Leeds & Catlin Records: Acknowledgments

I am especially grateful to Steve Harding, Kurt Nauck, and Tim Brooks, without whose help Bill Bryant’s and the Record Research associates’ research materials and unpublished manuscripts might well have remained inaccessible, or been lost entirely. The recovery of these materials (in storage since the mid-1990s) and subsequent assignment of publication rights to Mainspring Press marks a major step forward for discographical research.

Completion of this project would not have been possible without help from the numerous collectors, dealers, and researchers (many of them no longer with us) who provided data or access to their holdings over the course of many decades, including E. G. Anderson, Frank Andrews, Perry Armagnac, Arthur Badrock, Joe Baldwin, Thomas E. Banulski, Brian Barnes, David Barron, Ernie Bayly, John V. Beck, George Blacker, Ted Bombadier, Oliver Brauer, Frank Bridges, Tim Brooks, Martin Bryan, Harold Burgess, Paul Burgess, Dick Carty, Paul Charosh, Donald W. Chichester, Don Cleary, Robert Cogswell, Jerry Cook, Dave Cotter, John Cowles, Allen G. Debus, Michael Eert, Tim Fabrizio, Milford H. Fargo, Robert Foote, David Giovannoni, Robert T. Gordon, Tim Gracyk, Oliver Graham, Bill Hatchtell, Mike Haddock, Edward Hall, Reginald Hall, Llewellyn Harding, Howard Hazelcorn, Alvin Heckard, James Hedges, Lynwood Heiges, John Heliker, John Hickman, Mardon Hinkle, Larry Holdridge, Geoff Howl, Arnold Jacobson, David A. Jasen, Anton Johannes, Dave Jones, W. Keessen, Carl Kendziora, Albert Kuechle, Len Kunstadt, Vic Landberg, S. A. Langkammerer, Peter G. Leavitt, Eugene Le Veque, John C. Lemke, Kevin LoRusso, Gilbert Louey, Charles G. Mandrake, Rich Markow, Joseph Martel, Leigh Martinet, Earl Matthewson, Eugene McCormick, Mark McDaniel, P. L. Miller, Walt Mitchell, William Moran, Kurt Nauck, Don Nelson, Brevoort Odell, H. H. Patterson, John A. Petty, Maurice B. Pope, Barbara Prosser, Kim Rauch, Herb Rice, Quentin Riggs, Brian Rust, Norman A. Schweikert, Joseph Sedlar, Claude Seary, William Shaman, John C. Sicignano, Michael Sims, Fred Smith, Brian J. Spector, Bob Stone, Bryan Lloyd Taylor, Ben Thacher, Henry A. Tiemann Jr., Ben H. Tongue, Raymond Tump, R. J. Wakeman, Crandall Wallenstein, Jim Walsh, Richard Warren Jr., Don Wetzell, and Frederick P. Williams.

Allan Sutton