John Guarnieri (instrumentalist : piano)

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 70389 10-in. 2/24/1942 Rain, rain, rain Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70390 10-in. 2/24/1942 'Tain't no good, part 1 Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70391 10-in. 2/24/1942 'Tain't no good, part 2 Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70392 10-in. 2/24/1942 Me and my Malinda Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70393 10-in. 2/24/1942 If you are but a dream Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70436 10-in. 3/4/1942 Last night I said a prayer Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70437 10-in. 3/4/1942 My little cousin Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70438 10-in. 3/4/1942 Always in my heart Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70480 10-in. 3/12/1942 Heavenly hideaway Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70481 10-in. 3/12/1942 Full moon Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70482 10-in. 3/12/1942 An overture to love Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70483 10-in. 3/12/1942 Jersey bounce Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70484 10-in. 3/12/1942 Blue skies Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70485 10-in. 3/12/1942 Mood insagroove Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70525 10-in. 3/17/1942 Sleepy lagoon Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70526 10-in. 3/17/1942 Someday sweetheart Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70527 10-in. 3/17/1942 I threw a kiss in the ocean Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70704 10-in. 5/1/1942 On Echo Hill Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70705 10-in. 5/1/1942 Take me Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70706 10-in. 5/1/1942 This is worth fighting for Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70707 10-in. 5/1/1942 Wonder when my baby's coming home? Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70808 10-in. 6/2/1942 Serenade in blue Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70809 10-in. 6/2/1942 My devotion Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70810 10-in. 6/2/1942 I've got a gal in Kalamazoo Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 70811 10-in. 6/2/1942 Sorghum switch (Cole slaw Cor. 60063, 9-60063, CRL-56008) Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71054 10-in. 7/14/1942 I'm getting tired so I can sleep Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71055 10-in. 7/14/1942 Brazil Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71056 10-in. 7/14/1942 At the cross-roads (Malaguena) Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71057 10-in. 7/14/1942 Murder! He says Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71058 10-in. 7/14/1942 I'll find you Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71059 10-in. 7/14/1942 Daybreak Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71060 10-in. 7/14/1942 Let's get lost Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71061 10-in. 7/14/1942 Manhattan serenade Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71062 10-in. 7/14/1942 Ev' ry night about this time Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 71063 10-in. 7/14/1942 He didn't ask me Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 73312 1/28/1946 Soft lights and sweet music Bobby Hackett Orchestra  
Decca 71975 10-in. 4/11/1944 I'd like to give my dog to Uncle Sam Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 71976 10-in. 4/11/1944 They took the stars out of heaven Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 71977 10-in. 4/11/1944 You sang my love song to somebody else Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 71978 10-in. 4/11/1944 One face missing from the picture Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 73313 1/28/1946 What is there to say Bobby Hackett Orchestra  
Decca 73343 2/5/1946 Soon Bobby Hackett Orchestra  
Decca 73344 2/5/1946 With a song in my heart Bobby Hackett Orchestra  
Decca 73345 2/5/1946 If there is someone lovelier than you Bobby Hackett Orchestra  
Decca 76851 9/18/1950 Aggravatin' situation Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 76852 9/18/1950 Everybody wants to go to heaven Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 76912 9/29/1950 May I? Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 76913 9/29/1950 One morning in May Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 80105 10/31/1950 I guess I'll have to change my plans Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 80106 10/31/1950 Lullaby of Broadway Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 80107 10/31/1950 If there is someone lovelier than you Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 80108 10/31/1950 Louisiana hayride Tommy Dorsey Orchestra  
Decca 81439 8/21/1951 I wanna love you The Ames Brothers  
Decca 81440 8/21/1951 I'll still love you The Ames Brothers  
Decca 81441 8/21/1951 Jolly old Saint Nicholas The Ames Brothers  
Decca 81442 8/21/1951 Ting-a-ling-a-jingle The Ames Brothers  
Decca 84557 6/23/1953 Charleston John Guarnieri  
Decca 84558 6/23/1953 By the light of the silvery moon John Guarnieri  
Decca 84559 6/23/1953 Alligator crawl-1 John Guarnieri  
Decca 84560 6/23/1953 Basin Street blues-1 John Guarnieri  
Decca 84561 6/23/1953 Keyboard caprice-1 John Guarnieri  
Decca 84562 6/23/1953 Gone fishin' John Guarnieri  
Decca 84563 6/23/1953 So in love John Guarnieri  
Decca 84564 6/23/1953 Sweet Georgia Brown John Guarnieri  
Decca 100120 4/17/1956 Birmingham breakdown John Guarnieri  
Decca 100121 4/17/1956 Sophisticated lady John Guarnieri  
Decca 100122 4/17/1956 Caravan John Guarnieri  
Decca 100123 4/17/1956 In a sentimental mood John Guarnieri  
Decca 100124 4/17/1956 Mississippi moan John Guarnieri  
Decca 100125 4/17/1956 It don't mean a thing John Guarnieri  
Decca 100126 4/24/1956 Mood indigo John Guarnieri  
Decca 100127 4/24/1956 Rockin' in rhythm John Guarnieri  
Decca 100128 4/24/1956 Prelude to a kiss John Guarnieri  
Decca 100129 4/24/1956 Scattin' at the Kit Kat John Guarnieri  
Decca 100130 4/24/1956 Solitude John Guarnieri  
Decca 100131 4/24/1956 I let a song go out of my heart John Guarnieri  
Decca 100144 5/29/1956 By the great horn spoon John Guarnieri  
Decca 100145 5/29/1956 Organ grinder's swing John Guarnieri  
Decca 100146 5/29/1956 White heat John Guarnieri  
Decca 100147 5/29/1956 Don't kiss me again John Guarnieri  
Decca 100148 5/29/1956 Hobo on Park Avenue John Guarnieri  
Decca 100149 5/29/1956 Tormented John Guarnieri  
Decca 100150 6/1/1956 Moonglow John Guarnieri  
Decca 100151 6/1/1956 Sophisticated swing John Guarnieri  
Decca 100152 6/1/1956 With all my heart and soul John Guarnieri  
Decca 100153 6/1/1956 Midnight at the Onyx John Guarnieri  
Decca 100154 6/1/1956 Jazznocracy John Guarnieri  
Decca 100155 6/1/1956 The least little thing you do John Guarnieri  
Decca SRC 331 10-in. 1947 When I grow too old to dream-1 Ray Bloch Orchestra  


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