931
Rockwell, Tom Recording director 1931
Rogers, Walter B. General Musical Director 1916-192?
Schank, J.C. Treasurer 1924
Sebok, Louis  Director, Foreign Record Division 1927-1929
Sherk, H. [official position unknown] 1931
Sisson, E. [official position unknown] 1931
Smith, H. [official position unknown] 1931
Stevens, E.F. [official position unknown] 1931
Strauss, Edward A. Manager, New York branch 1921-1925
Strauss, Edward A. Manager, Vocalion 1925-1928
Townsend, Ralph H. Engineer 1925
Turner, S.J. Advertising Manager 1919
Voynow, Richard Assistant Director, Chicago Recording Laboratory 1929-1931
Ware, Percy A. Promotion Manager, Eastern Phonograph Division 1924
Weth, M. [official position unknown] 1931
Winters, Francis H. Glendale branch 1928
Wirges, William F. Manager, Recording Laboratories 192H-1929
Yorke, H. Emerson Manager, Publicity 1926-1927
Yorke, H. Emerson Brunswick Laboratories 1927-
Young, Victor Musical Director 1931
Zuvich, J. [official position unknown] 1931


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Brunswick Records: A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931  (4 vols). Compiled by Ross Laird. Reprinted by permission.