John Bolig Bluebird Label Discography

The American Discography Project is pleased to announce the availability of the second volume in our collaboration with John Bolig, the Bluebird Label Discography. A PDF can be downloaded here. It documents discs issued by RCA Victor’s budget label, Bluebird Records, issued from 1932 into the late 1940s. The Bluebird Label Discography provides authoritative descriptions of over 10,000 master recordings issued by Bluebird during one of the most interesting eras of the American record business.

Allan Sutton of Mainspring Press published Volume 1 of the Bluebird Discography in 2015. This includes that volume as well as the planned (but not published) second and third volumes combined in one PDF. We are grateful to Allan for allowing us to republish the introduction he wrote with John for Volume 1.

In recognition of his Victor research and discographies, John Bolig was awarded the Association for Recorded Sound Collections Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

The dowloadable eBook is available at: