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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Victor BS-06546 10-in. 3/26/1937 Shall we dance Paul Whiteman Orchestra Jazz/dance band  
Victor BS-06547 10-in. 3/26/1937 For you Allan Holt ; Paul Whiteman Orchestra Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo  
Victor CS-06557 12-in. 3/28/1937 All points West Bob Lawrence ; Paul Whiteman Concert Orchestra Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo and talk  
Victor CS-06558 12-in. 3/28/1937 All points West Bob Lawrence ; Paul Whiteman Concert Orchestra Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo and talk  
Decca 39435 10-in. 3/20/1935 Mello as a 'cello Joe Venuti's Blue Four  
Decca 39436 10-in. 3/20/1935 Mystery Joe Venuti's Blue Four  
Decca 39437 10-in. 3/20/1935 Send me Joe Venuti's Blue Four  
Decca 39438 10-in. 3/20/1935 Vibraphonia No.2 Joe Venuti's Blue Four  
Decca 39439 10-in. 3/20/1935 Nothing but notes Joe Venuti's Blue Four  
Decca 39440 10-in. 3/20/1935 Tap room blues Joe Venuti's Blue Four  
Decca 61197 10-in. 6/24/1936 Sweet strings Frank Victor ; Harry Volpe  
Decca 61198 10-in. 6/24/1936 Easy like Frank Victor ; Harry Volpe  
Decca 61206 10-in. 7/20/1936 Pagan fantasy Frank Victor ; Harry Volpe  
Decca 61207 10-in. 7/20/1936 Swingin' the scale Bud Rainey  
Decca 61455 10-in. 12/4/1936 Vibrollini Adrian Rollini Trio  
Decca 61456 10-in. 12/4/1936 Driftin' Adrian Rollini Trio  
Decca 61460 10-in. 12/7/1936 My mother's last goodbye Adrian Rollini Trio  
Decca 61507 10-in. 1/11/1937 Rebound Adrian Rollini Trio  
Decca 61508 10-in. 1/11/1937 Jitters Adrian Rollini Trio  
Decca 62074 10-in. 3/24/1937 Little old lady Dick Robertson  
Decca 62075 10-in. 3/24/1937 Too marvelous for words Dick Robertson  
Decca 62076 10-in. 3/24/1937 My little buckaroo Dick Robertson  
Decca 62077 10-in. 3/24/1937 September in the rain-1 Dick Robertson  
Decca 62168 10-in. 4/30/1937 You'll never go to heaven Dick Robertson  
Decca 62169 10-in. 4/30/1937 Toodle-oo Dick Robertson  
Decca 62170 10-in. 4/30/1937 It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom Lane Dick Robertson  
Decca 62171 10-in. 4/30/1937 On a little dream ranch Dick Robertson  
Decca 62204 10-in. 5/20/1937 You're precious to me Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62205 10-in. 5/20/1937 Fan my Brow Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62206 10-in. 5/20/1937 Formal night in Harlem Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62207 10-in. 5/20/1937 He's a gypsy from Poughkeepsie Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62284 10-in. 6/17/1937 Good mornin' Dick Robertson  
Decca 62285 10-in. 6/17/1937 The Miller's daughter Marianne Dick Robertson  
Decca 62286 10-in. 6/17/1937 The merry-go-round broke down Dick Robertson  
Decca 62287 10-in. 6/17/1937 Gone with the wind Dick Robertson  
Decca 62348 10-in. 7/9/1937 Easy living Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62349 10-in. 7/9/1937 I'll take the key and lock you up Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62350 10-in. 7/9/1937 Sing and be happy Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62351 10-in. 7/9/1937 Penny wise and pound foolish Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62418 10-in. 7/21/1937 A sailboat in the moonlight Dick Robertson  
Decca 62419 10-in. 7/21/1937 Strangers in the dark Dick Robertson  
Decca 62420 10-in. 7/21/1937 My cabin of dreams Dick Robertson  
Decca 62421 10-in. 7/21/1937 Heaven help this heart of mine Dick Robertson  
Decca 62491 10-in. 8/3/1937 (I've been) Dispossessed by you Teddy Grace  
Decca 62492 10-in. 8/3/1937 Rock it for me Teddy Grace  
Decca 62493 10-in. 8/3/1937 I'm losing my mind over you Teddy Grace  
Decca 62494 10-in. 8/3/1937 I'm so in love with yo~ Teddy Grace  
Decca 62559 10-in. 8/24/1937 Ebb tide Dick Robertson  
Decca 62560 10-in. 8/24/1937 In a little Carolina town Dick Robertson  
Decca 62561 10-in. 8/24/1937 You can't stop me from dreaming Dick Robertson  
Decca 62562 10-in. 8/24/1937 Blossoms on Broadway Dick Robertson  
Decca 62563 10-in. 8/24/1937 Sidewalks of New York Dick Robertson  
Decca 62564 10-in. 8/24/1937 Come, Josephine, in my flying machine Dick Robertson  
Decca 62633 10-in. 9/30/1937 Beat it out Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62634 10-in. 9/30/1937 I'm sorry I made you cry Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62635 10-in. 9/30/1937 What do you want to make those eyes at me for? Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62636 10-in. 9/30/1937 She's tall, she's tan, she's terrific Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62666 10-in. 10/7/1937 In my merry Oldsmobile Dick Robertson  
Decca 62667 10-in. 10/7/1937 Daisy Bell/Little Annie Rooney (On a bicyle ride all around Voc. 55025) Dick Robertson  
Decca 62668 10-in. 10/7/1937 Roses in December Dick Robertson  
Decca 62669 10-in. 10/7/1937 Getting some fun out of life Dick Robertson  
Decca 62696 10-in. 10/19/1937 Rollin' Plains Dick Robertson  
Decca 62697 10-in. 10/19/1937 I want you for Christmas Dick Robertson  
Decca 62698 10-in. 10/19/1937 In a shanty in old shanty town Dick Robertson  
Decca 62699 10-in. 10/19/1937 When it's Springtime in the Rockies Dick Robertson  
Decca 62700 10-in. 10/19/1937 I wonder who's kissing her now? Dick Robertson  
Decca 62701 10-in. 10/19/1937 Sweet Rosie O'Grady Dick Robertson  
Decca 62702 10-in. 10/21/1937 Two little girls in blue Dick Robertson  
Decca 62703 10-in. 10/21/1937 That old gang of mine Dick Robertson  
Decca 62704 10-in. 10/21/1937 Won't you come over to my house? Dick Robertson  
Decca 62705 10-in. 10/25/1937 That's how I need you Dick Robertson  
Decca 62706 10-in. 10/25/1937 My gal Sal Dick Robertson  
Decca 62759 11/10/1937 Somebody's thinking of you tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 63138 10-in. 1/7/1938 Bill Artists vary  
Decca 63139 10-in. 1/7/1938 Singin' the blues Artists vary  
Decca 63140 10-in. 1/7/1938 The sweetest story ever told Artists vary  
Decca 63174 10-in. 1/18/1938 Bei mir bist du schoen Adrian Rollini Quintet  
Decca 63175 10-in. 1/18/1938 Josephine Adrian Rollini Quintet  
Decca 63176 10-in. 1/18/1938 You' re a sweetheart Adrian Rollini Quintet  
Decca 63177 10-in. 1/18/1938 True confession Adrian Rollini Quintet  
Decca 63178 10-in. 1/18/1938 I've hitched my wagon to a star Adrian Rollini Quintet  
Decca 63230 10-in. 1/31/1938 Marie, ah Marie Al Duffy Four  
Decca 63231 10-in. 1/31/1938 Funiculi, funicula Al Duffy Four  
Decca 63232 10-in. 1/31/1938 Ciribiribin Al Duffy Four  
Decca 63233 10-in. 1/31/1938 La Espagnola Al Duffy Four  
Decca 64950 10-in. 1/25/1939 Flip Joe Venuti and his Orchestra  
Decca 64951 10-in. 1/25/1939 Something Joe Venuti and his Orchestra  
Decca 64952 10-in. 1/25/1939 Flop Joe Venuti and his Orchestra  
Decca 64953 10-in. 1/25/1939 Nothing Joe Venuti and his Orchestra  
Decca 65326 10-in. 3/31/1939 You don't know how much you can suffer The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 65327 10-in. 3/31/1939 Rock, rock, rock-a-bye baby The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 65531 10-in. 5/3/1939 Beer barrel polka (Roll out the barrel) The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 65532 10-in. 5/3/1939 Well, all right The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 65602 10-in. 5/19/1939 Maybe Dick Robertson  
Decca 65603 10-in. 5/19/1939 Where do you work-a, John ? Dick Robertson  
Decca 65604 10-in. 5/19/1939 Pippinella Dick Robertson  
Decca 65605 10-in. 5/19/1939 Ain't cha comin' out? Dick Robertson  
Decca 65606 10-in. 5/19/1939 Who did you meet last night ? Dick Robertson  
Decca 66167 10-in. 8/22/1939 The man with the mandolin Leo Watson Orchestra  
Decca 66168 10-in. 8/22/1939 Utt da zay (The tailor song) Leo Watson Orchestra  
Decca 66169 10-in. 8/22/1939 Ja-da Leo Watson Orchestra  
Decca 66170 10-in. 8/22/1939 It's the tune that counts Leo Watson Orchestra  
Decca 66241 10-in. 8/30/1939 What good will it do? Dick Robertson  
Decca 66242 10-in. 8/30/1939 Baby me Dick Robertson  
Decca 66243 10-in. 8/30/1939 Somebody told me they loved me Dick Robertson  
Decca 66244 10-in. 8/30/1939 I wish I had died in my cradle Dick Robertson  
Decca 66495 10-in. 11/9/1939 Oh! Johnny, oh! Johnny, oh! Donald King  
Decca 66612 10-in. 9/19/1939 I only want a buddy, not a sweetheart Dick Robertson  
Decca 66613 10-in. 9/19/1939 That's what I want for Christmas Dick Robertson  
Decca 66614 10-in. 9/19/1939 Don't wait till the night before Christmas Dick Robertson  
Decca 66803 10-in. 10/27/1939 Lilacs in the rain Donald King  
Decca 66804 10-in. 10/27/1939 Are you havin' any fun? Donald King  
Decca 66805 10-in. 10/27/1939 Comes love Donald King  
Decca 66806 10-in. 10/27/1939 Hello, Mister Kringle Donald King  
Decca 66930 10-in. 12/5/1939 Put your little foot right out Donald King  
Decca 66931 10-in. 12/5/1939 She had to go and lose it at the Astor Donald King  
Decca 66932 10-in. 12/5/1939 As 'round and 'round we go Donald King  
Decca 66933 10-in. 12/5/1939 Ma! (He's making eyes at me) Donald King  
Decca 66934 10-in. 12/5/1939 All alone Donald King  
Decca 67038 10-in. 1/11/1940 Boomps - a - daisy Dick Robertson  
Decca 67039 10-in. 1/11/1940 Playmates Dick Robertson  
Decca 67217 10-in. 2/20/1940 Row, row, row Dick Robertson  
Decca 67219 10-in. 2/21/1940 Darn that dream Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67220 10-in. 2/21/1940 Tuxedo junction Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67221 10-in. 2/21/1940 Salt butter Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67222 10-in. 2/21/1940 Inconvenience Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67275 10-in. 3/8/1940 The wreck of the Old '97 Dick Robertson  
Decca 67418 10-in. 3/28/1940 Ain't you ashamed? Donald King  
Decca 67419 10-in. 3/28/1940 Little girl Donald King  
Decca 67420 10-in. 3/28/1940 If I could be with you one hour tonight Donald King  
Decca 67421 10-in. 3/28/1940 I want a girl just like the girl that married Dear Old Dad Donald King  
Decca 67422 10-in. 3/28/1940 I wish I had died in my cradle Donald King  
Decca 67559 10-in. 4/16/1940 The guy needs a gal Dick Robertson  
Decca 67560 10-in. 4/16/1940 The gang that sang Heart of my heart Dick Robertson  
Decca 67672 10-in. 5/3/1940 Nothin' to do Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67673 10-in. 5/3/1940 The down home blues Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67674 10-in. 5/3/1940 Your feet's too big Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67675 10-in. 5/3/1940 What's cooking? Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67821 10-in. 5/27/1940 The down home blues Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67822 10-in. 5/27/1940 Your feet's too big Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67823 10-in. 5/27/1940 Nothin' to do Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67824 10-in. 5/27/1940 What's cooking? Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67921 10-in. 7/9/1940 Ferryboat serenade Dick Robertson  
Decca 67922 10-in. 7/9/1940 Goodbye, little darlin' , goodbye Dick Robertson  
Decca 67925 10-in. 7/9/1940 On a simmery Summery day Dick Robertson  
Decca 67926 10-in. 7/9/1940 I'll never smile again Dick Robertson  
Decca 67944 10-in. 7/25/1940 You're a grand old flag-1 Dick Robertson  
Decca 67945 10-in. 7/25/1940 I am an American-1 Dick Robertson  
Decca 67946 10-in. 7/25/1940 When I get you alone tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 67947 10-in. 7/25/1940 Breaking my heart to keep away from you Dick Robertson  
Decca 67971 10-in. 8/9/1940 Don't leave me now Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67972 10-in. 8/9/1940 Chocolate Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67973 10-in. 8/9/1940 Pushin' the conversation along Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 67974 10-in. 8/9/1940 Boogie woogie on St. Louis blues Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys  
Decca 68013 10-in. 8/27/1940 Darling, how can you forget so soon? Dick Robertson  
Decca 68014 10-in. 8/27/1940 Hello! Little girl of my dreams Dick Robertson  
Decca 68015 10-in. 8/27/1940 My greatest mistake Dick Robertson  
Decca 68016 10-in. 8/27/1940 It's a mighty pretty night for love Dick Robertson  
Decca 68017 10-in. 8/27/1940 Mickey Dick Robertson  
Decca 68018 10-in. 8/27/1940 Connie's got connectiocs in Connecticut Dick Robertson  
Decca 68408 10-in. 11/28/1940 Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning Dick Robertson  
Decca 68409 10-in. 11/28/1940 San Antonio Rose Dick Robertson  
Decca 68410 10-in. 11/28/1940 I am a Canadian Dick Robertson  
Decca 68411 10-in. 11/28/1940 Oh, they're making me all over in the Army Dick Robertson  
Decca 68412 10-in. 11/28/1940 I used to love you Dick Robertson  


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