Dave Barbour (instrumentalist : guitar)

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Victor BS-017411 10-in. 11/24/1937 Autopsy on Schubert Rhythmasters ; Larry Wagner Jazz/dance band  
Decca 60300 10-in. 1/6/1936 Gramercy Square Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60301 10-in. 1/6/1936 Polly wally doodle Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60315 10-in. 1/8/1936 Decca stomp Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60318 10-in. 1/8/1936 The wedding of Jack and Jill-1 Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60404 10-in. 1/28/1936 Whose big baby are you? Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60405 10-in. 1/28/1936 Much too much Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60406 10-in. 1/28/1936 Garbo green Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60407 10-in. 1/28/1936 You hit the spot Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60438 10-in. 2/4/1936 I'm putting all my eggs in one basket Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 60439 10-in. 2/4/1936 Yes! Yes! My! My! Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 60454 10-in. 2/10/1936 Spreadin' rhythm around Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60455 10-in. 2/10/1936 Wake up and sing Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60589 10-in. 2/26/1936 You started me dreaming Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60590 10-in. 2/26/1936 Misty islands of the Highlands Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60591 10-in. 2/26/1936 What's the name of that song? Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60592 10-in. 2/26/1936 Let yourself go Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60593 10-in. 2/26/1936 Life begins when you're in love Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60594 10-in. 2/26/1936 If you love me Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60870 10-in. 3/5/1936 The panic is on Connie Boswell  
Decca 60873 10-in. 3/5/1936 Mama don't allow it Connie Boswell  
Decca 60898 10-in. 3/16/1936 I got rhythm Red Norvo and his Swing Sextette  
Decca 60899 10-in. 3/16/1936 Oh, lady be good Red Norvo and his Swing Sextette  
Decca 60900 10-in. 3/16/1936 Lost Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60901 10-in. 3/16/1936 Welcome stranger Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60902 10-in. 3/16/1936 It's a sin to tell a lie Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60903 10-in. 3/16/1936 The hills of Old Wyomin' Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60904 10-in. 3/16/1936 The touch of your lips Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60905 10-in. 3/16/1936 Is it true what they say about Dixie? Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60935 10-in. 3/26/1936 I'd like to see you Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60936 10-in. 3/26/1936 If love is blind Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60937 10-in. 3/26/1936 Mr. Rhythm for president Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60938 10-in. 3/26/1936 Get acquainted with yourself Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60939 10-in. 3/26/1936 The best things happen at night Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60977 10-in. 4/3/1936 I can't get started with you Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60978 10-in. 4/3/1936 I can pull a rabbit out of my hat Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60979 10-in. 4/3/1936 No use you knockin' Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60980 10-in. 4/3/1936 Public weakness No.1 Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60981 10-in. 4/3/1936 Let's not fall in love Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61255 10-in. 9/2/1936 Bojangles of Harlem Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61256 10-in. 9/2/1936 Mendel's son's swing song Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61257 10-in. 9/2/1936 Sing baby, sing Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61258 10-in. 9/2/1936 Swinging on the moon Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61311 10-in. 10/12/1936 Copper colored gal Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61312 10-in. 10/12/1936 That's what you mean to me Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61313 10-in. 10/12/1936 Hop skip jump Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61314 10-in. 10/12/1936 You're giving me a song and a dance Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62036 10-in. 3/12/1937 Me, myself and I Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62037 10-in. 3/12/1937 Spring cleaning (Getting ready for love) Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62038 10-in. 3/12/1937 You can't take it with you Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62039 10-in. 3/12/1937 You're just a little diff'rent Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62040 10-in. 3/12/1937 Bundle of love Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 62686 10-in. 10/14/1937 Why talk about love? The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62687 10-in. 10/14/1937 Just a simple melody The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62759 11/10/1937 Somebody's thinking of you tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 62810 10-in. 11/24/1937 Nice work if you can get it The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62811 10-in. 11/24/1937 Bei mir bist du schoen The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 62858 10-in. 12/6/1937 Wrap your cares in rhythm and dance The Nicholas Brothers  
Decca 62859 10-in. 12/6/1937 They say he ought to dance The Nicholas Brothers  
Decca 62860 10-in. 12/6/1937 Ten pretty girls Dick Robertson  
Decca 62861 10-in. 12/6/1937 A little white lighthouse Dick Robertson  
Decca 62891 10-in. 12/20/1937 The rhythm of the snowflakes Dick Robertson  
Decca 62892 10-in. 12/20/1937 The house on the hill Dick Robertson  
Decca 62893 10-in. 12/20/1937 Let's waltz for old times' sake Dick Robertson  
Decca 62894 10-in. 12/20/1937 Three o'clock in the morning Dick Robertson  
Decca 62895 10-in. 12/20/1937 Sail along silv'ry moon Dick Robertson  
Decca 63161 10-in. 1/14/1938 Bob White Dick Robertson  
Decca 63162 10-in. 1/14/1938 You're a sweetheart Dick Robertson  
Decca 63163 10-in. 1/14/1938 You started something Dick Robertson  
Decca 63164 10-in. 1/14/1938 I wonder what's become of Sally? Dick Robertson  
Decca 63165 10-in. 1/14/1938 Somebody's thinking of you tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 63236 10-in. 2/2/1938 Let's get happy together Lil Armstrong and her Swing Band  
Decca 63237 10-in. 2/2/1938 Happy today, sad tomorrow Lil Armstrong and her Swing Band  
Decca 63238 10-in. 2/2/1938 You shall reap what you sow Lil Armstrong and her Swing Band  
Decca 63239 10-in. 2/2/1938 Oriental swing Lil Armstrong and her Swing Band  
Decca 63300 10-in. 2/21/1938 Joseph! Joseph! The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63301 10-in. 2/21/1938 Ti-pi-tin The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63314 10-in. 2/22/1938 Shortnin' bread The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63315 10-in. 2/22/1938 It's easier said than done The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63316 10-in. 2/22/1938 Where have we met before? The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63317 10-in. 2/22/1938 Ooooooo-oh boom! The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63353 10-in. 2/28/1938 Goodnight, angel Dick Robertson  
Decca 63354 10-in. 2/28/1938 Let's sail to dreamland Dick Robertson  
Decca 63355 10-in. 2/28/1938 Drop a nickel in the slot Dick Robertson  
Decca 63356 10-in. 2/28/1938 You went to my head Dick Robertson  
Decca 63374 10-in. 3/7/1938 Cry, baby, cry Dick Robertson  
Decca 63375 10-in. 3/7/1938 Oh! Ma-Ma! Dick Robertson  
Decca 63376 10-in. 3/7/1938 Take me out to the ball game Dick Robertson  
Decca 63377 10-in. 3/7/1938 In the good old Summer time Dick Robertson  
Decca 63737 10-in. 5/10/1938 Teacher's pet Dick Robertson  
Decca 63738 10-in. 5/10/1938 Dust Dick Robertson  
Decca 63739 10-in. 5/10/1938 Chinese laundry blues Dick Robertson  
Decca 63740 10-in. 5/10/1938 Ferdinand the bull Dick Robertson  
Decca 63741 10-in. 5/10/1938 Oh! How I miss you tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 63911 10-in. 6/4/1938 Says my heart The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63912 10-in. 6/4/1938 Oh ! Ma-Ma ! The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63913 10-in. 6/4/1938 Pagan love song The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63914 10-in. 6/4/1938 I married an angel The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63915 10-in. 6/4/1938 Oh! Faithless maid The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63916 10-in. 6/4/1938 From the land of the sky-blue water The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63917 10-in. 6/4/1938 Ferdinand the bull The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 63921 10-in. 6/7/1938 Memories Dick Robertson  
Decca 64227 10-in. 6/24/1938 Naturally Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 64228 10-in. 6/24/1938 I've got a pocketful of dreams Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 64229 10-in. 6/24/1938 I can't give you anything but love Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 64230 10-in. 6/23/1938 Ain't misbehavin' Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 64239 10-in. 6/30/1938 Rancho grande Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64240 10-in. 6/30/1938 Hi yo, silver! Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64241 10-in. 6/30/1938 When Mother Nature sings her lullaby Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64487 10-in. 9/1/1938 No wonder Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64488 10-in. 9/1/1938 You're the only star Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64489 10-in. 9/1/1938 You gotta be a football hero-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64490 10-in. 9/1/1938 All-American girl Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64491 10-in. 9/1/1938 Indiana moonlight Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64492 10-in. 9/1/1938 You're the very last word in love Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64493 10-in. 9/1/1938 Love me or leave me Teddy Grace  
Decca 64494 10-in. 9/1/1938 Downhearted blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 64495 10-in. 9/1/1938 Crazy blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 64496 10-in. 9/1/1938 Monday morning Teddy Grace  
Decca 64672 10-in. 9/14/1938 Tutti-frutti Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64887 10-in. 1/12/1939 I cried for you Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64888 10-in. 1/12/1939 My melancholy baby Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64889 10-in. 1/12/1939 Kermit the hermit Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 64890 10-in. 1/12/1939 Gardenias Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 65196 10-in. 3/17/1939 (I am afraid) The masquerade is over Dick Robertson  
Decca 65197 10-in. 3/17/1939 To live the life of a lie Dick Robertson  
Decca 65216 10-in. 3/8/1939 I promise you Dick Robertson  
Decca 65217 10-in. 3/8/1939 Penny serenade Dick Robertson  
Decca 65218 10-in. 3/8/1939 I'm a lucky devil Dick Robertson  
Decca 65219 10-in. 3/8/1939 I'm building a sailboat of dreams Dick Robertson  
Decca 65362 10-in. 4/7/1939 Blue skies Paul Whiteman's Sax Octette  
Decca 65363 10-in. 4/7/1939 What'll I do ? Paul Whiteman's Sax Octette  
Decca 65364 10-in. 4/7/1939 I kiss your hand, Madame-1 Paul Whiteman's Sax Octette  
Decca 65365 10-in. 4/7/1939 After you've gone Paul Whiteman's Sax Octette  
Decca 65396 10-in. 4/14/1939 Little skipper Dick Robertson  
Decca 65397 10-in. 4/14/1939 It makes no difference now Dick Robertson  
Decca 65398 10-in. 4/14/1939 Where do you work-a, John Dick Robertson  
Decca 65399 10-in. 4/14/1939 Maybe Dick Robertson  
Decca 65557 10-in. 5/9/1939 Betty and Dupree Teddy Grace  
Decca 65558 10-in. 5/9/1939 Arkansas blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 65559 10-in. 5/9/1939 Down home blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 65585 10-in. 5/16/1939 Gulf Coast blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 65586 10-in. 5/16/1939 Oh Daddy blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 65587 10-in. 5/16/1939 You don't know my mind Teddy Grace  
Decca 65588 10-in. 5/16/1939 Low down blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 65625 10-in. 5/23/1939 Graveyard blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 65626 10-in. 5/23/1939 Hey Lawdy Mama Teddy Grace  
Decca 65627 10-in. 5/23/1939 Mama Doo-Shee Teddy Grace  
Decca 65628 10-in. 5/23/1939 Finishing up a date Billy Kyle  
Decca 65629 10-in. 5/23/1939 Between sets Billy Kyle  
Decca 68708 10-in. 2/14/1941 Stardust Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68709 10-in. 2/14/1941 My imaginary love Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68710 10-in. 2/14/1941 My blue heaven Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68711 10-in. 2/14/1941 would it be asking too much Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68712 10-in. 2/14/1941 When that man is dead and gone Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68713 10-in. 2/14/1941 Jenny Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68819 10-in. 3/14/1941 Georgia on my mind Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68820 10-in. 3/14/1941 Rockin' chair Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68821 10-in. 3/14/1941 Sometimes I'm happy Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 68822 10-in. 3/14/1941 I'm afraid of music Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 69360 10-in. 6/13/1941 Do you care? Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 69361 10-in. 6/13/1941 Ev'rything depends on you-1 Mildred Bailey ; Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 69362 10-in. 6/13/1941 Lover come back to me Mildred Bailey  
Decca 69363 10-in. 6/13/1941 All too soon Mildred Bailey  
Decca 69413 10-in. 6/24/1941 When I'm gone you'll soon forget Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 69414 10-in. 6/24/1941 When you're gone I won't forget Delta Rhythm Boys  
Decca 102955 7/23/1957 Star dust The Ellingtonians ; Al Hibbler  
Decca 102956 7/23/1957 Stormy weather The Ellingtonians ; Al Hibbler  
Decca 103166 8/27/1957 Cherry The Ellingtonians ; Al Hibbler  
Decca 103172 8/27/1957 Honeysuckle rose The Ellingtonians ; Al Hibbler  
Decca 121547 4/28/1969 I can't give you anything but love Louis Armstrong  
Decca L 3770 10-in. 4/4/1945 Any old time Charlie Barnet Orchestra  
Decca L 3771 10-in. 4/4/1945 There's no you Charlie Barnet Orchestra  
Decca L 3772 10-in. 4/4/1945 Mellow mood Charlie Barnet Orchestra  
Decca L 3773 10-in. 4/4/1945 Oobla-ee-bop is the thing Charlie Barnet Orchestra  
Decca L 6526 11/23/1951 Necessary evil Louis Armstrong ; Louis Armstrong ; Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca L 6527 11/23/1951 Oops! Louis Armstrong ; Louis Armstrong ; Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca L 6528 11/23/1951 Would you like to take a walk Louis Armstrong ; Louis Armstrong ; Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca L 6529 11/23/1951 Who walks in (when I walk out) Louis Armstrong ; Louis Armstrong ; Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca L 7568 2/16/1954 Miss Johnson phoned again today Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7569 2/16/1954 The very thought of you Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7570 2/16/1954 Cabin Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7571 2/16/1954 The honorable Mr. So and So Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7590 3/2/1954 Who can I turn to? Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7591 3/2/1954 All in fun Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7592 3/2/1954 Ev'rytime we say goodbye Jeri Southern  
Decca L 7593 3/2/1954 Mad about the boy Jeri Southern  


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