Kenny Clarke (instrumentalist : drums)

Also known as: Salaam, Ali

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Victor BS-046832 10-in. 2/5/1940 Indian summer Sidney Bechet ; New Orleans Feetwarmers Jazz/dance quintet  
Victor BS-046833 10-in. 2/5/1940 One o'clock jump Sidney Bechet ; New Orleans Feetwarmers Jazz/dance quintet  
Victor BS-046834 10-in. 2/5/1940 Preachin' blues Sidney Bechet ; New Orleans Feetwarmers ; Sonny White Jazz/dance quintet, with male vocal solo  
Victor BS-046835 10-in. 2/5/1940 Sidney's blues Sidney Bechet ; New Orleans Feetwarmers Jazz/dance quintet  
Decca 62217 10-in. 5/25/1937 Caravan Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62218 10-in. 5/25/1937 Edgar steps out Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62219 10-in. 5/25/1937 Laughing at life Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62220 10-in. 5/25/1937 Stomping at the Renny Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62450 10-in. 7/27/1937 Laughing at life Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62451 10-in. 7/27/1937 High, wide and handsome Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62452 10-in. 7/27/1937 Satan takes a holiday Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62573 10-in. 9/7/1937 Love me or leave me Edgar Hayes Quintet  
Decca 62574 10-in. 9/7/1937 Blue skies Edgar Hayes Quintet  
Decca 62575 10-in. 9/7/1937 So rare Edgar Hayes Quintet  
Decca 62675 10-in. 10/11/1937 Queen Isabella Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62676 10-in. 10/11/1937 Old King Cole Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62677 10-in. 10/11/1937 Shindig Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62678 10-in. 10/11/1937 Let's love Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 62679 10-in. 10/11/1937 I know now Edgar Hayes Quintet  
Decca 62680 10-in. 10/11/1937 Sweetheart Edgar Hayes Quintet  
Decca 62681 10-in. 10/11/1937 When you and I were young, Maggie Edgar Hayes Quintet  
Decca 63157 10-in. 1/14/1938 Meet the band Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63158 10-in. 1/14/1938 Fugitive from a harem Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63159 10-in. 1/14/1938 Swingin' in the promised land Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63160 10-in. 1/14/1938 Barbary Coast blues Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63294 10-in. 2/17/1938 Help me Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63295 10-in. 2/17/1938 Without you Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63296 10-in. 2/17/1938 You're my first thought every morning Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63297 10-in. 2/17/1938 In the mood Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63298 10-in. 2/17/1938 Star dust Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 63299 10-in. 2/17/1938 Sophisticated swing Edgar Hayes Orchestra  
Decca 69114 10-in. 5/1/1941 I'm my baby's baby Buddy Johnson and his Band  
Decca 69115 10-in. 5/1/1941 New Please Mr. Johnson Buddy Johnson and his Band  
Decca 69116 10-in. 5/1/1941 It's the gold Buddy Johnson and his Band  
Decca 69117 10-in. 5/1/1941 Troyon Club swing Buddy Johnson and his Band  
Decca 69118 10-in. 5/1/1941 Southern exposure Buddy Johnson and his Band  
Decca 69784 10-in. 10/6/1941 Jim Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 69785 10-in. 10/6/1941 This love of mine Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 73497 4/9/1946 Baby, I don't cry over you Billie Holiday  
Decca 73498 4/9/1946 I'll look around Billie Holiday  
Decca 73987 7/1/1947 This train Sister Rosetta Tharpe  
Decca 73988 7/1/1947 Oh, when I come to the end of my journey Mary (Marie) Knight ; Sister Rosetta Tharpe  
Decca 73989 7/1/1947 Didn't it rain Mary (Marie) Knight ; Sister Rosetta Tharpe  
Decca 73990 7/1/1947 Stretch out Mary (Marie) Knight ; Sister Rosetta Tharpe  
Decca 74006 7/16/1947 Another woman's man Monette Moore  
Decca 74007 7/16/1947 Please Mr. Blues Monette Moore  
Decca 74008 7/16/1947 Bad luck blues Cousin Joe  
Decca 74009 7/16/1947 Box car shorty Cousin Joe  
Decca 84368 4/29/1953 Owl eyes-1 Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84369 4/29/1953 Study in purple-1 Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84370 4/29/1953 There's a small hotel Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84371 4/29/1953 Laura-1 Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84813 7/6/1953 Maya Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84814 7/3/1953 Night and day Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84815 7/6/1953 The nearness of you Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84816 7/6/1953 Bags' groove Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 84885 7/20/1953 My kinda love Jackie Paris ; Tony Scott Orchestra  
Decca 84886 7/20/1953 Time to go Tony Scott Orchestra  
Decca 84887 7/20/1953 Opus one Jackie Paris ; Tony Scott Orchestra  
Decca 84888 7/20/1953 The blues have got me Tony Scott Orchestra  
Decca 85766 1/25/1954 Lullaby of the leaves-1 Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 88140 6/14/1955 Just one of those things Carmen McRae  
Decca 88141 6/14/1955 Sometimes I'm happy Carmen McRae  
Decca 88142 6/14/1955 Something to live for-1 Carmen McRae  
Decca 88143 6/14/1955 Love is here to stay Carmen McRae  
Decca 88144 6/14/1955 I can't get started Carmen McRae  
Decca 88145 6/14/1955 This will make you laugh Carmen McRae  
Decca 88146 6/14/1955 Suppertime-2 Carmen McRae  
Decca 88147 6/16/1955 My one and only love Carmen McRae  
Decca 88148 6/16/1955 Yardbird suite Carmen McRae  
Decca 88149 6/16/1955 Give me the simple life Carmen McRae  
Decca 88150 6/16/1955 I'll remember April Carmen McRae  
Decca 88151 6/16/1955 You took advantage of me Carmen McRae  
Decca 89232 1/24/1956 Spring it was Mat Mathews Quintet  
Decca 107472 10/20/1949 My man (Mon homme) Sidney Bechet  


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