American Berliner Gramophone Records on LP and CD

Berliner Gramophone Records: American Issues, 1892-1900, compiled by Paul Charosh.

The discs described on the foregoing pages are generally inaccessible today, although specimens of some exist in archives and private collections. Fortunately, some have been re-issued during recent years; and although the long-playing and compact discs on which they reappeared may also not be available now, these may be more easily located than the original recordings. Addresses are supplied for those understood to be available at this time.

(LP) Crystal S451

Crystal Records
2235 Willida Lane
Sedro Wooley, WA 98284

Arthur Pryor – Trombone Solos includes

3308           Little Nell – Arthur Pryor
3412 Z        Nearer My God, to Thee – Pryor and Higgins

 (CD) Document Records DOCD-5216

c/o Johnny Parth
Eipeldauerstrabe 23/43/5
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Too Late, Too Late – volume two includes

3010: Poor Mourner – Cousins and DeMoss

(LP) Folkways FC 7777

A Cry From the Earth: Music of the North American Indians includes two unnumbered, previously unpublished discs from a group recorded by James Mooney, ethnologist of the Smithsonian Institution, on 5 and 11 July 1894.

(CD) Pearl Gemms CDS 9050-d

Pavilion Records, Ltd.
Sparrows Green
Wadhurst, E. Sussex, England

Music From The New York Stage, 1890-1920, volume one includes

525 X: The Geisha: Chin Chin Chinaman – James T. Powers
552: Robin Hood: O Promise Me – Jessie Bartlett Davis
3020: The Serenade: Don Jose of Seville – Jessie Bartlett Davis and W. H. MacDonald
3179 Z: The Fortune Teller: Opening Chorus of School Girls
3180: The Fortune Teller: Always Do As People Say You Should – Alice Nielsen and     chorus
3181: The Fortune Teller: Finale to 2nd Act – chorus of trumpets and drums
4266-4268 The Serenade: Dreaming, Dreaming (three verses) Henry Clay Barnabee, Helena Frederick and George B. Frothingham
073-074: A Runaway Girl: The Soldiers in the Park (verses 3-6) Runaways Girl Company, solo and chorus

(LP) Mark56 828

First Disc Recordings includes

1: High School Cadets – anon. band
2: March – Double Eangle – anon. band
29 X: Carmen Selection – Banda Rossa
113 Y: The Serenade Waltz – Sousa’s Band
143 ZZ: King Cotton March – Sousa’s Band
171 Z: The Streets of Cairo – Dan W. Quinn
193 X: Oh, Uncle John – George J. Gaskin
241: Boston Belles Polka – anon. cornet duet
360 W: Comin’ Thro’ the Rye – Helen Jenynge
552 Y: Robin Hood: O Promise Me – Jessïe Barlett Davis
830: Morning Serenade – Ladies Brass Quartet
959 Z: The Sidewalks of New York: George J. Gaskin
1490 Z: The Charlatan March – Metropolitan Orchestra
1981: A Runaway Girl: The Sly Cigarette – S. H. Dudley
7749: Thoughts of Home – Stengler and McNeice
064: Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill – George J. Gaskin
0146: The Mocking Bird – Harry Taft
0181: Whistling Rufus – Sosa’s Band
0201: A Hot Time in the Old Town – Sousa’s Band
0428: Military Mollie – S. H. Dudley
0572: Il Trovatore: Misere – Ferruccio Giannini
0653: Imitation of Steam Calliope – Brilliant Quartette
0932: La La Palizer – Press Eldridge

[The above was later released as part of Murray Hill four-part set M 60092, First Commercially Successful Recordings, “prepared exclusively for Outlet Books, Publisher’s Central Bureau.”]

 (LP) Piedmont PLP 13158

Ragtime: A Recorded Documentary includes

487: Vega March – Cullen and Collins
0181: Whistling Rufus – Sousa’s Band
0831: Cupid’s Arrow – Stuber and Weaver
0863: Sounds from Africa – Vess L. Ossman
0865: Happy Go Lucky – Vess L. Ossman
0867: Ethiopian Mardi Gras – Vess L. Ossman

 (LP) Rococo 4003

Actors and Actresses includes

5016: Taming of the Shrew and Country Girl – Ada Rehan

 (CD) Saydisc SDL 336

Chipping Manor, The Chipping
Wotton-under-Edge Glos.
GL12 7AD England

Ragtime Cakewalks and Stomps, vol. 2 – I’ll Dance Till De Sun Breaks Through includes

485     Eli Green’s Cakewalk – Cullen and Collins

 (LP) Smithsonian RO17 DPM 30366

The Smithsonian Collection
Suite 2100 Amtrak Building
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D. C. 20560

The Music of Victor Herbert includes

3179 Z: The Fortune Teller: Opening Chorus of School Girls
3180: The Fortune Teller: Always Do As People Say You Should – Alice Nielsen and chorus
3181 Z: The Fortune Teller: Finale to 2nd Act – chorus of trumpets and drums
70005: The Fortune Teller: March – anon. orchestra

 (CD) Symposium CD 1058

110 Derwent Avenue
East Barnet, Hertfordshire
EN4 8LZ England

Emile Berliner’s Gramophone: The Earliest Discs includes

30 X: The Thunderer – Sousa’s Band
404 Y: Laughing Song – George W. Johnson
641: Advertising Plants Baking Powder – George Graham
668 Z: 23rd Psalm – anon.
705: The Spirit of ’76 – drum and fife
983 X: Rigoletto: Questa o quella
1748: The Czar of the Tenderloin – Will F. Denny

 (LP) Westwood LP 501

Original Sounds of the 1890s includes

7 Y: William Tell: Overture, Finale – Banda Rossa
30 Y: The Thunderer – Sousa’s Band
102: Dixie – Sousa’s Band
164 W: The Old Folks at Home – George J. Gaskin
214: American Medley – W. Paris Chambers
230 ZZ: Commodore Polka – Thomas Clark
248 Z: Swiss Boy – anon. cornet duet
345: Spaghetti Polka – F. Giardella [sic]
648: Drinking – George Graham
727: Bye Bye Ma Honey – Billy Golden
858 Z: Hear Dem Bells – Brilliant Quartette
871 X: My Old Kentucky Home – Haydn Quartet
903 Z: Il Trovatore: Di quella pira – Ferruccio Giannini
961: The Band Played On – Dan W. Quinn
3306: Love Thoughts Waltz – Arthur Pryor
3662 Z: Bob-o-Link – Virginia Powell Goodwin
3900 Z: Carnival of Venice – Jean Moeremans
4288: Columbian Anthem – Haydn Quartet
5903 Z: Dance of the Brownies – Joseph Cullen
0182: Rubber Neck Jim – Sousa’s Band
0201: A Hot Time in the Old Town – Sousa’s Band
0504: Admiral Dewey March – U.S. Marine Band

Only the Mark56 and Westwood LPs cited above are devoted exclusively to Berliner Gramophone discs recorded in the United States. The others also include bands of discs not falling within the purview of the discography. This material has not been listed here.

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Berliner Gramophone Records in America: A Discography. Compiled by Paul Charosh.  Reprinted by permission.