OKeh User's Guide

Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934, compiled by Ross Laird and Brian Rust.

Artist Credits

Unless otherwise specified the artist credit shown in upper case script at the head of each session applies to all issues listed. Any exceptions are specifically indicated following any alternative artist credits shown.

Place and Date of Recording

The location of each session is shown in abbreviated form before the date of recording. The full form of the location is shown at the beginning of each block of master numbers. The recording date is shown in the form  month, day, year. As the exact date of recording for most pre-1926 sessions is not known these dates are usually shown as month and year only. Where the month in which the recording was made is not known with any certainly the form  "circa" [ca.] precedes the date. Beginning in late 1929 some masters were renumbered from various Columbia matrix series into the OKeh matrix series for release on OKeh and other labels. Since there are no OKeh recording dates for these masters the symbol ***is shown where the recording date would normally be indicated.

Matrix Numbers

The master number and take(s) issued are shown for each selection where known. Where two or more takes are shown, all are believed to have been released (although not necessarily on all issues).


The original title is listed first. Where variant titles were used (usually foreign language titles so that the recording could be issued in a series marketed to a specific ethnic community) these are shown following the original title with the issues so designated on the same line.

Original Issues

Only original 78rpm issues are shown  together such foreign language issues as come within the scope of this discography. Specifically, all known British, Canadian, Australian & Japanese 78rpm releases are also listed as these are the only series for which complete data was available. European or South American issues are listed only if there was no other 78rpm release of the title concerned.


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Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934 . Compiled by Ross Laird and Brian Rust. Reprinted by permission.