Decca Acknowledgments

The Decca Labels: A Discography - compiled by Michel Ruppli.

A work of this size could not have been completed without the help of many people who provided information, files, and catalogues for its compilation.

First, I am greatly indebted to Bill Daniels, who did extensive research in the Country Music Foundation Library in Nashville, and provided full information on the large MCA files related to Decca material. My deepest thanks to him for the time he spent on his research and the essential help he provided, thus allowing me to believe in the feasibility of this project.

Essential help also came from Jacques Lubin, who provided many Decca catalogues, and from John Ingman, who completed information on many sessions and helped sort out details on the Buddy Holly recordings. John is preparing a book on Buddy Holly in which a still more complete story will appear.

Great assistance came from Richard Weize, who provided full details on the sessions he reissued on his Bear Family records and discs, and from Bill Bennett, who assisted in listing all the early Decca record series.

I am also greatly indebted to Bob Pinson, Ronnie Pugh, Neil V. Rosenberg, Don Roy, Edward L. Stubbs, and Charles Wolfe, who did research for the discographies used in the Bear Family Records. 

Helpful details also came from Denis Brown, Chris Clark, Ken G. Clee, Michael Cuscuna, Graham Davies, J. D. Ehrhard, Ferdie Gonzalez, Brian Gray, Cedric Hayes, Michel Macaire, Fred Masotti, Kurt Mohr, George Moonoodjian, Ed Novitsky, Victor Pearlin, Robert Pernet, Gilles Petard, Bob Parr, Daniel Richard, Chris Sheridan, Manfred Thonicke, and M. Devincre, La Phonotheque Nationale, Paris.

My thanks go to all of those named above and to all other friends who sent information, provided assistance, and were unintentionally overlooked.

Finally, I made great use of the many publications listed in the Bibliography.

Michel Ruppli, August 1995