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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Columbia W148617 10-in. 5/23/1929 Gotta feelin' for you The Seven Hot Air-Men Jazz/dance ensemble  
Columbia W148618 10-in. 5/23/1929 Low down rhythm The Seven Hot Air-Men Jazz/dance ensemble  
OKeh S-72848 10-in. 9/24/1924 Go Emmaline The Goofus Five Jazz/dance ensemble  
OKeh S-72849 10-in. 9/24/1924 Hey! Hey! And hee! Hee! (I'm Charleston crazy) The Goofus Five Jazz/dance ensemble  
OKeh W400781 10-in. 6/12/1928 God's river blues Georgia Crackers ; Emmett Miller Male vocal solo, with jazz/dance ensemble  
OKeh W401308 10-in. 11/10/1928 It's right here for you Tommy Dorsey Trumpet solo, with guitar, string bass, harmonium, and drums  
OKeh W401309 10-in. 11/10/1928 Tiger rag Tommy Dorsey Trumpet solo, with guitar, string bass, and drums  
OKeh W401821 10-in. 4/23/1929 Daddy, change your mind Tom Dorsey Novelty Orchestra Jazz/dance quartet  
OKeh W401822 10-in. 4/23/1929 You can't cheat a cheater Tom Dorsey Novelty Orchestra Jazz/dance quartet  
Decca 38301 10-in. 8/14/1934 Heat wave The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38302 10-in. 8/14/1934 By heck The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38303 10-in. 8/15/1934 Stop, look and listen The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38304 10-in. 8/15/1934 I'm gettin' sentimental over you The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38307 10-in. 8/15/1934 Long may we love The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38308 10-in. 8/15/1934 Annie's Cousin Fanny The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38309 10-in. 8/15/1934 Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jibe The Dorsey Brothers  
Decca 38844 10-in. 10/15/1934 You gotta give credit to love Johnnie Davis Orchestra  
Decca 38866 10-in. 10/22/1934 Don't stop me if you've heard it before Johnnie Davis Orchestra  
Decca 38867 10-in. 10/22/1934 Were you foolin'? Johnnie Davis Orchestra  
Decca 38868 10/22/1934 A hundred to one it's you Johnnie Davis Orchestra  
Decca 38869 10-in. 10/22/1934 Congratulate me Johnnie Davis Orchestra  
Decca 38874 10-in. 10/23/1934 It had to be you Adrian Rollini Orchestra  
Decca 38875 10-in. 10/23/1934 Sugar Adrian Rollini Orchestra  
Decca 38876 10-in. 10/23/1934 Davenport blues Adrian Rollini Orchestra  
Decca 38877 10-in. 10/22/1934 Somebody loves me Adrian Rollini Orchestra  
Decca 38878 10-in. 10/22/1934 Riverboad shuffle Adrian Rollini Orchestra  
Decca 39696 10-in. 7/11/1935 Let's swing it Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 39697 10-in. 7/11/1935 You're so darn charming Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 39698 10-in. 7/11/1935 My very good friend the milkman Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 39699 10-in. 7/11/1935 Double trouble Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 60029 10-in. 10/8/1935 Top hat, white tie and tails Boswell Sisters  
Decca 60030 10-in. 10/8/1935 Cheek to cheek Boswell Sisters  
Decca 60194 10-in. 12/4/1935 When a great love comes along Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 60195 10-in. 12/4/1935 Yankee Doodle never went to Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 60196 10-in. 12/4/1935 No other one Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 60197 10-in. 12/4/1935 A little bit independent Babs and her Brothers  
Decca 60286 10-in. 12/27/1935 Moon over Miami Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60287 10-in. 12/27/1935 Cling to me Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60288 10-in. 12/27/1935 Lovely lady Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60289 10-in. 12/27/1935 With all my heart Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60295 10-in. 1/3/1936 The broken record Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60296 10-in. 1/3/1936 The broken record Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60302 10-in. 1/6/1936 I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter Boswell Sisters  
Decca 60303 10-in. 1/6/1936 The music goes 'round and around Boswell Sisters  
Decca 60311 10-in. 1/8/1936 I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60312 10-in. 1/8/1936 Mama don't allow it Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60313 10-in. 1/8/1936 (If I had) Rhythm in my nursery rhymes Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60314 10-in. 1/8/1936 I hope Gabriel likes my music Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60337 10-in. 1/15/1936 Moonburn Bob Terry Orchestra  
Decca 60338 10-in. 1/15/1936 My heart and I Bob Terry Orchestra  
Decca 60339 10-in. 1/15/1936 It's been so long Bob Terry Orchestra  
Decca 60340 10-in. 1/15/1936 Sing an old-fashioned song Bob Terry Orchestra  
Decca 60365 10-in. 1/20/1936 Sing an old-fashioned song Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60368 10-in. 1/20/1936 I'm building up an awful letdown Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60391 10-in. 1/26/1936 Life begins when you're in love Harry Richman  
Decca 60392 10-in. 1/26/1936 Let's go Harry Richman  
Decca 60393 10-in. 1/26/1936 Susannah Harry Richman  
Decca 60394 10-in. 1/26/1936 There'll be no South Harry Richman  
Decca 60395 10-in. 1/27/1936 Alone Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60396 10-in. 1/27/1936 If I should lose you Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60397 10-in. 1/27/1936 Lights out Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60398 10-in. 1/27/1936 A little rendezvous in Honululu Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60399 10-in. 1/27/1936 But where are you? Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60400 10-in. 1/27/1936 Let's face the music and dance Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60404 10-in. 1/28/1936 Whose big baby are you? Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60405 10-in. 1/28/1936 Much too much Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60406 10-in. 1/28/1936 Garbo green Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60407 10-in. 1/28/1936 You hit the spot Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60438 10-in. 2/4/1936 I'm putting all my eggs in one basket Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 60439 10-in. 2/4/1936 Yes! Yes! My! My! Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 60444 10-in. 2/5/1936 Don't count your kisses Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60445 10-in. 2/5/1936 When love has gone Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60446 10-in. 2/5/1936 I don't know your name Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60447 10-in. 2/5/1936 Moon rose Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60448 10-in. 2/5/1936 I'm putting all my eggs in one basket Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60449 10-in. 2/5/1936 I'd rather lead a band Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60454 10-in. 2/10/1936 Spreadin' rhythm around Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60455 10-in. 2/10/1936 Wake up and sing Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60463 10-in. 2/12/1936 Let yourself go Boswell Sisters  
Decca 60464 10-in. 2/12/1936 I'm putting all my eggs in one basket Boswell Sisters  
Decca 60870 10-in. 3/5/1936 The panic is on Connie Boswell  
Decca 60873 10-in. 3/5/1936 Mama don't allow it Connie Boswell  
Decca 60900 10-in. 3/16/1936 Lost Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60901 10-in. 3/16/1936 Welcome stranger Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60902 10-in. 3/16/1936 It's a sin to tell a lie Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60903 10-in. 3/16/1936 The hills of Old Wyomin' Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60904 10-in. 3/16/1936 The touch of your lips Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60905 10-in. 3/16/1936 Is it true what they say about Dixie? Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60935 10-in. 3/26/1936 I'd like to see you Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60936 10-in. 3/26/1936 If love is blind Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60937 10-in. 3/26/1936 Mr. Rhythm for president Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60938 10-in. 3/26/1936 Get acquainted with yourself Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60939 10-in. 3/26/1936 The best things happen at night Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60977 10-in. 4/3/1936 I can't get started with you Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60978 10-in. 4/3/1936 I can pull a rabbit out of my hat Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60979 10-in. 4/3/1936 No use you knockin' Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60980 10-in. 4/3/1936 Public weakness No.1 Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60981 10-in. 4/3/1936 Let's not fall in love Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61042 10-in. 4/14/1936 Robins and roses Dick Robertson  
Decca 61043 10-in. 4/14/1936 Would you? Dick Robertson  
Decca 61255 10-in. 9/2/1936 Bojangles of Harlem Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61256 10-in. 9/2/1936 Mendel's son's swing song Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61257 10-in. 9/2/1936 Sing baby, sing Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61258 10-in. 9/2/1936 Swinging on the moon Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61311 10-in. 10/12/1936 Copper colored gal Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61312 10-in. 10/12/1936 That's what you mean to me Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61313 10-in. 10/12/1936 Hop skip jump Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61314 10-in. 10/12/1936 You're giving me a song and a dance Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62027 10-in. 3/1/1937 When the poppies bloom again Dick Robertson  
Decca 62028 10-in. 3/1/1937 May I have the next romance with you? Dick Robertson  
Decca 62029 10-in. 3/1/1937 Wanted Dick Robertson  
Decca 62030 10-in. 3/1/1937 Marie Dick Robertson  
Decca 62036 10-in. 3/12/1937 Me, myself and I Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62037 10-in. 3/12/1937 Spring cleaning (Getting ready for love) Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62038 10-in. 3/12/1937 You can't take it with you Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62039 10-in. 3/12/1937 You're just a little diff'rent Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62040 10-in. 3/12/1937 Bundle of love Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62074 10-in. 3/24/1937 Little old lady Dick Robertson  
Decca 62075 10-in. 3/24/1937 Too marvelous for words Dick Robertson  
Decca 62076 10-in. 3/24/1937 My little buckaroo Dick Robertson  
Decca 62077 10-in. 3/24/1937 September in the rain-1 Dick Robertson  
Decca 62168 10-in. 4/30/1937 You'll never go to heaven Dick Robertson  
Decca 62169 10-in. 4/30/1937 Toodle-oo Dick Robertson  
Decca 62170 10-in. 4/30/1937 It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom Lane Dick Robertson  
Decca 62171 10-in. 4/30/1937 On a little dream ranch Dick Robertson  
Decca 62204 10-in. 5/20/1937 You're precious to me Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62205 10-in. 5/20/1937 Fan my Brow Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62206 10-in. 5/20/1937 Formal night in Harlem Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62207 10-in. 5/20/1937 He's a gypsy from Poughkeepsie Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62284 10-in. 6/17/1937 Good mornin' Dick Robertson  
Decca 62285 10-in. 6/17/1937 The Miller's daughter Marianne Dick Robertson  
Decca 62286 10-in. 6/17/1937 The merry-go-round broke down Dick Robertson  
Decca 62287 10-in. 6/17/1937 Gone with the wind Dick Robertson  
Decca 62348 10-in. 7/9/1937 Easy living Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62349 10-in. 7/9/1937 I'll take the key and lock you up Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62350 10-in. 7/9/1937 Sing and be happy Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62351 10-in. 7/9/1937 Penny wise and pound foolish Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62418 10-in. 7/21/1937 A sailboat in the moonlight Dick Robertson  
Decca 62419 10-in. 7/21/1937 Strangers in the dark Dick Robertson  
Decca 62420 10-in. 7/21/1937 My cabin of dreams Dick Robertson  
Decca 62421 10-in. 7/21/1937 Heaven help this heart of mine Dick Robertson  
Decca 62491 10-in. 8/3/1937 (I've been) Dispossessed by you Teddy Grace  
Decca 62492 10-in. 8/3/1937 Rock it for me Teddy Grace  
Decca 62493 10-in. 8/3/1937 I'm losing my mind over you Teddy Grace  
Decca 62494 10-in. 8/3/1937 I'm so in love with yo~ Teddy Grace  
Decca 62559 10-in. 8/24/1937 Ebb tide Dick Robertson  
Decca 62560 10-in. 8/24/1937 In a little Carolina town Dick Robertson  
Decca 62561 10-in. 8/24/1937 You can't stop me from dreaming Dick Robertson  
Decca 62562 10-in. 8/24/1937 Blossoms on Broadway Dick Robertson  
Decca 62563 10-in. 8/24/1937 Sidewalks of New York Dick Robertson  
Decca 62564 10-in. 8/24/1937 Come, Josephine, in my flying machine Dick Robertson  
Decca 62633 10-in. 9/30/1937 Beat it out Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62634 10-in. 9/30/1937 I'm sorry I made you cry Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62635 10-in. 9/30/1937 What do you want to make those eyes at me for? Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62636 10-in. 9/30/1937 She's tall, she's tan, she's terrific Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62666 10-in. 10/7/1937 In my merry Oldsmobile Dick Robertson  
Decca 62667 10-in. 10/7/1937 Daisy Bell/Little Annie Rooney (On a bicyle ride all around Voc. 55025) Dick Robertson  
Decca 62668 10-in. 10/7/1937 Roses in December Dick Robertson  
Decca 62669 10-in. 10/7/1937 Getting some fun out of life Dick Robertson  
Decca 62686 10-in. 10/14/1937 Why talk about love? The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62687 10-in. 10/14/1937 Just a simple melody The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62696 10-in. 10/19/1937 Rollin' Plains Dick Robertson  
Decca 62697 10-in. 10/19/1937 I want you for Christmas Dick Robertson  
Decca 62698 10-in. 10/19/1937 In a shanty in old shanty town Dick Robertson  
Decca 62699 10-in. 10/19/1937 When it's Springtime in the Rockies Dick Robertson  
Decca 62700 10-in. 10/19/1937 I wonder who's kissing her now? Dick Robertson  
Decca 62701 10-in. 10/19/1937 Sweet Rosie O'Grady Dick Robertson  
Decca 62702 10-in. 10/21/1937 Two little girls in blue Dick Robertson  
Decca 62703 10-in. 10/21/1937 That old gang of mine Dick Robertson  
Decca 62704 10-in. 10/21/1937 Won't you come over to my house? Dick Robertson  
Decca 62705 10-in. 10/25/1937 That's how I need you Dick Robertson  
Decca 62706 10-in. 10/25/1937 My gal Sal Dick Robertson  
Decca 62759 11/10/1937 Somebody's thinking of you tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 62810 10-in. 11/24/1937 Nice work if you can get it The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62811 10-in. 11/24/1937 Bei mir bist du schoen The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62858 10-in. 12/6/1937 Wrap your cares in rhythm and dance The Nicholas Brothers  
Decca 62859 10-in. 12/6/1937 They say he ought to dance The Nicholas Brothers  
Decca 62860 10-in. 12/6/1937 Ten pretty girls Dick Robertson  
Decca 62861 10-in. 12/6/1937 A little white lighthouse Dick Robertson  
Decca 62891 10-in. 12/20/1937 The rhythm of the snowflakes Dick Robertson  
Decca 62892 10-in. 12/20/1937 The house on the hill Dick Robertson  
Decca 62893 10-in. 12/20/1937 Let's waltz for old times' sake Dick Robertson  
Decca 62894 10-in. 12/20/1937 Three o'clock in the morning Dick Robertson  
Decca 62895 10-in. 12/20/1937 Sail along silv'ry moon Dick Robertson  
Decca 63161 10-in. 1/14/1938 Bob White Dick Robertson  
Decca 63162 10-in. 1/14/1938 You're a sweetheart Dick Robertson  
Decca 63163 10-in. 1/14/1938 You started something Dick Robertson  
Decca 63164 10-in. 1/14/1938 I wonder what's become of Sally? Dick Robertson  
Decca 63165 10-in. 1/14/1938 Somebody's thinking of you tonight Dick Robertson  


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