OKeh Historical Survey: Okeh Personnel

Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934, compiled by Ross Laird and Brian Rust.

The following is a very incomplete listing of prominent figures known from various contemporary sources to have held positions relating to the production of OKeh records during the period covered by this volume. In most cases few (if any) further details are known of the persons named, and the dates specified indicate only the period in which the source(s) in which they are named were published and the actual period of time during which they were involved in some way with OKeh records may be considerably longer than indicated.

Bloom, Rube Studio accompanist 1927
Brockman, P.C. Atlanta office 1925
Decker, Peter P. Assistant Recording Engineer 1919-1928
Fritsche, Allan Vice-President & Sales Manager 1926-1927
Griffen, Thos. E. Record Pressing Plant Supervisor 1918
Hager, Fred W. Musical Director 1918-1922
Heineman, Otto President General Phono Corp. 1915-1926
"" President & General Manager OKeh Phono Corp. 1926-
Hibbard, Charles L. Technical Director [ie. recording engineer) 1918-1929
Jeffers, G.S. General Sales Representative 1925
Kramer, Charles Record Pressing Plant Manager 1918
Peer, Ralph S. Director of Record Production 1924-1925
"" General Sales Manager 1925-1926
Ring, Justin Music Supervisor 1921-1930
Rockwell, Tom G. Recording Manager 1927-
Sanella, Andy Studio musician 1927-
Sieber, J.A. Advertising Manager 1923-
Stephens, Bob “Harmonist’’ [sic] 1927-1928
Taylor, Al Assistant to engineers 1927
Timm, William A. Unknown position 1921-1925
Timm, William A. Manager Foreign Record Department 1925-1927
Voglhut, Miguel Vice-President American Odeon Corp. 1921-1922


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Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934 . Compiled by Ross Laird and Brian Rust. Reprinted by permission.